Shadows fusion

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Try to find yourself in the lines I wrote.Maybe your life feels like a continue struggle to find your own way...out.

Submitted: April 30, 2007

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Submitted: April 30, 2007



I suddenly woke up, just to realize i was deep the countless faces that surrounded me. I was fighting for the same meaningless things that fill our life with the illusion that we belong to this world.We are not belonging.We exist.

Yes, maybe just like you, I wanted my own home, my own freedom, my own road to follow...yet I realize that we all follow the same road. We are going to die.

I have this feeling of being lost and forsaken, like a punished child, crying in his dark corner.My face is wet, and i cannot escape the prison of my own thoughts. We are afraid.We are just the shadows of our own mind.

I tried to walk but my legs became sand. I tried to embrace, but my arms became dust. I tried to love, but my heart was made of glass. My heart is broken now, it is windy here inside me.

I am hollow, I am alone, I am afraid.

I am like a naked tree, embracing the emptiness.

But my spring is near, I can feel the flowers blooming inside me. For all I am is dust that turns into flowers, dust that reflects your own shadow ...I am the dust you are made of.

We are one.


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