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Submitted: September 11, 2015

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Submitted: September 11, 2015



September - ascension - 2015

Waking up, what does it mean? I'm going to try to explain it. I believe it is when you live your life making ego decisions instead of heart ones, that you are vibrating at a lower-level. Making poor choices, and feeling bad for doing them, because you thought it was the right thing to do. 
The ego used to rule me, too. it made all my decisions, I did what my ego told me to do and that was always a disappointing outcome. What helped set me free was to accept. To allow myself to make the right choices, that made me feel good. 
I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, because I was not fully expressing myself, and I made ego level choices.
Once you begin to actually do what feels right in your body, your energy and feelings correspond to that and resonates with your body. The way to do that is by not regretting your choices. Once you let go, is when you actually begin to live. 
People that have a Lower vibration usually make choices through their ego, and what happens is that it will give you the same answers to every choice you have ever made similar to that one. Repetitive actions lead to the same mistake, over and over. And what it is doing is provoking your body to suffer.
The truth never hurts, so if someone tells you they do then your truth is just your projections. Because no ones truth is going to hurt. It will never hurt, if it's your truth. 
When you begin this transformation people that used to trigger you don't anymore, and the things that made you upset, no longer do. 
You begin to attract different people and different situations that vibrate with you. What we attract are not our mirrors of consciousness, who we attract is a mirror of our vibrations. 
what we anchor through our choices is what we attract and that is people who make the same choices as we do. Making higher vibration choices are the ones that feel good in your body and in our hearts. When we meet these kind of people that make lower vibration choices that have a projection on you accusing and judging, and criticizing you, is simply a test for you. Depending on your frequency of vibration is how you would handle that incident.
The more you love your heart the more someone else accusations won't matter. If we love ourselves enough, we will not have to explain ourselves to anyone, the more you explain yourself to people the more you realize this person isn't ready to be reasonable. Although, we think we need to explain ourselves or help them change their thought process the more they get to you and that is someone who isn't ready to reason, so give them healing, pray for them, and let them reticule you to death, because they don't know any better. The more you start making the right choices the less people are going to trigger you. Believe me.
Having enlightenment is weird for people, they think your different and weird because of how you think, they are not ready to be where you are, everyone vibrates to their ability. 
We were raised in a very repressed  society. So no one listens to their body. Things that feel good in your body help higher frequency vibrations, all the things that are on our best interest to making your life spectacular is also simultaneously planting ascension seeds in others, and it is helping for the entire support of the evolution of all. It feels pretty amazing when you realize that. The spiritual ego wants to be everyone's teacher. During the stages of ascension you get to see people in your life act unconsciously, they are not there for you to think bad of them, and think they are not spiritual enough, instead you should realize you are witnessing others unconsciousness decisions that you used to make and see the difference.
You notice when you are ascending by the way you test yourself everyday dealing with egos and keeping a happy spirit and trying to compliment those you feel need to be complemented because they look upset. 
I notice that even if people are judgmental and rude to you, or think your weird, you are practicing unconditional love. You are practicing to accept people for who they are. You are also staying loving to yourself, and it is what you invest in people, the more they support you for your magnificent talent of making them feel good the more it reproduces.

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