Protege of the Olypians

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This is a short ctory i wrote for fun, it's short and simple and has some romance and fights in it.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012



Chapter one

I was working hard all day today, did something this bad always have to happen, no matter how much good I do?

I looked onto the small crowd of people as they waited for me to teach them how the canoe works, so I taught them. It was a good thing I knew so much about the water and the things a person can do with it. I work here at Poseidon’s as a facilitator, I make the tourists here happy whenever they come to our Hotel/Camp, and teach them as much as I can from memory. I didn’t go to school to get such a good high paying job like this either, Perry asked me to work here for him because I looked like an inspirational young man and because of the way I was raised.

I was raised by my grandparents Jeremiah Nimihito and Lilac Nimihito, and they raised me on a big island on the other side of the lake. They taught me how to swim at a young age, and they taught me everything there is to know about this lake and its creatures, they also taught me where all the good fishing spots were. I used this knowledge every day now at my job, some days I take the tourists out on the lake to go fishing or tubing, anything that has to do with water and fun. Once a week I take some of the younger tourists out cliff diving, but when I do this there are usually only one or two of them that actually dive, the rest just swim around in the deep waters that seemed to glow like the Caribbean. Amazing right?

I was getting everyone on canoes to go out for a small one hour canoe trip when it happened, when they happened.

“Hey! Stop it Kerrigan, that’s so-“Someone screamed. I turned just in time to see a boy who was about a foot shorter than me falling into the water with a splash. The girl, Kerrigan, was laughing at the other end of the canoe with her hand on her stomach.

Without thinking I jumped in and swam to him, the water here was deep and there were tons of weeds so there was no doubt in my mind that he would drown. Only someone as experienced as I was could actually survive these waters, the weeds were huge here and stuck out on top of the water. I swam underneath the water and through the weeds effortlessly, and in no time I grabbed the waist of the flailing boy and brought him to the shore. By the time we got there though he had stiffened and stopped breathing.

Without thinking once again, I gave him CPR then mouth to mouth, and a moment later he started to cough.

He looked up at me with shocking sky blue eyes and gagged.

“Oh gross! I just got kissed by a guy!” He grumbled while wiping his tongue on his arm. “And my arm tastes like weeds.” He whined.

“Serves you right!” Kerrigan laughed as she came up to us with a glass of water in her hands.

“You shouldn’t laugh, he could have died.” I told her with narrowed eyes. She burst out laughing.

“So? What’s so wrong about dying huh? It will just happen eventually anyway.” She shrugged. “Come on Hayden, enough of the water, this downer’s probably just going to pull a Mr. I’m Right and boss us around.” She glared. I looked at her with shock.

Are girls really like this?

I looked at her as Hayden (her boyfriend?), got up and walked up to her, and then they both walked away towards the changing rooms. Kerrigan had the longest hair I had ever seen, and it was a really dark color, almost black.

And her eyes! They were the darkest blue I had ever seen, almost purple, they sure looked purple. Did she wear contacts?

I turned back to the people who were already on their canoes and staring at me expectantly.

After work I when the sky was just starting to darken I went over to the huge fire pit surrounded by trees that were 5 meters away in circumference. This place was truly magnificent, the fire pit looked like marble bricks built carefully in a circle by an artist. The ground around the place was green grass, real grass wouldn’t survive the constant heat of fire every night so we bought fake grass that felt real to go there. It lasts longer and doesn’t burn at all, actually it seemed as if nothing in this place ever caught on fire, there wasn’t even a record of any accidents in this area ever since it was made which was over twenty years ago.

There was green grass all over the place, except for the beach, which had beautiful soft imported sand all the way from somewhere. I really didn’t know why Perry went and bought

sand last year, but I guess it did feel and look better than the sand we had before so I’m not really complaining.

I grabbed some expensive premade kindling that Perry bought from the lumber place in town and lit it up with my handy dandy lighter. I didn’t have a lighter with me for smoking, I would never do something as stupid as that. But it has definitely come in handy for things like fires in the woods whenever I go camping and our fire place that heats up our house, so I just keep it with me at all times.

