Frost Bound

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Frithian Faith rules the lives of the Avedaer Pack, and has for many moons.
Until now...
After finding a she-wolf near-death in the Dead Forest, a looming wood on the edge of the Avedaer Pack territory, Zorro, the silver-furred son of the Alpha, drags her home in the hope of saving her life...
Only, this she-wolf has a destiny.
And so does he.
It also might have something to do with the strange human slave, Figgs Boy that haunts his dreams.
Or the white she-wolf with the blue eyes that follows closely behind...
Though Zorro is unsure, he knows something’s wrong.
Maybe his time is finally coming to become his packs hero.
Or maybe a traitor unlike any before him.

Table of Contents

Frost Bound

This is the story of Axel, the young wolf-in-training who is doing everything in his power to prove himself, and the secret that could destroy his reputation and destroy any chance that he's ever had of becoming the leader of his pack, his foretold destiny. But, maybe Frith has other plans for him as he is propelled into the fight of his life... Axel becomes attatched to the she-wolf he found in the snow on one of the coldest winter nights... frost bound to her some say... Read Chapter


  BEFORE: Marleen BECAUSE IT’S DIFFERENT NOW   The real world is a blood bath.  Cruelty reigns supreme, ... Read Chapter


    CHAPTER ONE: Zorro THE BEGINNING OF WINTER   I’ve never worried about anybody else before, I rea... Read Chapter


  CHAPTER TWO: Zorro WHEN THINGS BEGAN TO CHANGE   Nothing stays the same forever, even if it were your greates... Read Chapter