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Erotica story of two couples that betray one another.

Short erotica story
So I have this girlfriend and we've been together for sometime now. I'm older by 10 years, but the same age by mind. We've had our problems, where we broken up and stopped talking for a couple of days and then gotten back together. That was our relationship. We made friends with our neighbors that are lesbians. At first I must say neither of the girls stimulated me, in any way. I mean, they were the typical lesbian couple. One looked like the boy and the other more like the girl, but more on the tomboy side. My girlfriend always spoke about being with another woman, she also admitted to being bisexual, I had no problem with it, except, that when she spoke about it, her eyes intensified as if she was at a candy store. I must say it had me a little jealous as to what she thought about that made her eyes blossom in such way. I only saw that look when she was having an epileptic orgasm. Shortly after moving into our apartment, we met the lesbian couple, I just mentioned. We would see them outside from time to time, but never really spoke to them until one day.
Jill: "hi, is that your dog?"
Jake: "hey, yes, his name is Jason." She kneeled down to pet him, she shagged his hair and sticked her tongue out at him. 
Jake: "So you live under us, don't you?" I scratched my head, in mystery. I mean, she seen me walk my dog before, why the sudden interest in my dog?
Jill: "yeah, my girlfriend Amy and I."
Jake: "as in partners?"
Jill: chuckles, "yes, my partner, girlfriend. Don't you have a girlfriend, too?"
Jake: "yes, her name is Liz, she's a dancer."
She sat up pulling her hair back into a ponytail biting on her headband with her teeth.
Jill: "you mean, a stripper?"
Jake: "yeah, that's right."
Jill: "that's cool." She tied her hair back and started to walk backwards towards her apartment. So I begun to walk slowly the other way with my dog. 
Jill: "okay, we'll see you around, wait.... What's your name?"
Jake: "Jake, and you?"
Jill: "Jill and my girlfriend is Amy." She waved at me with a smile.
Jake: "okay, nice to meet you." I waved back with a friendly smile. 
I met my girlfriend on a inebriated night hanging with my friends, we ended up going to a strip club. The one day I didn't want to go, that's the day I met her. She danced for me and liked me instant. We were so hot for each other, since the first day. She gave me her number that night and we hit it off since then.
One day at a party, we ran into the girls, Jill and Amy. We started to talk and drink lots of alcohol together. This girl Amy became extra friendly, she would grab my arm with both of her arms, practically hugging me. I couldn't help but like her grabbing me so much. My girlfriend was inside with a bunch of people mingling. I was more isolated with Amy. As we continued to talk, she slurred out: "I had boyfriends before but I didn't really like being with a man" I thought it was bewildering to say at a time like this, "why" I asked, she dropped my arm "well the sex was bad for one, second, he never displayed his feelings, I had to wonder more than I actually felt. Then to top it off all the games and suffering, he cheated all the time." A typical jerk, I thought. I knew if I had sex with her it would be multiple times and I would show my feelings. Wait..... Why am I thinking about this, do I like her? I figured maybe it was the alcohol. I looked at her and said "I'm sorry for what you have gone through, your beautiful and I'm sure many men desire you." She looked at me with a smirk, "oh really?" Locking eyes, "I'm sure of it." I smirked and winked at her. 
The next morning I woke up thinking about the night before, I had this colossal hard on and just laid back smiling. Liz woke up next to me kissing my chest and face, working her hand down to my stiff cock. I looked at her and kissed her back. She begun to grip my cock with her nice soft hands and polished nails, I couldn't stop thinking about Amy, not too long after I erupted in her hand? Liz: "what the hell? Are you kidding me?" I didn't know what to say, "ah babe, I'm so sorry, gimme a minute" she pushed my hand off her and went into the bathroom. 
That day I kept looking outside the window, for Amy, I kept looking in the parking lot for her car, but nothing. 
The night came and Liz was getting ready to leave for work. I kissed her goodbye and saw her waltz out. I would run into Jill and Amy from time to time and it always ended up the same way, starring at one another discreetly, she always looked so good, or maybe I just desired her too much.