After making the fire I sat with it and fed it wood until it became a huge bonfire and filled the whole fire pit. An hour later Joshua and Jared came along with a bag of hot dogs and willow branches from the muskeg areas to the east of this place.

Soon we were all cooking and laughing with each other about the incidents of the day. I told them about Kerrigan and Hayden and they laughed.

“Maybe she really doesn’t like her little boyfriend anymore and decided to get ‘rid’ of him.” Joshua laughed in-between bites. I shrugged and agreed silently as I chewed on my hotdog.

I never used anything with my hotdogs, not even bread, I liked eating them alone.

“She sounds like a creepy little child who doesn’t know right from wrong.” Jared commented. I looked at him as he stared at the bonfire with sudden interest. “I’m just saying she’s probably just a little brat.”

“True.” I agreed again.

They kept on talking for about a half hour, as I thought about Kerrigan and her strangeness. There was no doubt she didn’t care whether or not Hayden died, it was almost as if she wanted him to die, but someone that beautiful couldn’t be evil right?

“Well, I better get going home to the wife and kids.” Jared said as he stretched then stood up from his stump.

“Yea, your couch and your TV” Joshua mumbled as he got up as well. I looked at him sideways and he laughed. “He doesn’t really have kids or a wife, just a girlfriend who does nothing but demand money from him all the time.”

“Well, it worth the money to be with a nice fox like her.” Jared argued.

“No it isn’t, you might as well be buying prost-“

“Shut up.” Jared cut him off quickly. I rolled my eyes at them.

Those brothers seemed to always be arguing and bickering like little old ladies. Although I don’t think little old ladies buy prostitutes, what would they use them for? Probably just to do the housework and reach for the cup on the highest shelf.

They walked off without helping to put out the fire like usual so I waited an hour for the fire to dwindle then put sand on the coals. I looked down at my watch distractedly and noticed with disinterest that it was nearly two in the morning.

I walked back over the resort and went down to the lake to watch the sparkling clear water. I looked up distractedly at the sky and smiled when I noticed a full moon, it was such a beautiful night, it would be waste to just leave and go sleep at home.

I took of my shoes and kicked them to the side, and then I walked into the shallow water hesitantly, as soon as my feet felt the coolness of the clear water I smiled and felt myself reenergise. I assumed I was feeling energy after dipping my feet because of how cool the water felt.

I felt like going farther and deeper into the water, and swimming, but that was insane really. There were weeds past the floating white balls, and yet I wanted to explore the whole lake.

I turned around with a faint smile that was been drained away the farther I walked from the water



Chapter two

I was at school, third period, two minutes until the lunch bell rang, and I was communicating with Mrs. Serein’s goldfish frank from across the room.

Well I wouldn’t say communicating, it’s just that it’s been staring at me nonstop for the past twenty minutes, and I couldn’t break my gaze away from her either.

Wait a second, her? I just, but Frank is a boy right?

I looked into the fish’s eyes intensely, and watched in fascination as she beat her fins on the side of her fragile body, and made sucking movements with her fishy mouth.

Strange boy…

“Kaygen, quit staring at Frank and get back to work” Mrs. Serein ordered. I looked at her in shock then back at the fish that had gone back to swimming around her giant fish tank.

“It was love at first sight.” A familiar voice snickered from behind me. I turned around and glared at Clifford Steele, one of my best friends since I first started school here two years ago. He was looking at me with a laughing face, one he wore on his face often.

Clifford had red hair, and hazel eyes with a strange orange yellow lining around his pupils that made you feel as if you were looking into the eyes of fire.

“I am not in love with a fish.” I nearly growled. You could say he was more of a rival than a best friend, either way we still hung out all the time.

“The fish was in love with you, and not to mention it’s a guy so you’ve got a gay fish after your heart, and yet you’re ignoring him? How shameful Kaygen.” He chattered.

