life according to Tommy Lee: MNEC

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i am tommy lee and i don't exist i am just a fictional character with a real crush on a real girl .

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013







Today I spoke to her, I spoke to her for about 30seconds and she walked away from me, in haste you might say but to her a waste of her time, but enough time to inspire the brilliant TOMMY LEE, TOMMY LEE got the chance to see a part of her he had never seen before and so TOMMY LEE was inspired once more to write her another note.


 The note

It hurts when your never-ending crush remains somewhat distant from you,

Matters of the heart, I’ve tried to express my admiration for you.

When you look at me sometimes I feel really strange,

To me you are beautiful; your looks get me elated every time

I wish you would hold on to me like I’m the last breath of air,


A lot of the time I wonder what id do if I never met a person like you what my life in school would have been like 

From your green eyes, to the pinkness of your lips,

I admire every last part of you, down to the swivel of your hips.


Can we Shun clichés? Lets redefine affection on our own terms,

Let me make you happy; instill upon you the lessons I’ve learned.

You have this cute smile that melts away all the anger in my mind


Truth be told you're rare, I consider you to be one of a kind.

And I could never hope to recreate a person like you with mere writing, that wouldn't do you poetic justice, You Stand out like lighting


This is to the girl with the beautiful blonde hair, roughly 212days; my never-ending crush 

My affection for you is as genuine as you are fair.

Shakespeare spoilt Anne Hathaway with written treasures,

I'm no William, but I bring you the gift of words woven for your pleasure.


I hate me, I hate you, I hate that we can not be together ever, TOMMY LEE saying this to himself as he pulls a scissors out of his cupboard and shreds the paper to pieces, wishing and counting down as the days goes by waiting to see the end of this chapter of his never ending crush HENNY.

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