To You...From Me

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This is a letter to all those people struggling to see the beauty in life.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



This is a very familiar place we are in right now. It’s become too familiar for comfort. I’m not really sure how we got here, or how you are going to get out this time.  All I know is that I love you flaws and all.  It hurts me to watch you go through life not knowing all that you could be.  When i look into your eyes I see all the aches pain you feel inside and it saddens me. 

 I wish with all my might that i could help show you that life is filled with more than sorrow and disappointment.  Good things do happen to people that have never experienced what good is.  When you were young you learned not to look forward to anything or expect anything from anyone…all to avoid being disappointed when you were let down. Although i myself have done the same thing, you have to learn that by guarding yourself from all the bad…you also keep out all the good. 

 You need to realize how strong you actually are.  You have been through so much and yet your still breathing. You have a life and family that loves you to death, which is way more than what some other people can say. Be patient, i know your going to find your way. I believe in you more than you even believe in your self, and that’s sad.  Its time to stop hiding who you are behind the image of who others think you are. Take that step, and be great. I love you with all my heart! Be safe.

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