“It’s a girl moron, I don’t know how Mrs. Serein got that wrong when it’s so obvious. She should be named Frankie instead, because that seems to match her better. And she’s not in love with me, she’s just curious as to why I’m such a strange boy” I divulged. He looked at me and I looked back at him.

“So what you’re saying is that you can speak to fish.” He accused. I looked at him sideways, wondering how he got that from everything I had said.

“Indeed.” I countered and raised an eyebrow. He shrugged and smiled wide, while looking past me.

I turned just as the bell rang and jumped in my seat when a hand suddenly slapped down on my desk.

“Hey, Kaygen.” A deep seductive voice greeted. I looked up into the eyes of Salem Christophe, a boy who was a year older than me, had dirty blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He was almost taller than me, about six feet tall, I was 6’5 so naturally I was the tallest in the school.

“Sorry bro, but I got things to do, catch you later.” I said quickly and then grabbed my binder and ditched as if my life depended

on it. It probably did, because Salem was gay, and he was skilled in making straight boys as gay as him. There was no way I was going to let him go anywhere near me, I didn’t want to be next.

Not that I have faith in my own straightness, I have complete faith, it’s just better not to take any chances, because Salem was girl like, and it’s part of the reason why boys fall for him left and right.

I walked quickly, and pretended not to hear how Salem said I was playing hard to get. Because there was no way I should have heard that, I was already in the hallway and out the door.

I sat still in the fields of our giant school yard, while leaning against a tall poplar tree. There was a whole forest of poplar behind me, and I enjoyed being here at lunch because I could hear the sounds of the wind and the small birds that live in the forest.

I could also hear the sounds of footsteps behinds me, and the soft sounds of a girl breathing while getting closer and closer. I knew by the sounds and the scent that she was Kerrigan, and by her personality that she was trying to scare me.

The hairs on the back of my neck lifted in warning, but my human instincts came a little too late, since my obviously heightened sense of smell and hearing had gone up past normal. She was only four feet behind me.

“Kerrigan.” I smiled. I heard a sudden rustle and then the sound of something hitting the ground. Most likely she fell back on her butt.

“Holy shi-” She stopped herself before saying anything further then sighed. “How did you know I was here?”

“I could hear every breath and every step you took, even if you floated here on a cloud I would have known you were there.” I shrugged as I took a bite of my sandwich.

She came over and stood in front of me, as if trying to figure out if I was lying or not.

“You wanna see something cool?” She asked suddenly. I looked at her and noticed how her eyes suddenly lit up with excitement. I felt my stomach drop at the sight of it, I had a feeling that her definition of cool was completely different than mine.

I nodded and frowned as she giggled while skipping away into the forest, I followed close behind.

We only walked a little ways, but when I got into a small clearing she broke into a run towards the foot of a large pine tree, I looked around at how beautiful this little untouched area was.

I looked up and saw how the trees hugged the sky, it looked amazing, even the small rays of sunlight that broke through the embrace looked amazing. I looked back at Kerrigan and smiled at how the sun hit her perfectly.

She was leaning down looking at something in front of her, and her dark hair touched the ground beside her and covered part of her face. When she looked at me she smiled, and my heart suddenly fluttered.

What the heck, maybe I could just go on to her side for a while to try and find out about her interests so I could make her smile like that myself. So I took a deep breath and bent down beside her to look at what she found cool.

My eyes widened in surprise when I saw the dead bird there, then she picked it up with her bare hands and stared at it, no, she was definitely glaring at the bird. She started speaking in a different language that I didn’t understand, then with one swift movement she crushed the bird in her hands then dropped it into a small hole in front of her that I was sure wasn’t there before.

I watched her with a plain face as she buried the creature.

“At times like these, is when I wish I had the power of Hephaestus, so I could cremate him, I really don’t like burying the dead.” She muttered. I looked into her eyes and saw no remorse there, instead I saw her eyes lit up again with complete glee.

Why should I be disgusted with her strange obsession with the dead, all she did was give the bird a proper burial, although I’m not sure where crushing it comes in.

