Murderers aren't all bad are they?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

continuing to edit and write-last edited: NOV 4, 2007: Murder isn't always bad is it?, is a novel of how two tales clash and end up being a breathtaking read. In the eyes of a murderer named Joesph, who is sent to kill Sarah. Sarah seems to be a traitor to the mysterious man who sends Joesph almost against his will, using Joesph's family as the cause. Many things go through Joesph's head while trying to get to the bottom of why this man wants him, whats going to happen to his family, and if he will ever stop having to kill people. In the eyes of Kyle, a witness of Sarah's murder in which affects him greatly. He is chased after by Joesph because there weren't suppose to be any witnesses. He too has questions bring in his mind like, who would kill her, why is she dead, and who is after me? Kyle, along with his best friend Ryan, will go on an adventure they will always regret from the beginning. Facing anguish, guilt, and confusion along with facing the police, Joesph and the man above it all. Not only is Kyle going on an adventure but as is Joesph, who faces these feelings, and is led along many paths along the way.

Table of Contents

Love and Death

Chapter 2 of Muderers aren't all bad, are they? Kyle's point of view and the beginning of his tale on how Joesph and Kyle get two tales wrapped together. Read Chapter