Love at First Glance

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love at first glance is not merely lust but much more beyond our comprehension.

*may be bad.... but...critiques still welcomed*

Submitted: January 17, 2008

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Submitted: January 17, 2008



I didn’t think the things I heard,
Really happened in reality.
I thought it was only lusting,
That caused more craziness than sanity.
Until that one day when I dropped my stuff,
And one kind person came down from the risers.
Our hands flurried to pick up the papers,
And when they met our eyes looked higher.
I looked up at,
To the one who looked back at me.
Our eyes are locked now,
And I can’t believe what I feel from what I see.
I feel the heat between us,
Radiating from our hearts.
There’s no need for words at all,
To express the way we never want to part.
But to avoid staring eyes,
I mutter thanks as you did yup.
We went back to our spots silently,
And continued to do warmups.
After class however,
We did not go our separate ways.
We both walked the back hall together,
And under the stairs we stayed.
We talked all during first lunch,
And realized how much in common we had.
When the bell rung all we could do,
Was express how we were far worse than mad.
We wanted more time so you said,
Let’s go for lunch out of school.
I stared at you contemplating what to do,
And then finally replied, cool.
We ran off school grounds,
For our forbidden love to take flight.
We went through the baseball field,
To stay out of sight.
I couldn’t believe how time flew by,
When I was in that restraunt with you.
It didn’t last forever as we wished,
But the love that existed continued to remain true.
It doesn’t matter what we are to them,
It just matters that we’re in love.
That we have each other,
When push comes to shove.
We are the perfect example,
Even if no one believes or understands.
That it was love at first sight from the start,
Because it began with the touch of two hands.

© Copyright 2018 Alcaeus Uilleag. All rights reserved.

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