“You think hades will like me?” She whispered under her breath. I knew I wasn’t meant to hear it, but lately my hearing has been going crazy so yea, I heard it. Loud and clear, although why she said it I don’t know.

“I’m positively sure he’ll love you.” I answered. She looked at me with shock then smiled brightly. Without another word she ran off back towards the school. I glanced back at the grave and shuddered. I succeeded in making her smile, but I was thoroughly disturbed in return, and yet, her disturbing quality, was what made me like her in the first place.



Chapter three

After school, as soon as the bell rang, I was confronted once again by Salem. The guy was persistent, but this time it was ten times more embarrassing than at lunch.

“So I’m just going to come out with it here Kaygen,” Salem said quickly. He looked around as I sat in my dask and stared at hi in unhidden horror. “You, me, movies, tonight. I already have the tickets.”

I got up and had my binder under my arm, and was about to leave as quickly without saying anything. It was the only way to avoid this massacre of innocence.

But of course, things just don’t go as I plan. As soon as I was past him he grabbed my wrist, my binder fell, and I was looking into the eyes of the creepiest person I had ever met.

“ugh, why me?” I muttered under my breath. Salem looked at me with hurt on his face then brought my hand to his face… and kissed it…

I jerked away instantly and ran away, leaving my binder behind.

So what, if there is anything in this world that I am absolutely afraid of, it is Salem Christophe and his crooked ways, not that I object against people being gay, it’s just that there is no way in hell that I’m going to go there.

I ran as fast as I could, to escape this ugly feeling in my gut from being kissed like that on my hand, ew. As soon as I got to my car I hopped in and put the key in the ignition, then drove down to Poseidon’s.

As soon as I got there and parked I went straight to the hotel lobby and checked in, after that I went down to the beach to begin working, there were already some people waiting to go for the two hour canoe trip. I walked on the deck and looked down at my waterproof watch, it was only 3:50, and I still had ten minutes. I looked out into the very small group of people and noticed two impossibly tall men, and I say that because they were taller than me. They must have been about 6’7 or something. I looked out toward the hotel, waiting to see if anyone else was about to come around the corner from the parking lot, and as I predicted, or rather, heard, two very familiar faces appeared.

Kerrigan and Hayden came out, and it was definitely a boyfriend/ girlfriend aura that surrounded them. Not that I’m claiming to be able to see auras, it just that they were side by side and laughing together. I watched them as they came closer, and felt jealousy inside me, just because that boy got to hang out with a girl like her.

Hayden looked at me then and shuddered, then looked back at Kerrigan, my eyebrow raised quickly in confusion, it was a habit. He had white blonde hair, that was very curly on his head, but it looked like feathers, he also  had milky white skin and light green eyes that were close to being a light blue, he was really girlish looking, but I could see why a girl would like him I guess.

Hayden and Kerrigan were total opposites in appearance, even in height, because Hayden was 5’5 while she was 6 feet tall, it was strange looking at them, and yet I still couldn’t stop this feeling.

So will we be starting soon?” Someone asked. I broke my gaze away from the couple that had just joined the group and looked at the man with black hair and pale skin, with deep dark bags underneath his eyes. He looked like death, like he was dead or something, hm.

He’s super tall, and looks like death, and for some reason it looks like his eyes are glowing grey, it’s unusual, and reminds me of my boss Perry and his dark sea blue eyes that almost glow.

Now that I look closely, the man beside him had the same look, but his eyes were the color of the sky, and he was light blonde and had a surfer boy look to him.

“Yea, everyone knows how these canoes work?” I started, as I shook myself out of this strange feeling of foreboding.

Throughout my whole work day I had to watch Hayden and Kerrigan flirting, and listen to the strange things that the super tall men were trying to tell me.

It was supper time now, and I was sitting by the shore with a hotdog in my hand, the two tall men whose names I found out were Skylar and Ghost.

Can you guess which name belongs to whom? I bet you can’t, well maybe you can. Anyway, the tall grey guy is Skylar and the surfer boy is Ghost, they say that those aren’t their real names, they’re nicknames from their friends.

