The Lurcher Sisters

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Just as the sun sets over peaceful Tralee, shadows come out to haunt the streets, and people disappear without a trace...
As Abigail & Alice, the Lurcher sisters, work their day shifts at the local bar, the Gypsy Tavern, darkness wonders the streets in search of its next target. Little do the sisters know, that target may be them.
Their mother knows of this darkness, and does her best to stop it from taking them away from her. She gives them one simple instruction: never light a candle if the power goes out at night. They never ask why, but they don’t have a reason too. But, what will happen when they break their only promise?
The world of Cielia is in grave danger as Timothy Grey, the son of the throne-keeper, finds his uncle plans to murder his family in order to rule the kingdom himself. Timothy is instructed to bring the twins who are next in line back in order to save his world. But will he be able to convince them before his untimely end?

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The Lurcher Sisters

Submitted: July 29, 2012

The Lurcher Sisters, Abigail and Alice, live and work at the Gypsy Tavern, a bar run by their mother, as both the part-time entertainment and waitresses. With close friends Gabriella and Jack by their side, they think they have nothing to fear in this harsh world where every day is little more than a fight for survival. But as the sun ducks down behind the clouds and the lights go out, they find a world that otherwise, they never would have discovered. Read Chapter

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