Dressed Up For Murder

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School essay. Got A+ on :]

Submitted: October 07, 2008

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Submitted: October 07, 2008



One sunny, warm afternoon a chipmunk scurried into his little tree house. Someone or something was chasing him. He peeked out his window.

"Oh Nuts!" he said.

There was a pile of acorns outside, but he knew there ws something outside near them but he didn't know what. He slowly turned the shiney door knob, and quietly opened the door. He tiptoed his way out, his nose began twitching.

"I better get those acorns." he said.

He scurried to the acorns, picked one up and stuffed it into his cheeks.

"This will be easy." he said.

He quickly began gathering them. After an hour or two he turned around, and there was a big gray cat looking right at him.

"Please don't eat me!" he begged.

The ignored him, and tried to catch him. The little chipmunk scurried back into his house. BOOM! The chipmunk looked out his window, the cat was trying to get him. The cat moved a few steps back. CRUNCH! The little chipmunk eyes grew wide and teary. He couldn't bare to just stand there and be sad.

The cat had an evil little smirk on his face. The big cat got up and began walking away. The chipmunk was in tears. He walked outside towards the acorns and picked up what was left of them. He just sat on a bench for hours, crying and thinking.

"How will I get that cat back?" he asked himself.

He thought a little longer, but nothing poped up into his little tiny head. He got up slowly and dreadfully walked himself home. Something poped into his head.

"I know! I'll comit murder!" he thought.

He had a little smirk on his face, but he didn't know how. He looked for the cat. Slowly and quietly creeping up on him with a knife in his hand. The chipmunck slowly crawled underneth the cat, the cat moved a tiny bit. Suddenly the chipmunk stabbed the cat, the screaming "meow" of the cat ecohed through the neighborhood. But the cat owner found nothing but a bloody knife, and her poor gray cat, Rusty laying in the pool of blood.

To this day nobody knows what happend the the chipmunk and where he is. But someone heard the he moved somewhere in the woods where no cat would find him, with lots of acorns.

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