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Jaded is a poem about a woman's experience with heartbreak.

Submitted: December 29, 2014

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Submitted: December 29, 2014




She's broken , shattered into fine pieces of priceless crystal, damaged, hard to fix, has acquired a strong distaste  for this abstract feeling called love, her heart jaded and exhausted from taking the risk.

It beats in its life giving rhythm, but is no longer breakable, frozen, left cold, and has patent the  notion that it will no longer be affected and controlled by emotion.

He had entered her life like a strong gush of wind, engulfing her, blurring her vision, creating a false sense of reality. She began thinking, reasoning with her heart instead of her head, pretending not to notice the obvious that her love ones could see.

Giving up her independent way of thinking, her confident way of operating, he became her master and she unknowingly his slave, her payment being his acceptance, approval and attention, that's what she craved.

In the name of that compelling word love, she gave him all she could give, her goals and dreams were placed second to his, she played a supporting character, his personal cheerleader, enthusiastic fan, being convinced that this was her role, to be the strong woman behind her man.

She can clearly remember that day when her whole life changed, the phone quietly , but desperately  ringing, the voice of the woman on the other end,  deep  intimate encounters with him she began revealing. 

 As she sat and  listened to this woman explaining, who stated  that she felt deceived too, cause she didn't know he was taken, through the hurt, the tears and the pain,  she slowly felt her beating heart freezing, and a distinct internal change and knew that she would never be the same.

He did his best with his sharp tongue that always had a magic way of playing with words to try to convince her that he had made a mistake, that their love was strong, that all relationships had their ups and downs, but her heart couldn't hear his voice, had no interest, through his deception he had lost his crown.

She's broken, shattered like fine pieces of glass, damaged, hard to fix, her heart tired of being hurt by  love, and it has decided for its survival, to protect itself and not take the risk.


Written By: Aleicia




© Copyright 2018 Aleicia. All rights reserved.

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