Edurice's Haunted Song

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Follow on from Why is Leaving so Hard?. In this the poem thing is used as song lyrics.
How can you live with yourself if your words kill many?

Submitted: January 25, 2012

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Submitted: January 25, 2012




Edurices Haunted Song

Waiting, wind blows.

I keep seeing faces,

Hidden behind the glass.

Those lyrics keep replaying in my head. I try to calm myself down and take in the familiar surroundings. The torn red wallpaper, the white border that sits above it and the white wooden window that looks out upon nothing but an empty field. Home.

It looks like my home, it smells like my home.

It is my home.

My sister Mhiya comes and sits next to me, her heart is pounding as heavily as mine.

"Did you have that dream again Mhiya?" I ask. Mhiya nods.

"Every night, Edurice. Why does it keep coming back?" Mhiya asks. I shrug.

"If I knew, Miy, I'd make them stop for you." I promise.

"Waiting, wind blows,

I keep seeing faces,

Hidden behind the glass.

Why won't you come outside?

And face you path and past?" I sing.

"Edurice, why do you sing about our past like it is nothing but a song?" Mhiya asks, firmly.

"Because our past is our past, Miy. We cannot change what has happened."

"Or take back what has already been taken." She continues.

"We should add that to the song." I say.

"Add that to the song?" Mhiya gasps. "The whole reason I am hear is because I cannot sleep and that song is to blame!"

"Miy, I take full responsibility for your sleeplessness, but adding to the song? I cannot help it dear sister! I do not sing of our past gladly either, it just has to be done! It's helping me forget, Mhiya. It may sound strange but every time I sing those lyrics, I forget a piece of our past. Not completely, but just enough to feel more at ease." I explain.

"So you want to forget everything that happened?" Mhiya asks. "Forget Ma and Limmion and Sahraya? You want to forget Ferrin and Tabbs and Gemmavive? What happened that day in the battle? I do not, Edurice, I want to remember killing it, and Ma and everybody saving us."

"But the past is only the past, Miy."

"But the past might be the key to the future, Edurice."

I thought for a moment. "You might be right, Miy, you might be right."

~ * ~ * ~

I never thought this day would come, but here I am. Standing on that same battle field that took the lives of my mother, my sister, Sahraya and my friends Limmion, Ferrin, Tabbs and Gemmavive. 

I can't summarize the emotions coursing through me at this point in time.

"Thank you for bringing me back Edurice, I really do appreciate it." Says Limmion. But he's not really Limmion. His blue eyes have been replaced by blackness, his teeth replaced by fangs and his fingers, claws.

"I never meant to," I reply.

"So you do not love me then, Edurice?" He says.

"If you mean Limmion, then yes, I love him."

"I am Limmion!" He explains. "Why can't you see that I'm Limmion?"

Then I run off. Of course I do not believe him.


As I make my hasty retreat Mhiya grabs my hand and pulls me away from the door.

"I know you don't want to kill him because he looks like Limmion, but I beg you sister! Please do away with him like you did the last time for the sake of everybody, Ma and Gemmavive are not here to help you this time." Mhiya whispers into my ear, tears beginning to streak down her face.

"But what if he's really Limmion, Miy? What happens then?"

"Edurice, you know that this place is a maze of questions and emotions, filled with puzzles that have no true meaning! You've come here before and you've done what you've had to do no matter what shape It has taken! You killed it when it was Ma, and Sahraya and Gemmavive and even Pa! Please, just kill It so we can go home!"

We all hate it here. I have to do what I've been chosen to do.

I open my mouth and begin to sing: 

"Waiting, wind blows,

I keep seeing faces,

Hidden behind the glass.

Why won't you come outside?

And face you path and past?

Darkness takes over,

Faces are frozen,

Falling until there's no end.

Lost in this maze,

Of emotions.
I look upon the cracked glass.

Glancing into someone’s past.

Nothing but darkness.

Why. Is. Leaving. So. Hard.

Every time I look behind,

A face is left, but it's not mine.

I promise you, if I must.

Light. Goes. Out. So. Must. I."

As I finish I see Limmion-who's-not-really-Limmion come up behind me and laughs. "A song? A pathetic song, you believe you can kill me with a song?" Limmion says.

"Yes, I do."

Then darkness overtakes me.

Light. Goes. Out. So. Must. I.

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