Pay it forward

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What you give you get, what you call you get. Trust is the only way.

Submitted: April 01, 2015

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Submitted: April 01, 2015



I don't know if you all know I been Unemployed for almost three years now, I still managed to pay my bills and live a harmonious life. You may also not know that my mother worked really hard when she was young. She even cleaned banks at night to make extra money to support my brother and I. Unfortunately, we had to go with her every night. We never had a break, I  been working from a very young age, 11. We never got to watch television as every other teenager did. We worked from 9pm to 4 am at times. We never had motivation to go to school, so we never really did. We never got in trouble for it either, back then, it wasn't how it is today. I hated my nights, having to dust crap, and take the trash, sometimes mop and sweep the floor, and vacuum. That's when I realized I will never work this hard, no way. I started college in 2000, and then I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I finished with my masters in 2009. I am back in school now for a double masters in education. I finish now in November. I am proud of my achievements. I did more than most people have in their lifetime. When I reached age 35, I said I had enough working jobs I did not like. I felt angry when Sunday's came around and I had to be back at work the following day, sucked. I rushed everything I needed to do because I had to work. I had a change in me that did not allow me to work anymore. I tried to get side jobs, part-time; serving, bartending, smoke shops, tat shops. But I was not happy, I still didn't make enough and felt pulled away from the life I wanted to live. So I quit. I started to have faith in life, in the world, God. My life became a miracle. I didn't work, but I always had money, I had great friends that helped me, if I needed. I found money countless times. It was like everything I worked for had come back to me in the moment I most needed. I even managed to have my own place and pay for it all without struggling. If I struggled it was because I spent too much partying puff daddy style. I wish I can live in a forest with people and pick fruit all day and eat with others, sleep outside in the wilderness playing music with other. That's life. 

Anyway, I figured I have to do something I liked and enjoyed, and I have always loved kids, I always wanted to have them, but it's not in my cards in this lifetime. So I work with them, I am now beginning to teach and its a job I won't feel pressured into getting up for work, it will be a job I look forward to. In the three year break I was able to fully complete two of my books I am writing and getting it ready to get published. I have had good offers, but still I have to come up with something, in which I cannot risk at the moment. I have entered several contest and blogs in sharing my writing with the world in hopes that someone may want to publish me for free. Well, it's all happening now, I got an offer with a great publishing company and right now negotiating it. I know that it will all work out for me, as teaching has. And I'm thankful for all the great opportunities that the world have granted me with. I have more money than I had when I worked. It's called: "pay it forward" the way it works is by allowing money not to control you. The moment I let that run my life is when my life changed. I don't care for things, everything is replaceable, except for my life or the life of my pets. Everything else I do not stress. I had my car taken from me, keep it. Spare me the burden, in which I don't need anyway, at this moment. If you learn to trust then believe me you will never be broke again. How? If your broke, give what you have left in your pocket to a homeless person. Trust that you will get it back when you mostly need it. I have given my money away to so many people, without thinking twice if I did the right thing, I just went with what felt right. If I have money to have fun, why not spare 5$ to people in need for food or water. It doesn't bother me to help anyone that asks me. Since then, I have had many homeless people come up to me and ask me for more money, "why not today?" Or "no money for me today?" The only time I don't contribute is when I don't have it in my pocket. Sometimes I spent all I had, other times just have in my bank card. So I have not been able to help. I have had people thank me for rides, for food, for money. If I felt the person needed help, I would give them a bracelet or crystals I hold on my pocket, even blessed them with my hands or hugged tight. I have had people I don't even know sleep in my house because they had no place to go. People are only grateful for you being there for them at the right time. If your gonna worry of people stealing from you then it's because you steal. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If you steal from me after I have helped them, then that's on them, not me, and whatever they take is replaceable. It doesn't bother me one bit. I don't lie, to people. If I don't have it, is because I'm real to myself. Lying to someone is fake, your being fake and selfish. Because when you walk away you know you just lied to someone, no need for that. I don't do that, and ever since I give my money away, it's all come back to me. Trust life, the more you try to protect your money, the more it will be taken from you, not to mention if you steal from someone else, is even worse. You can lie to people but not yourself and that you take with you and you also poison your energy your temple, your soul. My next mission is to toss money out of my window down the strip where all the homeless live. Cashing a couple of hundred dollars into ones and tossing them is not going to hurt you, it's going to help people. If that doesn't fulfill you then, I don't know what to tell you. 

I'm in a different place and achieving more than I have ever achieved, and with no income only hope people would become more generous with their money. If we all helped one another, no one would be suffering that bad. Trust ????????

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