A Staring Contest With Life (Poetry Anthology)

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Hi my name is Aled I am 14 and I plan to write 500 poems before I turn 15 and post them all on this website YAY

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



1) Hi My Name Is

Hi my name is Aled,

My name rhymes with salad,

I could go down stairs and eat some bread,

But im writing this limerick instead,

I should of wrote a ballad.

2) Philosophy

This is not a lib dem leader,

This is not a liar,

This is not a failed hope,

This is not a replica,

This is something you know,

This is an open book you choose its destiny,

This isn’t an M&S lemon,

This is my lemon.

3)The Lost Soldier

As I wondered in the darkness of my mind,

Drinking away the pain of the past,

Smoking away the pride i had,

Lost in the maze of my mind,

Trying to find help in an empty world,

Who am I?

The past was a poison,

Spreading though my mind,

Contaminating every thought,

Deciding every move,

I'm the past's puppet,

and the past is the master.

The blood of others ran though my veins,

The pain of friends ran though my thoughts,

The horror I saw was caged in my brain,

I am trapped in a jail of the past,

Trying to break out,

With no one to guide me.

I'm a computer,

And the memories are a virus,

Slowly destroying my mind,

Shutting down my happiness,

Until I'm broken,

With nothing inside.

I may have won the war on land,

But inside it's killed me.

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