Long after, we planned a trip to the lake. It was a total of 6 couples, 12 people. I felt so excited to see Amy, I knew she felt the same way. Just by the way she looked at me, I knew she was thinking the same thing, too.
Arriving to the lake most of them were in the water drinking a beverage, the others were tanning and conversing amongst each other. And here we are walking towards them super late. They waved hi, we waved back. 
"You guys made it" says Jill. I locked eyes with Amy and smiled like a kid with a crush. My girlfriend and Jill begun to converse about food and wine. Meanwhile, Amy and I were discreetly smiling at one another. "Do you want to go to the water with me, jake?" Amy asked. Licking my lips to moisturizer them from the hot burning blistering sun, "sure, let's go!" she sat up from her towel and I noticed her back side was red from the sun, but her front side was pale white. She sipped on her glass of wine and bent down to pick up her sunglasses to put them on, then she passed her fingers down her bathing suit bottom to ensure that her butt wasn't showing. I took off my shirt and pulled down my sweat pants, leaving only my trunks. We glance at each other and walked into the lake. "So what took you so long to get here?" Amy asked, as I walked on sharp rocks into the lake barefoot that were cutting into my feet. "Well, there was a lot of traffic, and also, we overslept a little"
"Okay let's sit here on this rock" Amy replied. I sat besides her "I wanted to come sooner, I..... " (Paused), in my thoughts I wondered what was I thinking to say? Ahhhh, I felt nervous, and I didn't know why. "You didn't want to see me sooner, is that it?"  Amy asked, She caressed her right leg as she sat back against the rock and looked up at me. I sat on the rock watching her legs and slowly moving my eyes up to her face, I brushed  my hair back with my wet hands. "Of course I wanted to see you, I was dying to see you." She smirked and looked back at the group in the sand. "You want to know a secret" Amy asked, biting her bottom lip, looking at me with a sexual face. I squinted my eyes at her, "I want to know anything you have to say." I responded clinching my teeth in despair. I wanted to grab her and kiss her neck and lips, I pictured it over and over in my head. The water went below our waist sitting down, so I stood up and walked up to her. Her head was tilted in a way that her sunglasses were slipping off her nose and eyed my body up and down and smiled at me. "Be careful my girlfriend is super jealous and is watching us." Amy expressed nervously pushing her sunglasses back up to her face. I begun to slush the water back and fourth with my hands distracting myself from starring at her so that it wouldn't be so noticeable. "I know but I can't help it, do you think they notice?" I asked frankly. Smiling she begun to brush her hair with her fingers and took another glance back at them. "Yes, if I noticed, they noticed. "I want you to know jake, I haven't been with a man in many years, nor have I liked one ever." Right before I could respond to that, Liz and Jill started to call us to join them for lunch on the shore. Amy jumped off the rock and said "let's go. Be Careful some rocks are pretty sharp and can cut your feet, walk slow." I walked behind her and made sure she didn't slip or fall. 
Liz: "how's the water, was it too cold?"
Jake: "yes it really is, and there are too many rocks. Don't go in without shoes."
Liz: "I want to feel the water, I am going in with Jill after, you should come back in."
Jake: "No, no thanks, I had enough water for today."
Amy: "yeah I gone in and out throughout the day, just to cool off."
I couldn't wait for them to eat and go into the lake, so that I can be alone with Amy. I pulled my towel out and laid beside Amy. Everyone else was sitting on the bench that was nearby eating potato salad with macaroni and a piece of honey ham. I got up and looked in the cooler for something to drink, but all that was left was a couple of beer cans.
Liz: "hey babe, can you get me a beer?" Shortly after, everyone wanted one too. 
Jake: "there's only two cans left, should I go on a beer run?" 
Jill: "do you know where there's a nearby store?"
Amy: "I'll show him" she looked up at me "we were just at the store, so I can show you." I smiled innocently, "okay" I responded with a smirk.
I drank my beer pretty fast, as I listened to them talk about the weather, saying that it was getting dark and cold out, to start the fire-pit soon. 