“I got the name Ghost from my old bro Perry, you know the guy who owns this place?” Ghost bragged. I looked at him with a small smile, trying to humor him because that’s what good employees do.

“He’s your brother? Actually now that I think about it, all three of you do look a lot alike,” I admitted. Skylar looked at me then and scowled.

“What do you mean?” He growled. “I look nothing like this blue sky sissy here.”

I laughed and shook my head. “You all have the same eyes, and I can see some similarity in your face structures, and your all 6’7.” I shrugged. They looked at each other with shock for a moment then at me.

“Eyes?” Ghost asked. “We all have different eye colors.” I looked into his eyes and saw the sky blue, then into Skylar’s eyes, which were a complete glow grey. It was true, they both had different eye colors, but there was no doubt that they were the same. They both had that surreal glow to them.

“No they both look the same, even though they are different colors.” I said as I munched on my hotdog.

“Hey, Kaygen.” Kerrigan said from behind me. I turned, at the same time the tall brothers turned and saw her standing there wearing a full swim suit.

Her hair was wet and went down to her knees now, but even though she looked magnificent, she still had that creepy feeling around her that I liked so much. She surveyed Ghost then locked eyes with Skylar and stilled.

I am not going to say I saw sparks, there were no sparks when they looked at each other, it was just static electricity that somehow looked like lightning sparks that somehow went between them at that exact moment. I didn’t know what it was but it was just plain weird.

“Uhh..” She mumbled incoherently. She suddenly went down on her hands and knees and bowed to him, and I looked at her with shock.

Sure he looked like death but that didn’t mean she had to treat him like death, jeez.

Skylar smiled and nodded to her, then put his hand on her head and chuckled.

“Perceptive little chick aren’t you?” He laughed. She quickly looked up at him and brightened instantly. I looked between them both with confusion.

“Do you two know each other?” I asked warily.  I had a bad feeling about this.

Okay so let’s just say I knew who they were from the moment I laid eyes on them, but I refused the thought that two people could actually exist and ignored it, and let’s just say that I was entertaining them because I was bringing up the courage to ask them about their heritage and if their appearance had anything to do with that fish in class and the fact that my hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight, had improved beyond possibility.

Hades, Zeus, and not to mention Poseidon, actually existed and they were planning on making me a demigod. Hah! As if I would believe that, it’s only my odd mind going off in strange directions.

“No we have never met in person before this day.” Hades- uhh- Skylar smiled. I looked into his grey eyes and noticed how his image was beginning to falter and diminish into a man with longer hair, a crown of skulls, and an old Greek outfit.

I rubbed my eyes quickly and it went back to normal, which made me start believing that I was hallucinating.

Maybe I’m just exhausted from the tough day I had. Yea, that had to be it.

“Well, then, it’s almost time to wrap things up so I’m going to start cleaning.” I said pleasantly. Then I took my leave and pretended not to hear Ghost.

“He thinks he’s hallucinating, silly boy.”

Then I thought about that fish that had seemed to be talking to me through my mind. What had she said again? Oh yea, she said I was a strange boy.



Chapter four

After everyone had left I went to the water and jumped in without hesitation, and without thinking I dove into the weeds and used my heightened sense of sight to see everything perfectly. I began swimming quickly until it started to feel more like a dream than reality, because I was definitely breathing under the water.

If this whole Greek thing was real, that would mean I was becoming the demigod of Poseidon right?

I swam up to the shore again after thirty minutes under the water and jumped when I saw a figure standing on the dock.

“How’s the water Kaygen?” Perry asked. I looked at him and saw a large man with brown hair, light brown skin, and a trident.

“Poseidon.” I acknowledged. He smiled at me then and nodded.

“Good, you understand now, I have given you this gift because you and thirteen other children will become demigods and we gods need you to help us in a trivial matter.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

“Trivial? You need fourteen demigods for a trivial matter?” I asked. He looked me with disdain and waved away my comment.

“Well, it’s trivial to us, it’s only the end of the world.” He grinned.

I was not amused.

