Sometimes, it's hard to forget and move on.

Alegria Klink

That night will forever

Be etched in my mind;

When I gave you my heart,

And you left me behind.


You told me to smile,

You said not to cry.

You said to move on,

That I have to try.


But I can't forget.

I'll always love you

Nothing can change that,

I'll always be true.


I'll watch you forget

That you broke my heart.

I'll watch you live life,

Now that we're apart.


You'll be happy, daring,

Successful, and free.

I'll never stop hoping

Someday you'll love me.


But I know that you won't,

And I know that you're fine

Without someone there

To stand by your side.


Then she comes around,

One fairer than gold.

The girl of your dreams

Is now yours to hold.


You're both so content,

Wanting no more.

And you'll spend your life

With one you adore.


But I'm still alone,

And forever shall stay.

The maiden who loved

Was never repaid.

Submitted: February 05, 2012

© Copyright 2023 Alegria Marie. All rights reserved.

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