i wont be just a doll in your toybox...

Give way too much,
Giving me no chance to tell my crush.
The horny bastard hits on me a bunch,
But the one I love’s the only one to make me blush.
Why, I don’t know,
But I know I moved on from the other one, so,
They said it was a fling, just a show,
But they still want me to go low, low, low.
I never really had feelings for that horny one,
But he wants to continue it.
Bringing other people into t other than us,
Making it unhealthy, and not just by a bit.
Love’s meant to be one-on-one,
Not anymore or it seems as wrong as it is.
He won’t take my ignoring either,
And my flirting my crush always does miss.
Maybe it’d be easier if only,
I was finally in a relationship.
Then the other one will realize slowly,
They can’t have these lips.
My body isn’t just an item on a rack,
To use for your own enjoyment.
You can’t just use me and put me back,
Like the toys in the attic or basement.
It will end soon,
For eventually my avoidance will hint,
I’d give it another two full moons,
For my crush and I to be together like steel and flint.

Submitted: February 02, 2008

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very good i can totally relate to this im going through something similar right now

Wed, October 15th, 2008 3:55am

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