“Anyhow, you and that creepy little demon girl can go and collect the other rascals and bring them here by next month so I can train them, then we can wage war against mother earth, because she’s become rather angry lately about the whole pollution business.” He explained. “Now go along home now, I hope that you will bring one person here tomorrow at least, so I can get started on the training. Oh, this is so exciting!” He vanished a moment later with a huge smile on his face.

I went straight home after that, because it all seemed more or less like a dream than reality, and that night while I was sleeping I dreamt about drowning in an ocean so dark that it felt as if it was swallowing me into the cold dark depths of the underworld.

I woke up sweating and gasping, and not remembering a single thing about the night before.

The school day was normal, there was nothing too great to talk about, and work afterward was even more normal so I don’t really want to describe how I taught a bunch of kids how to swim and how I talked with Jaden and Joshua at the midnight bonfire.

At night I went swimming, but I didn’t venture out any farther than what I had the other day.. wait what did I do yesterday?

I tried my best to remember what happened after talking with Kerrigan yesterday but I couldn’t, it was as if it had been completely erased. I sighed as I sat down in the water and looked up at the waning moon. It was a beautiful night, it was too bad though that it wasn’t a full moon, the lake would have sparkled more.

I closed my eyes and let myself float on the water while letting the tiny currents take me where ever they please, but when I got up a few minutes later I found I was still in the same spot. Strange, it had felt as if waves had been moving me out towards the middle of the lake.

I got up and out of the water then and decided it was about time that I head home to the house where my mother was probably drunk.

The same things happened throughout the days until Friday, that night while I was swimming I had decided to practice some martial arts moves for no reason whatsoever. I guess I was just bored or something and that’s why I had decided to do it while standing in water up to my ankles.

I kicked up quickly and in the same instant a whole bunch of water went flying from behind and around me towards the direction where I had just kicked. I looked around in amazement, and very hesitantly I punched the air. But nothing happened.

I sighed and guessed that I was probably hallucinating, so I closed my eyes and began to do some patterns for tae-kwon-do. For each kick and punch I felt huge splashes that just kept getting bigger and harsher. During the last few moves I finally opened my eyes, and with the last punch I cut a tree in half with the blade of water.

I stared at the huge pine that had been cut in half so cleanly by water, and wondered what the heck was going on.

“What the heck was that!?” Someone yelled from the shore. I turned suddenly and saw Kerrigan staring at the tree with amazement.

“Water?” I joked. Somehow, I wasn’t as surprised as I should have been.

“Don’t kid with me, you just punched the air and the water suddenly flew in that direction as if by your command. And then it cut the dang tree in half!” She exclaimed. I looked at her then at the tree, and then I looked at my hands in amazement.

“Trippy.” I commented. With one fluid movement I jumped and kicked the air out towards the lake, in that same moment the water jumped up and followed me, then the water turned into blades in mid-air then shot forward with intense power and speed.

“Good you have the hang of it, now get to work on finding those damn demigods!” Someone yelled from the docks. I turned and noticed the three main gods standing there in all their glory.

“Yes we’ll be right on it!” Kerrigan said quickly. I looked at her with shock then back at the dock, but no one was there.




Chapter five

The next day in school Kerrigan and I met up in the lobby before the bell rang for first period. She was looking all calm and cool as usual, and it really got on my nerves.

“Oh quit your fidgeting, I doubt the other demigods will be as powerful as you.” She complimented. I looked at her then and felt my insides go all squishy. She must have seen my strange expression which was a mixture of adoration and appreciation, because now she was glaring at me.

“Uhh, how about you go find 6 of them and I’ll try to collect the other 6?” I offered.

“How do we even know that all of them go to this school?” She retorted.

“Well, last Tuesday Poseidon said that they were all around our age. Maybe your boyfriend is one too, because I’ve seen his eyes glow once or twice in the past few days.” I offer once more.

“Yea I know, I already counted him as Hermes, the god of sleep and messages. The little freak just doesn’t get enough of hypnotizing people.” She said quickly. Then she blushed suddenly. “He’s not my boyfriend..”