Amy: "well let's go!" she smiled at me putting on her shorts over her wet bikini bottoms. I stood up and put on my tang top and walked over to my keys. "I'll be back babe" I told my girlfriend, Liz. She was taking a bite of her ham, and nodded her head in an agreeable manner. I got into my car at the same time as Amy got into the passenger seat. Driving to the store I kept smiling and looking over at her, she kept smiling back. I put my hand over her leg, but she placed her hand over mine wrapping her fingers into mine, squeezing my hand. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn't know if she would want that, seeing that she pulled away from me rubbing her thighs, I knew it was an excuse for me not to fondle her. "Oh....turn right here, and then you will see the convenient store." So here we were at the store picking out goodies and cans of beer. 
Amy: "maybe we need some more ice"
jake: "you know what, great idea. Or maybe I can forget and can come back out with you." She smirked and walked down the aisle. I couldn't help but look at her body and imagine the most perverse things in my head. As I paid, she came up behind me handing me more junk to buy, I spent like $55.00 on junk food and beer.
Getting back into the car I looked at her as she was putting on her seatbelt, she then looked up at me, and slowly came closer to my face and kissed my lips. "A peck?" I said. I looked at her again and grabbed her face with both of my hands "that's not a kiss, this is a kiss" I put my tongue inside her mouth, it made my blood boil, I got an immediate hard on. I just wanted to rub myself all over her. She was feeling that kiss, by the sounds of her moaning. I kept making mmmmm sounds, I wanted to devour her entirely. I wanted to lick her like an ice cream cone. We heard people gossiping outside, I guess they must've been watching. So we pulled away from one another looking out my front windshield watching the people laugh and walk into the store. We laughed and she looked at my shorts. I think she's curious now? 
Jake: "what, can you see my excitement" she smiled looking out her window, "oh, yeah I see it alright" I reversed the car and drove off. "I don't want to go back yet, can we go some place together?" She smiled with a pensive face. "I bet you want to show me what you have in your pants, but my girlfriend is counting the minutes, believe me."
Jake: "how can you be so certain? She sent me to go with you."
Amy: "She acts confident, but she will question me later, she will never do that to you."
I pulled up at a path nearby filled with trees in a isolated spot. 
"Jake, we have to get back, trust me I want you too, but I can't take long." Jake: "we won't be long, I just want to hold your body against mine." I parked and walked out of the car opening her door, she pulled off the seatbelt and got out of the car. That's when I grabbed her so hard into me kissing her all over and rubbing my body against hers as her back was pressed against the car. I lifted her up wrapping her legs around my waist as I kissed her neck and face. She was caressing my  head playing with my hair and rubbing my back. I tried to pull her shorts off, but she wouldn't let me, I tried to lift up her shirt, but she kept pulling it down. She pulled away from me and said "okay, let's go, please!" I pointed at my bulge, "like this?" She giggled, "what are you gonna do?" She asked in a laughter voice. "I was hoping you would help me." I expressed. "Ha-ha, then who's gonna take care of my wet pussy?" I looked over at her shocked, "I want to take care of it, but you are rushing me." She put on her seatbelt as I drove off. "Well, it's not gonna be no 5 minutes, Jake. And we cannot take any longer, she will start to suspect." I grabbed her hand and put it over my rock hard cock. She grabbed it and jerked it through my shorts. I couldn't even drive, all I kept doing was look at her face and eyes as she touched me. Her excitement had my loins on fire. I tried to drive back as fast as I could back to the lake. 
Arriving, I noticed everyone was sitting besides one another talking and building the fire pit. It was around 5:00PM now, and the sun was going down.
I lit up a cigarette and stayed in the car listening to music, and Amy took the bags and beer with her. 
Liz shouts, "are you going to stay in the car?" Jake: "no, I..... I, like this song." She kept talking to others and didn't really pay attention to why I sat in the car, but here I was jerking off to rid this aching throbbing cock Amy had caused me. I couldn't help but to look down when I gushed, I was afraid they would see my face and notice I wasn't just smoking a cigarette. I took a deep breath and pulled my shorts back up and rolled up the windows and locked up the car. I grabbed a beer and sat besides Liz and the crew. We talked about so many  different things throughout the evening, and Amy and I would glaze into each other's eyes, without anyone noticing. Every time I caught her looking at me I would get these uncontrollable chills on my spine. 
