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I thought I understood him. I thought I knew him. No, I
completely understood and knew him. But in actuality, I just
completely understood and knew the role he played, the
character he convinced me he was.- He is the thing that
taunts me in my dreams. The thing I regret meeting. He who
lurks in the dark to terrorize anyone who's afraid.- This is
not something I ever thought would happen to a girl like me,
but I guess you can't take things for granted. THE UNKNOWN

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011




- Myfeet are bare and bruised.My hands, arms, and legs
are covered with gruesome cuts. My hair has the lingering stench
of dried blood and it's not affecting me anymore. I don't even feel
like I'm running; just gliding across the gravel. I'm pressing
the numbers 9-1-1 into my phone, and it responds with a beep and
a message claiming: No Service. My feet then get heavy and I just
feel like I'm running in slow motion and even though I push harder
to move them, I just come to a halt.
Now I'm standing there in the same spot I started running
from. The street lights are dim and a few are blown out, just as
before, when I started running. So I move and stand under one of
the few lights that are out, to be unnoticeable. I'm breathing
slow, and I can see the air I exhale in a cloud in front of me. It's
cold, but from all the running, I'm warm blooded and breaking out a
sweat. My phone then beeps. Service. The street light suddenly flickers
back to life, and I quickly shield my eyes and look down, away from
the light. My phone beeps again. I look at the screen to see a new
text message in my inbox from an unknown number. I click to open the
message which reads: Behind you.
I get tense and I panic. I grasp my phone tighter than before,
hoping not to loose my one and only source of help.
My feet are still heavy, and are throbbing harder than ever.
I prepare myself to be stronger than before, and turn slowly. My
anxiety level raises above and beyond normal. There he was. The thing
that taunts me in my dreams, keeping me up around the clock.
The thing I regret meeting, or even acknowledging. He lurks in the dark
to terrorize anyone who is willing to show they're frightened. And
right now, at this moment, I am most definitely frightened.
Not of just him, but of the unknown.

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