Lone Oak Tree

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A poem about my childhood

Submitted: February 24, 2015

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Submitted: February 24, 2015



I started as the victim

the target of their laughter

the insult fell out of their mouths so freely

day after day

I sat  alone by the lone oak tree


The title of victim shattered as I grew up

I punched at the sounds of laughter

I kicked at the word short

and I slapped at every kid smaller than me


I became the very person I was fighting against

A bully

yelling, punching, and kicking

throwing people down onto the ground

throwing wood chips in their hair

It was justice in my head

getting back at the bullies of the playground

but the people I was tormenting were not the same

as the ones who had been hurting me


They were still untouchable

too strong

too witty for me


But people were afraid of the scrawny girl

with the mousy brown hair

and the crooked smile


I had equated justice,

to fear and soon

it was about power instead

the tyrannical queen of the playground

the title I wore like a badge

no longer hiding behind the lone oak tree


From victim to bully

from bully to tyrant

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