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Ivy hates her science teacher as he does her. but this science day is different, its a day full of outragously funny events.

Submitted: December 04, 2009

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Submitted: December 04, 2009



Stepping forwards, Ivy's head spinning making her norscious. silence cut through the room. Was this a punishment? she did apologise for her actions. Almost there, she felt the urge to turn and run. You can do this, she thought to her self. Breathing heavily. she reached the table and felt the vomit creep up her throat. She swallowed it. She stared at what was on the table. something she wanted to run from. A dead frog. A dead frog she had to disect for science. Ivy accidently spilt acid on her science teacher, Mr Singer, shoe and he made her be the person to demonstrate how to disect a frog. She knew it was punishment because he knew she hated disecting animals. Mr singer smiled at her evilly. "Are you afraid to touch a harmless, dead frog?". Mr singers face close to hers. The class started to giggle. Ivy gulped. There is noway this devil is going to get to her. "Of course not, im looking for the knife can you show me which one it is". she smiled politley. "Oh so you dont know what a knife looks like, maybe kindergarten is a btter grade for you". He laughed at his joke, as did the class. Ohkay Mr, you want to dance, lets tango. "Of course i know what a knife is sir, my mum lets me use one at dinner, does your mum let you, or arent you old enough yet?''. The whole class was on the floor laughing, some of them were really into it and saying, "Oooh". Mr singer glared at her. "Young lady, i wouldnt be rude, do you want to see the principle". He said sternly. "Sheesh sir just having fun". Ivy rolled her eyes. "sit down". he ordered her. Being a smartass, Ivy sat where she was. "What are you doing?". He asked crossley. "Sitting down". She replied obviously. You could almost see steam  blowing out of his ears. He turned around for a second, calming himself down. "Sir". she was laughing so hard. "You've got a massive stain on the back of your pants". He started turning around in circles like a dog chasing there tail, trying to find the stain. "Where is it?"> He asked her.he turned around and waited for her to tell him. "It's right here". Ivy kicked his butcheek. "HAHAHA". The class was full of laughter. Some people cheering. "IVY IVY". Sir's face was a tomato. "I would leave my class room immediantly". HE spat. she turned and started to head out the door. Mr Singer picked up the knife and started explaing. Ivy didnt realise and run back and pushed him. "ARGHHHHHHH". he screamed. He had accidently stabbed his knee. "sit down sir". She ordered him. "I'll go get the nurse". Ivy almost in tears. She was laughing so hard. On the way back from the nurses office, Ivy found a salt satchet from the cafferteria. she walked into the classroom. "Mr singer the nurse will be here soon, she told me to put some of this over it to stop it hurting". She held up the salt packet. Hahahahahaha who's the winner, she thought to herself. Mr singer lifted his leg up. she poured the salt in it. "SHITTTTTTTT, IT BURNS". He screamed even loder. She stood up next to him and got out the packet. "oopsie this is salt not cream". She shrugged and sat down. She heard the nurse and principle at the door. The class sat silently. "Good morning class". There principle  said. "Goodmorning mrs Haverfeild". They said back. the nurse rushed over to Mr singer. "sir how did this happen". mrs haverfield asked concerned. His old, wrinkly finger pointed at me. "she stabbed me and put salt in my wound". He was still in pain. She shook her head. "Mr Singer i know you dislike some students but she has a perfect record at this school plus, were is the salt packet?". She raised her eye brow. Haha i had stolen the evidence. "Ivy did you do this". She asked politly. "Why no miss, i simply told him that i didnt feel well enough to disect the frog and then he went bizerk". Her facal expression stayed the same. "Mrs this needs to be medically treated"> The nurse said. ten minutes later an ambulance arrived and Mr Singer didnt teach for a week.

when Mr Singer did come back, id always put salt sachets on my table.

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