The night ended and I went home with Liz, and I made love to her as if she were a new woman. She questioned me as to why I was so sexual, more than the usual. 
Liz: "Wow, if you could only make love to me more often instead of just fucking me, maybe we be at home more often." I really didn't have anything to contribute to that, so I just laid beside her holding her, but I couldn't help to think about Amy. She snuggled against me and fell asleep. All I could think about is when was Liz going back to work so that she left the house and I could make love to Amy the way I imagined it.
The next day, I woke up to Liz cleaning the apartment and making lunch for the both of us. 
Liz: "Wake up sleepy head its 1230 in the afternoon." I tried to open my eye, "really, already, wow! I must've slept good." She giggled, "I'm pretty sure you did after last-night." I got up and showered, did the usual on a different day, then I met her in the kitchen where she served me my lunch along with an ice tea for a drink. "I have to go to work tonight, I was supposed to be off, but my friend can't make it, so I am going in for her." I was chewing my food so I nodded, okay. "Maybe you can pass by tonight, if you like." I swallowed and took a long gulp of my ice tea."no babe, not tonight, not in the mood to drink." 
After having lunch we just stayed at home talking and watching tv. The time was getting close for her to departure for work, so I grabbed the trash that was halfway full to have an excuse to walk outside, in hopes to see Amy to tell her to come see me. But I had no luck, although I threw out the trash and smoked a cigarette walking up and down her doorstep, she did not come outside. 
"Okay, I have to go babe" she said kissing my lips, holding three bags smelling great and looking great, I spanked her ass on her way out. "Be good, you hear me" I hesitated. She waved back at me, "you know it." And blew me a kiss. Then I saw her waving to someone as she got near the car, I looked to see as I held my front door open with my foot as my body hung outside my door, Amy. My eyes enlarged in disbelief. She was walking towards her apartment with some bags so I asked her if she needed help, she said "no this is all thanks Jake." I walked outside entirely letting the door slam shut. I whistle and said: "Hey!" She kept hesitating and making faces at me, I didn't understand. Then her girlfriend Jill poked her head out, "hi Jake" I froze, but didn't want to make it obvious, "hi Jill." I walked back into my apartment. What luck I had, I can't ever get Amy alone. Allegedly, Jill was home and Amy went out to buy groceries for their dinner, but I didn't notice that Jill was outside waiting to greet Amy. My frustration grew worse by the day.
It took almost a month of flirting and grinding on one another by the dumpster to kissing in the car and me looking through my window to finally her knocking on my door one day. 
"I'm coming" I shouted! It was Amy, "oh my god, what are you doing here?" She had tears in her eyes, "never mind then, forget it." I grabbed her hand. "Hey, hey, I didn't mean it in a bad way, I meant it in a shocked way." I pulled her close to me as she laid her head on my chest. "Come in, please, come in." I expressed in a kind voice. She wiped her tears, "Jill is cheating on me." I felt relieved, I know it's wrong, but I couldn't help but feel somewhat happy that she was. "Oh my god why, how, I mean..... What happened?" She sat on my love-seat, "do you have alcohol" she asked, "sure, sure, rum okay?" She sniffled, "yes, and a tissue please." I ran and prepared her a drink, after making her drink I went back and added more rum. I wasn't being a scumbag, but I knew if she drank more she might want to sleep with me. Arrogant asshole, I know. 
