another poem about the muse I hate...

You see this is why you're my muse,
because you ignore me in front of everyone.
But you touch me when you choose,
Behind the backs of them so you can have "fun".

This is why at times you're hated,
and why i write hatefully about you still.
Well now everyone can stop having to wait,
for another abut you being so ill.

I;ve decided finally after thinking it over,
you're not worth the ground I walk on.
Due to the fact we never were,
but you still pretended I was your pawn.

Pawn of what you're asking so blunt,
as you read this poem out of spite.
Pawn of Love, but not love I want,
but one to make me a man of the night.

Yes, you have brought me down low,
even lower, way lower, than your level.
But now I'm here to finally show,
That I'M going to be the rebel.

IT"S OVER, IT'S OVER,IT's over... you whore.

Submitted: March 22, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Alcaeus Uilleag. All rights reserved.

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