Suspects in London

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This is my English homework I thought I might as well upload it on to the internet

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




“Yes I can finally afford a holiday” shouted Sophie in the highest pitched excited voice you could ever imagine. Her husband Joe flopped out of bed and went down stairs and asked “why are you looking for holidays its 3 am?” She just sat and pointed at the computer monitor it said 4 days in Swindon youth hostel only £100pp from January- February. They bought the tickets which wasn’t a surprise to Joe seeing as even though they were poor Sophie still got everything she wanted and every time he told her that exact statement she always replied with the same sentence “It’s your fault for marring me” and Joe every time shrugged.

Jermaine sat in the car quiet and still there was traffic on the way to Gatwick airport he was going to Switzerland. He doesn’t talk that much only when he needs too he’s just that type of guy quiet but it leads back to when he was a kid his parents were drunks so one day he tried to kill himself.  It failed he tried to hang himself but the rope was too long he jumped and then fell and broke all the bones in his body but those days are behind him now he just thinks no one knows what he thinks he is just an empty shell to the people around him that’s why he needed a holiday.  But unfortunately he had missed his plane and he had to book a room in the youth hostel so he could get the next plane to Switzerland in 4 days’ time.

Sophie and Jermaine’s car both pulled into the youth hostel car park at the same time the youth hostel had graffiti on the walls, pieces of bricks from the building on the floor and the door had words scratched into it Sophie stood and stared at the hostel in excitement and Jermaine looked at it in utter despair. Then some of the locals went past them on their BMX bikes they spayed a puddle of water at them as they called them hostel w*****s. Sophie was so excited she smiled at Joe and he regretfully smiled back they kept pressing the buzzer until a man slowly blobbed over to them he smelt of coffee and alcohol and greeted them with the line “im gonna punch who ever said we have to be open 24 hours.” Sophie said deluded by just the fact of being of holiday “this is amazing” Joe whispered to Jermaine who was standing behind them “You can tell she’s never been on holiday” he said nothing and just stood in the same place staring at thin air. Sophie and Joe got the key to their room it was number 13 then Jermaine got his room key it was numbered 14 Sophie said filled with excitement “were gonna be holiday friends” Jermaine whispered to the receptionist  saying that he wanted a new room because the girl in the room next door is loud and crazy but then the receptionist shouted “I don’t care if you think this person is crazy” he pointed to Sophie “You’re staying in 14 and show yourselves to your I room’s because it’s not in my job description!”

Sophie and Joe following the signs to room 13 they wonder round and round this small building trying to find this one singular room Sophie asked him “ Do you have any idea of where to go?”

“Well I actually have 3” he said

 Sophie said “really?”

 He replied “Thinking about it I only really have one”

 “Ok let’s go then.”

Then Joe replied “Ok I have no idea.” 

They walked back to reception Sophie talked very loudly and woke loads of people but when they got back to the desk the guy was asleep so they quickly climbed over the desk and changed the key to room 15 because they knew where that was because they had walked past it.  They stole the key and went in to the room it was dirty and covered in coffee stains the paint was peeling of the wall as Sophie looked around the room she wondered around the bed looking at the room as she walked the dilution of being on holiday started to wear off and she started to realise how bad this place was and then she started to hate it she said “I don’t like it why did you makes us go Joe.”

 Joe shouted back “you booked it I never wanted to go you just get everything you want”

This time Sophie didn’t reply with the normal sentence she used she said “I think you’re an absolute…..” then Joes phone rings he picks it up and says to Sophie

 “My mum’s died Im gonna have to go to York to sort things out”

 She then said “I’ll go”

Joe replies in a dark voice “I think you should stay here we need to be apart for a bit” and with that Joe leaves taking the car he said

“I’ll pick you up in 4 days” and he left just like that.

Jermaine found his room straight away but when he came in he just stood there starting at the stains he couldn’t cope with everything the world started spinning round then… well then nothing he just fell on to his bed. He couldn’t stop staring at the stains the crumbs on the carpet the drop of water dripping from the celling he didn’t have autism but he was defiantly close to that. His mind went through the possibilities of everything that could go wrong he does this everywhere he goes even in the safety of his own house the room was pretty bad but Jermaine made it sound so much worse. He sat on the end of the bed his eyes couldn’t stay in one place for more them a second they kept flickering around looking for anything and everything. He stood up and his head started spinning again he ran out the room.

Jermaine and Sophie met in the corridor then they both went in to the games room to watch TV they stayed in the room there was just two of them. They were watching the news and it said that a person escaped from a mental asylum and they were very deadly and carried round a pen knife which they slowly but surely stab the victim with. They weren’t gender specific on the news so Jermaine slowly looked at Sophie he saw something shining from her pocket but then she took it out it was her phone his heart rate slowly went back to normal. Then a couple came in to the room all happy and loud Jermaine went to the toilet and Sophie went to the recycling bin outside they came back into the room at exactly the same time but too there surprise there wasthe couple dead on the floor. When the police came in the asked questions to Jermaine and Sophie but because they were the only suspects the cops are certain it’s one of them but there not sure yet they said they come back to the youth hostel in 4 days…

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