I kneeled besides her handing her the drink and the tissue. She kept nodding her head and sniffling her runny nose. "I feel so stupid." I couldn't understand what was happening, all I knew was that I was super excited that she was there alone with me. "Please, explain to me what you saw, why are you so sure she is cheating?" I asked concerned. She begun to drink her drink, her hand was a bit shaky. I started to massage her neck and back. "Hey, it's okay, relax, okay." She put the glass down, "it's just I'm not stupid you know, she has a password on her phone and never did before, she takes longer showers with her phone." Hmmmm, "okay, so you don't know, you're assuming?" She got upset and begun to raise her voice, "oh my god aren't you listening, she is cheating, she never done those things before, and taking long trips to the store late at night, and comes home with nothing." I backed off, "okay, I'm sorry, I'm just asking." I took a seat on the couch. "So..... Where is she now " she downed her drink, "she's not home, she left again." I scratched my head in denial. "So, this is something she's been doing?" She wiped her tears and blew her nose, "yes, she's been doing this a lot." Jake: "would you like another drink? How about more tissue?" She nodded yes. I made her another rum and coke the same way, and I grabbed like 5 more sheets of tissue. She begun to talk up a storm about her girlfriend, I had lost interest in the conversation by that time, I even made myself two drinks and drank them, I then laid down on the couch with my arms crossed looking and listening to her. Her story was redundant. She then sat up and asked to use the restroom, and went to it. I was just glad she had stopped talking. When she came out of the bathroom she surprised me with her shirt unbuttoned and her pants unzipped. She walked up to me, my eyes enlarged of excitement. I sat up immediately and put my arms around her waist as she stood over me. I can smell inside her jeans, it smelt like vanilla with a hint of a moisture scent. I begun to bite her underwear with my teeth as my hands cupped her butt as her pants went down slowly. She moaned. Now that her pants were completely down I begun to taste her through her underwear, that made her wild, I stood up and lifted her leg to slip off her pants, then the other leg leaving her in her unbuttoned shirt and her nice baby blue bikini underwear. I laid her on the couch and got on top of her kissing her neck and breast, I lifted up her bra to suck her nipples, and begun to nibble on them watching her squirm I pulled my pants down leaving me in my boxers only. I sat up on my knees and pulled down her baby blue bikini underwear locking eyes with her. She looked sexual, but also sad. I knew she wanted me too. She had a nice strip shape on her vagina, she had nice thick lips that made me hard instant. I begun to kiss and nibble on her legs as she moaned and played with her own head pulling her own hair as I kissed her all over in her inner thighs and I watched her feet curl up. I finally got in-between her legs and licked that like ice cream, I then sucked the entire thing making her moan and groan, she kept moving around in desperation. I finally pulled off my boxers and got on top of her and pushed myself inside of her. She looked at me and kissed me as I begun to go in and out of her, she moaned so loud, made me lose my breath. It felt so good, and she smelt so good. I grabbed her and sat her on top of me, I then pulled off her shirt and took off her bra. As she rode me her voluptuous breast hung over my face forcing me to suck them, I spread her butt cheeks so wide apart to make sure she felt ever inch of me inside of her. She rode like an expert, she knew how to ejaculate me with her insides, I felt her suction me like a Hoover. I had to hold back from erupting several times by stopping her from moving. She whispered. "Let me finish, don't stop me please" panting, I said "but your gonna make me cum". She whispered, doesn't matter let it happen. Okay, okay, I got this, I can do this, I started to think of work and the nasty sweaty guys at the gym and everything that was disgusting to me so that she can attempt to finish, hopefully it be soon, because I didn't want to be that typical guy that promises to be the best lover to a lesbian and then be the same disappointment. I noticed she was sweating pretty profusely and bouncing harder onto me, her moan was becoming more aggressive and her insides were becoming tighter. She was having an orgasm, my eyes rolled back as I also moaned with shortness of breath and grabbing her hips directing my orgasm. I opened my eyes and she had her hair all over her face stroking her body slowly into mine. I moved the hair out of her face and kissed her lips. "Wow! Not bad Jake, that felt really good, surprisingly." She hesitated with lack of air in her lungs. We kissed for a couple of minutes as our body's were drenched in sweat by each other, she tried to move one of her legs up, but expressed that she felt weak and that she was getting a leg cramp. We giggled, and I helped her up by picked her up and allowing her legs to fall directly onto the floor. She grabbed my thing and stroked it, "it's so wet" she said. I smiled at her "yes, you really wanted this" and grabbed my dick with my hand and forced it into hers. She giggled and kneeled down and placed it in her mouth. I was super sensitive which made me jumpy at her sucking my flaccid penis. My cell phone begun to ring. I pulled up my boxers and ran for my phone in the kitchen table. "Hello" I said. "Hey babe, do you know where Amy is at?" She caught me by surprise, I didn't know what to say. I looked over at Amy but she was getting dressed and not looking my way. "Um, what?" I asked. I begun to walk towards Amy covering the mouth piece whispering to her "it's Liz she's asking about you?" She lifted up her hands nodding her head, I guess she too wondered why is Liz calling. "Why are you asking me about Amy?" I can hear the music in the background from the strip joint. "Well, her girlfriend is here and said her girlfriend isn't at home, and has been doing this quiet often." I felt confused, because Amy told me that it was Jill that had been doing this often. Amy begun to whisper, "tell her you don't know, shhhh please." I nodded okay, "well, if she does this so often then why are you calling me about this now, how should I know?" A moment of silence. "Ah, whatever Jake, bye" with attitude just like that she hung up on me.
