Red Wine

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King Tut's viziers plot to kill King Tut because they feel the he is too young to rule and they want his riches, but one of the viziers doesn't want to cause he loves the King. When his friend finds out he talks him into it.

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014



Red Wine

The sun was beating down hot as ever. The sky was clear and a bright blue; there were no clouds in the air this early in the morning. That was when one of the King’s viziers named Admin, when into the temple of Tnoth the god of writing and wisdom. He begged the god to confer him with his wisdom, for he didn’t know what to do. His friend Hadinra who was also one of the king’s advisers had a deplorable impious plan to solve their worries and concerns. Tnoth looked down on him he shook his head.

“Your friend has a heavy heart don’t listen to him, he will only drag you down to the underworld with him,” Tnoth told him.

“Tnoth, what should I tell Hadinra he expects me to carry out his wishes with him and he I my dear friend,” Admin replied shocked and desperate for an answer!

“Just because he is your friend doesn’t mean you have to be his slave,” Tnoth said with his booming voice, “now leave my temple and return to your friend.”

Admin nodded his head and returned to the palace. On his way home he thought about the sinister deed Hadinra asked of him. It all started when King Tut turned down some of the advice Hadinra had given to him. In wrath Hadinra told me that he thought King Tut should be killed and that his death would benefit the Empire to a great extent. Admin’s thoughts had carried him the long way to the palace. As he was entering the palace King Tut was being escorted out by his servants he was going to the Temple of Anbis for his daily prayers. Admin went to his friend Hadinra.

“So your back, have you made up your mind?” questioned Hadinra.

“Well you see, don’t think that we should carry out this plan,”Admin spoke quietly for he didn’t know how Hadinra would react.

“Hmmm I see, well I’m going to help my Empire I’m going to see it prevail with or without you,” Hadinra glared at him with unforgiving eyes.

His words struck Admin with a force he couldn’t endure he was staggered by these words.

“Ok ill do it were in this together, just don’t forget that,” Admin said reluctantly in all importance.

Hadinra had a smile that seemed to sneak across his face as if he knew Admin would change his mind.

“There’s my dear friend I thought I lost you for a moment,” Hadinra remarked as his eyes narrowed on Admin.

Admin put his head down feeling ashamed of what he just agreed to do.

“You’ll feel better after it’s done and we have all of his riches, now did you get the venom,” invited Hadinra.

Admin took out a vial of a green liquid that swirled about; you could feel the damage it was capable of as well as the pain. Admin quickly handed it to Hadinra who took it and left the room to fetch the King’s wine that would be his very last. Admin began to think about when they were young; Admin wondered what happen to Hadinra. Hadinra had returned with a bejeweled gold chalice that was filled with red wine. Admin took the chalice and brought it to the King’s room ad sat it by his bed and left the room making sure no one seen him enter or leave the King’s room. Admin and Hadinra returned to their servant duties without even looking at each other. After King Tut finished his prayers to his gods he came back to the palace. He went up to his room and then everything was silent and seemed to freeze in time. Admin rose up and hesitated to make a move.

“Do the right thing, warn your King of the danger you have bestowed upon him!” roared Tnoth’s voice in Admin’s head.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as Admin ran to his door. Hadinra tried to stop Admin but Admin pushed him on the floor and continued to run. It seemed that no matter how hard he ran or how fast he couldn’t get there in time. He burst through the heavy doors as if they had no weight, just as he did the Pharaoh King Tut dropped to the floor. The guards rushed to Admin and pulled him back and on the floor. Suddenly Admin’s eyes filled with tears for he extremely liked the King with all his heart. Admin pulled and pulled from the guards, finally they could no longer hold him. He ran to King Tut and held him in his arms and cried silently. The guards had finally pried him from King Tut’s deceased body. Admin left the room reluctantly as he turned the corner Hadinra was propped up against the corner with a malicious smirk on his face.

“Very good acting, it was very convincing if I do say so myself,” Grinned Hadinra.

“Your heart is heavy with arrogance, it will plunge you into darkness,” Admin snapped at Hadinra.

Hadinra’s grin was wiped away by his words and a frown began to form instead.

“Now we will remember who we are talking to now wont we,” Hadinra barked at him as he stared him in straight in his eyes. Admin immediately lowered his head and when into his room. Hadinra went into his room as well after he seen Admin leave. As he entered his room he seen a 20 foot cobra lying on his bed with its hood spread and fangs bared it was the biggest snake he had ever seen. In shock he dropped to the floor and was swallowed whole he only seen darkness now. Admin laid on his bed for King Tut consumed his thoughts now. He rose off the bed and looked out the window and stared at the wide sky, as dark as a flowing river. He reached in his pocket and felt the vile of venom; he knew what he had to do. He went into the kitchen to get red wine and put it in the same bejeweled gold chalice as King Tut’s was then went to the Kings chambers then sat on his bed and drank the wine.

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