All-Amazing Techies

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Submitted: December 14, 2007

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Submitted: December 14, 2007



The all-amazing techies. They’re like a family away from a family. We laugh as hard hyenas, we cry like mothers on “leave for college” day, and we share important moments. Those who I’m close to are Alex, Sammy, Jana and Amanda. Alex well, he’s the know it all. He the genius of this “family” and everyone goes to him to him for tech advice. Sammy is the funny one. She can say something on a whim and it’s as funny as a drunken man trying to make a phone call. Jana is one of the few saints we have among us. She cares about everyone and makes sure we’re all doing the right thing. When we don’t, whether we cuss or do something crazy she gets disappointed in us like a 5 year old at a party with no cake, and it gets hard to get out of the “good” mindset she puts us in sometimes. Amanda’s the amazing one, the one who listens to you, gives great advice and says the funniest things, “and sometimes, sometimes [she] says something so amazing I’m just glad to have been there.” (Quote pulled from Picasso at the Lapin Agile)
I, however try to be these things, but don’t always succeed in doing so. Although I try to learn technical aspects and try to collect as much knowledge as I can, I don’t know enough as the genius does. I’m funny at times, but not by saying things on a whim, just because I happen to be at times. Most of the time, it’s when I don’t try to be funny, because if I do try then I fail at it. When you get to know me, I’m obviously not a saint, and although Jana puts me into the “good” mindset, I eventually lose that mindset and revert to the bad one. I may try to give good advice, but it may not always work out for that person and they may be as mad as my bus driver on Monday mornings. One thing I definitely have is spirit. Fire. An inner power that just is ready to jump out like a lion in a cage at the circus. I can fight for my life which I’ve proven during lap tag, a wrestling game almost as dangerous as jumping off the catwalks in the theatre. I can fight for inner peace, which I’ve proven when my friends mess with my minds or when something huge happens in my life. Also, I can always fight for my friends, because they’re worth the fight and we are just like any other family. When one goes down, we all go down in the fight with them. Even though we mess with each other a lot, we care for each other and make sure each of us is okay. Not because it’s a “we’re in this, whether we like it or not” situation, but because it’s our duty as a family. A duty that just seems right to us and that compels us to follow.

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