Jake: "she told me that you've been doing this often, but if that's true, why is she only calling me today? What's going on Amy?" Wow really, what a bitch, and a liar. "They are up to something Jake, just FYI" "what's that supposed to mean?" I asked. "Just what I said, I think something is up?" I looked down at the floor, "you mean my girlfriend and your girlfriend?" She made a face at me, "yes." Here I thought I wAs being secretive but Liz had been hiding the fact that she is fucking Jill, the butch one, and I'm fucking the femme one? I didn't know what to think. "Do you want to spend the night here?" I asked, "what about your girlfriend?" She grabbed the throw I had on my couch to cover herself. "Well, I don't know, I'll just tell her you came after." She curled up on the couch, yawning. "Hey, come to the room, you can lay and sleep there." She insisted to stay in the living room and that it look better than being in the room with me, she did have a point. I turned on the tv and laid on the love seat and dozed off. 
The next morning, I am being woken up to a shout, "Jake, Jake, Jake, wake up" it was Amy, "what happened?" I asked, "come with me" she said, she appeared to of been up for a while, she was fully dressed with shoes and her hair was brushed and her eyes were wide open, I walked half asleep downstairs with her pulling my arm all the way to her apartment, it was about 7:00 in the morning. She took me to her room where I found Liz and Jill naked in bed together. "Is this a joke?" They were so passed out that they didn't even notice us standing in the room or heard my voice, so I shouted, "what the fuck is this?" They opened their eyes and looked up at me, their first instinct was to grab  the sheets and cover themselves. They kept looking at one another with no words. I was confused, was this a set up for me, or for her? Liz: "can you leave, don't you see that we are naked, Jake?" she mumbled with the sheet over her mouth. "Are you fucken for real, you're fucking a girl? Are you back to that, huh? Are you a lesbian?" she sat up, "Jake, you known I was bisexual, and I'm sorry I got hammered and Jill brought me back here. Not a big deal" I turned around and looked at Amy, who appeared shocked as well. Out of anger I punched the door, I punched it so hard my hand went through it, Amy moved away from me out of fear and no one said a word. "Fuck!" I shouted! I looked at my hand full of blood and walked out of the apartment. I went outside and shook the anger out of me, I must've said every curse word ever existed, to myself. I paced back and fourth outside the apartment. I finally spit a big hocker that had built up from screaming, and went back inside. They were still in the room talking, I couldn't hear what they were saying, but the moment I walked into the room, they all sat in silence. I glanced over at them still in the bed covered in the sheets hovering over one another, and I grabbed Amy's hand and pulled her close to me. "Fuck them anyways" I said, as I walked towards the door where I turned off the lights and slammed the door shut.

Submitted: December 30, 2014

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wily geist

It is nice piece of erotica with a different twist by ending with a surprise. Well done.

Tue, December 30th, 2014 10:28pm


Thank you so much, Geist. Thank you!

Tue, December 30th, 2014 2:52pm


So many reads and no comments???? I thought this was a blog, where people can say what they liked and didn't like.

Fri, January 9th, 2015 1:06pm

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