Nature and I

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I'm trapped in the darkness of my life

full of frustration, fears and redeemed with evil,(Alliteration)

I see gripping hands at the mouth of the hole

and I wonder, what is the truth?

or by sinking into the hole more and more.


The earth moans, screams in despair  (Personification)

and I feel in solidarity with her sad cry,

nature is gradually becoming extinct

equal to my life, which is lost in a song.


I see the light that hangs through the hole

and I look up with hope and fervor,(Imagery)

to ask the Almighty Creator,

that he give man a little more love.


With the rain the trees sprout and flourish,

with kisses the man waters the flower of love,

with care nature smiles at us,(Personification)

and so, happy ... soon the pain is driven away.  (Mood / Atmosphere)

Submitted: May 31, 2021

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