expressing my love...

Glances. Everyday. Muttered his.
Wondering what they’re for.Unexpressing my love.
It causes confusion within me, for it seems that you do notice me,
But  you are just too scared to talk, just as I am to do the same to you.
After that trip to the windy city, I just don’t know what to think now,
Since it seems we are back at square one, but added on now is loneliness.
Depression also came starting on the bus, when we continuously stared,
But we diverted our attention to different things, you to the window.
Me, I went right back to my poems, and although they didn’t begin,
Not meant to be about you, but by the end of each one they were.
So obviously you’re still on my mind even when I try to block it.
And denial to my friends doesn’t work because they know,
That the truth is I do love you within my heart and soul.
So it’s true you can be love struck down to are.
And that love stinks so many times, too.
But if you find a person you like,
There’s nothing else to do,
But to think. Glance.
To wonder.

Submitted: April 14, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Alcaeus Uilleag. All rights reserved.

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