Effect of Love's Flame

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Being in love. Short. Simple. Sweet.

Submitted: December 14, 2007

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Submitted: December 14, 2007



Constantly going and tearing me,
All because of jealousy and love.
Love is something that will always be,
Even when I know it should stop.
Burning inside.
Constantly wanting, even lusting, them,
“Shame on you” everyone says.
It’s not my fault and they won’t admit,
Everyone some time feels this way.
Burning inside me.
“Go for the gold,” says my best friend,
“Good luck in the battle,” of love is implied.
Happiness is all I want in the end,
But my love seems to not to notice my cry.
Burning inside me ready.
The sprint in my step,
The way I look into their eyes.
It’s ignored and still,
They don’t notice my butterflies.
Burning inside me ready, too.
Ah, love’s a mist so thick and mysterious,
Soon the time will come for our joining kiss.
And then the lust will subside,
And we will be together in true bliss.
Burning inside me ready to share.
This bliss sounds like merely a dream,
As if it will never exist in this lifetime.
But thinking now about their glances to me,
It would seem as if our love will soon be sublime!
Burning inside me ready to share love.
Their quick smiles and glances,
Their eyes watching me during the day.
But it’s so sudden and unnoticeable,
And I’m still not sure how to make my advances.
Burning inside me ready to share love’s flame.
So now I glance back and do the same,
As what it seems they do to me.
Even if it’s my imagination tricking me,
Telling them how I feel is still my aim.
Burning inside me ready to share loves flame,
So as to ignite their love for me just the same.

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