Relating to Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of impossible love between a young couple.

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



The moon reflected gently over her delicate skin as she breathed softly. Tiny beads of sweat dripped across her brow as she shone; bathed in the light. Her soft eyelashes flickered sweetly, she dreamed of the impossible. He stared at her longingly. He selfishly waited for her to awaken so that he wouldn't be alone anymore. He followed a strand of hair that snaked along her nose and dangled above her lips; tantalising, warm and seductive. He lurched forward and gently, wrapped his mouth around hers, he sucked on her bottom lip then gently dragged his top teeth across it as he withdrew, and elated as it elastically recoiled back into place. She suddenly heaved unconsciously, uncomfortably around and squirmed in deep sleep for a few seconds until she was peaceful once more. At the sight of her exposed back he smoothly shuffled up beside her. Her sweltering body seared into him as he entwined his leg between hers then wrapped his arm over her, settling beneath her breasts. Breathing in unison they drifted off to sleep.

'Where on earth are we going?' she asked as they trampled through the forest. Leaves crackled and dead branches snapped beneath their feet. He didn't respond for his eyes were dead-set on a path that was clear in his mind but nothing more. 'Look, I'm not going any further until you tell me what is going on.' She stood defiantly, hands on hips, pouting at him angrily. He stopped and turned to her, looking directly into her eyes. She had never seen it before. They burned sparks that yearned to manifest beyond his eyes. He took her hand, sweetly this time.

'It wasn't anywhere specific; I just needed to be alone. With you…' She fidgeted uneasily as he pulled her closer. She didn't understand at first. She just gazed quizzically into his wanting eyes. His chest thumped wildly as they drew together.

'I love you,' he whispered as he shut his eyes and placed a soft kiss on her skin. She didn't respond instead she pulled back.

'I can't,' she turned away and began to walk off in the direction they came. Suddenly pain shot up her spine, she was face first in the leaves and he was on top of her. She tried to yell but he covered her mouth and flipped her over. She struggled and squirmed but he just sat on top of her patiently waiting. After a few minutes she surrendered, breathing heavily, red faced, chest rapidly rising and falling. He just sat there, tears soaked his face.

'I'm so sorry; I hope I didn't hurt you. I just can't let you go.' He wept softly. She raised a hand and slowly ran her fingernails down across his stubbly chin.

'I'm fine but you know, we can't, we can never…' A single tear bounced from her right eye lash, fell and grasped tightly to the line of her jaw.

'I love you,' he repeated gently as he lay down beside to her.

'I love you too.' She replied curling up in his arms. They lay together in the brittle autumn leaves. The wind began to pick up and swept across their combined bodies leaving a biting chill in its wake that lingered on the couple causing her to clasp his chest even tighter.

Her eyes flickered open, the gentle glow of the moon flooded into the apartment filling in all the darkest cracks and casting shadows on the floor. The trickling of light that filtered through the window was touching in its majesty. He felt her wake and shifted to the other side of the bed; the covers folded and crumpled in his wake. She cocked her head to the side and stared at his strong naked back, barely covered by the moon-tainted white sheets. She considered chasing after him. But she stayed put, staring at the shapes dancing on the ceiling. She was certain that his affection would find her soon enough. This thought alone warmed her as she shifted back towards the window and shut her eyes to escape.

Staring into the mirror, she stood blankly staring back in a long white dress, flamboyant and marvellous covered with its numerous audacious embroideries. Several women rushed around adding to her face, probing the dress and perfecting her hair. Her mother walked into the room teary-eyed in adoring happiness.

'You look absolutely gorgeous,' she said holding her daughter close. The other women hurried out. She handed over gifts; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. They stared and shared the moment; a mother passing her young daughter to the care of another whilst reassuring her baby girl that she would forever protect her. There was a knock at the door her mother opened it. There he stood, with an expression more threatening than the eerie calm at the eye of a storm.

'I'll leave you two alone,' Said the mother who hurried out past him. She gazed into his eyes, her heart pounding furiously. She couldn't break his icy glare and turned back to the mirror, hurt. He still hadn't moved. His face remained over her shoulder in the mirror.

'You shouldn't be here,' she said glumly, 'on today of all days, you shouldn't have come.' He didn't respond, he merely strode over to her, stopped body to body with his love then ran his hands slowly along her quivering sides until they met at her warm belly.

'Please…' she began then breathed in deeply, face flushed red as he sucked gently upon her precious neck and slowly kissed upwards until he reached just beneath her ear.

'What are you doing?' he said pausing and gazing into the depths of her eyes via the reflection in the mirror. 'Why are you doing this to me?' Suddenly, with unexpected rage, she broke free from his grasp and turned striking him hard across the face. Tears began to cloud her eyes as she composed herself and spoke as clearly and concisely as she could,

'It's always about you, always your problems and your life. I've always been there for you and supported you, giving you all I can, giving you my all. Now, just this one time, all I ask is for is for you to do the same for me.'

'All I want from you is your heart. Your love, your body, just you!' He wept ingloriously collapsing to his knees.

'And you know that's the one thing you can never have, I can never give it to you.'

'But you already have, you've already given me a glimpse of heaven. You can't just take it away like this.' With every word he moved agonizingly closer.

'Listen to me. What has happened in the past was wrong, and I see that now. It can never work and it is wrong. One of us had to end it and it just so happened to be me, I am sorry I've hurt you but I have a husband waiting for me out there and he's going to give me a normal, happy life. Something I can never have with you. So please, do the decent thing and leave, if not for yourself then do it for me.' As she finished, breathing aggressively, he moved to embrace her but she simply crossed her arms defiantly and turned back to the mirror. Only glaring intensely at herself; admiring her strength. He lumbered towards the door, totally lost for words, entirely a broken man. Upon reaching the smart auburn doorframe he halted and turned back to her, looking for her eye. She refused to look at him; she shut her eyelids tightly and waited for the sound of the closing door.

'I know your feelings are as strong for me as mine are for you and however inconvenient, however much you want them to go away, we both know that they never will and this sham of a marriage won't change that. I'll always be waiting for you to return to me. You can't lie to yourself forever.' He said before leaving, slamming the door behind him. Liquid soul gathered beneath her eyelashes and no matter how tightly she clenched them shut, despite all her resistance; they effortlessly dripped down, rolling painfully across her cheeks.

There was a searing glare. It was so bright. He shuffled restlessly to the other side of the pillow allowing a cold draft to claw at him through the gaps. He reached out for her welcoming skin only to grasp at crumpled sheets. His eyes flickered open, blurry and cowering from the morning sunlight that bathed the apartment. He sat up in bed to fully regain his awareness. The toilet flushed and moments later she walked back into the bedroom. She was fully clothed and solemn looking and beautiful.

'I have to go now,' she said monotonously then headed to the front door. He leapt out of the bed, still stark naked, and followed her. She opened the door to leave.

'Sis, please stay.' He begged. She looked back at her brother and took him in with one single longing glance.

'I have to go back to my husband, he'll be wondering where I've been. I'm sorry.' She turned and walked off down the corridor.

'I love you...' He called out to her. She stopped and turned to look at him once more. Gazing into his all too familiar, gentle eyes, she replied,

'I love you too.'

© Copyright 2020 Alec Maynard. All rights reserved.

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