Stab in the back

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What I felt like after this guy went around my back to tell my crush that I loved him.... And also to ruin mine and his relationship so the backstabber can date my crush...

How could you do it?
I told you I loved him.
Why did you do this shit?
Don’t you have another guy to rim?
You know I am pissed.
Enough to make your body soon be missed.
You stab my back I stab yours,
Almost like the old saying, it will occur.
I got up to get a drink,
What did you think?
He’d hate me and you’ll get,
The chance for him and you to swap spit
I don’t care for your excuses,
And to think you were going to be one of my muses.
But now I hate you for,
Letting everyone else know what was a secret before.
I wanted time.
For him and me to talk.
But now I didn’t.
Now I probably will give up.
I hope you’re happy you snitch.
Oh, Fuck it, go to hell Bitch!

Submitted: December 20, 2007

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