Rain's shadows

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Even the dead need help

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



The park was absolutely gorgeous, with trees dressed in shades of yellow and red. A few bits of green still lingered, hidden behind orange colored cousins. The air was heavy with moisture, and the paved path slick with fresh rain. A subtle wind danced its way through tree branches, coaxing little leaves to fall from their perches to the cold ground below. Above the treeline lay blankets of stars, twinkling against a black velvet backdrop. The night was calm and peaceful, the purr of far away cars the only unnatural sound penetrating the serene environment. Two people stood shoulder to shoulder in the center of a paved path, illuminated by the glow of street lamps.

“Hamish, tomorrow is the day…” the woman spoke, her face pale with suppressed terror. The man simply nodded, tugging at the sleeves of his black suit.
“It cannot be avoided Aerin. You must stay strong.” The woman bit her lip, staring at the tall trees around them.

“What is it like then? To be free of the pain? Of the reminder that life is short and cruel? You have no such attachments to it, you have never lived.” her words were bitter, her fists clenching as she looked at him. “Hamish you have never lived.” her tone was accusatory and the man held his hands up in surrender.

“It is true that I have not lived, yes. I have no such attachments to either side as you say….but I know the pain it causes. I understand.” He tilted his head back and gazed at the stars, which were barely visible from behind the trees. “This world is so fragile, the tiniest thing can tear it apart. It is a miracle that you beings survive at all.” Aerin sighed, running her hands through long oily brown hair. The breeze picked up and she shivered.

“Hamish, is this beautiful to you?” the question seemed odd and the man blinked, confusion flickering across his features.

“It is...interesting. This realm is very nice, in the sense that it is of light and life. It is not beautiful to me, I am used to the darker aspects of a world. You know this.” Aerin nodded her hand finding his. She flinched at the icy skin, but said nothing as she wrapped her fingers around his.

“I know.” she spoke softly, leaning her head against the man’s side. He wrinkled his nose in discomfort but made no attempt to move the woman. Her hand felt warm in his grip and he was not accustomed to the affection.

“You are fearful of tomorrow, are you not?” he asked slowly. The woman sighed, squeezing his hand.

“I’m terrified. I do not want to...cannot go through it once again.” she choked on the words, and Hamish felt the tickling of sympathy itch at the back of his throat. The wind whirled around them as she waited for his answer. The trees swayed back and forth rhythmically, leaves swirling in the wind as it rushed past the pair. Hamish caught Aerin’s gaze, breaking the silence with hesitant words.

“I will go through it with you. I will be there for you my dear.” A sob broke from the woman’s lips as she snuck her arms around the man, pulling him into a hug.

“You don’t have to.” Aerin whispered, her face pressed to Hamish’s chest. Hamish swallowed, he was not sure what to think about the small human wrapped around his midsection. He instead scanned his surroundings, noting the dampness of the ground and the sudden cold that had descended upon them. He would not get cold, he did not feel such things, but the same could not be said for Aerin. He let out a long sigh, patting the woman’s head gingerly.

“I know that I don’t.” Hamish muttered, wondering when the woman would let go of him. “But I feel I must. I have seen what it does to you, what it does to others when they relive their deaths. You are a stronger spirit than most, but even you will have a breaking point.” The woman was crying now, tears streaming down her cheeks. She backed away, her face red and splotchy.

“Thank you Hamish.” She grinned. Hamish managed to conjure a smile of his own as he bowed his head.

“I will always be here for you my dear,” he said, taking her hand. “Always.” Shadows stretched across the wet pavement, swallowing the man and woman in one smooth motion, leaving only small ripples in the puddles to indicate they were ever there.

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