“Anyway I was also thinking that maybe Salem-“

“Talking about me sweet stuff?” A voice bellowed from behind me. I stilled in fear instantly. Oh crap..

“Who’s that?” Kerrigan asked me.

“My name is Salem Christophe and I excel in kendo!” He laughed obnoxiously. Then out of the blue he took my hand.

“Oh kendo? How useful.” Kerrigan grinned. I looked up and into Salems eyes on accident and noticed that they glowed like the gods eyes, they glowed like Kerrigan’s eyes. Oh great, I found one.

“Whose could you be..” I wondered aloud as I took my hand back and studied him.

“I’ll figure it out, you head on to class and leave this one to me.” Kerrigan urged. I looked at and gave her a look a relief. She waved it away with a small smile so I left.

Throughout the day I started finding the left and right just by the way the eyes glowed. There was Clifford Steele from my biology 30 class who was obviously Hephaestus, I passed by Hayden in the hallway during the next break and told him to head to Poseidon’s after school, and then I found the dark twins outside at lunch by the huge fence, Raven and Candice knight. I told them right away and they both accepted it and agreed to head to Poseidon’s after school. My guess is that they already started getting their Demigod powers and weren’t sure why, but now that I came they understand completely. I wondered briefly if Clifford had the gift of fire like Hephaestus, I thought it would be pretty cool, how my friend is fire and how I am water.

So I only found five people, I was only missing one more.

During last period I walked out of the class for a bathroom break and bumped into Kerrigan who was peeking into the chemistry

lab. I snuck up behind her so quietly that even I couldn’t hear myself, and my hearing was better than a lynx.

Is it possible for me to be this quiet? Even my breathing seemed non-existent. I got right behind her and breathed cold air down her neck. Suddenly she jumped and the top of her head hit my forehead.

“Ouch, dang,” I cursed as I rubbed my forehead and looked at Kerrigan who was looking at me with shock.

“That’s what you get for scaring me you jerk.” She huffed. Then she went back to peeking through the door, I could already hear what was going on in the room so I wasn’t that interested in watching.

“Come on you just need to make a little love potion Derrick, if you don’t, I will kick your family out into the street.” Asia Popinof threatened with a sweet voice. I heard the gulp of a throat and smiled despite myself. Asia was actually a good girl, she was one of my close friends, plus she was my swimming partner in swimming class. She was a blond girl with a cute face and brown eyes, but I haven’t really seen her around lately. I wonder what she does when she skips class. But another reason why I know she wouldn’t make her parents kick his family out is because Asia likes Derrick Hopps, I only know this because I can’t help hearing her talking to her girlfriends in the changing room after swimming class.

My hearing has been this good for a whole week, and in that week I have learned a bit of useful information here and there.

“You wouldn’t,” Derrick stuttered. I sat down and rubbed my head, then looked up at the ceiling and leaned against the wall.

“She really wouldn’t, but he doesn’t know that,” I smiled.

“Shh,” Kerrigan shushed me. I guessed her hearing hadn’t gotten as good as mine, considering she had her ear pressed against the door.

“Fine, here.” Darren muttered. I heard some shuffling then some clinking sounds. By the scent that wafted over here I could tell that whatever he handed over to her was genuine, even from here I felt a tug in my heart, telling me to go wrap my arms around Kerrigan. Of course I always feel that way.

“Is this real?” Asia asked.

“Of course, all my potions are genuine.” Derrick said confidently.

“Prove it,” She urged. Here it comes. I smiled to myself.

“The only way I can prove it is if I drink it myself, and there is no way you can make me-“Suddenly he was cut off, then the sound of someone choking and then gulping.

“Wow she really did it,” Kerrigan gasped.

“Of course, the potion was for him in the first place,” I shrugged.

Then Kerrigan opened the door and barged in, my eyes widened at her abrupt move, so I got up quickly and followed her in.

What we saw was surprising.

Derrick was on one knee with his head bent down, an empty vial was clutched in his hand, and Asia was standing in front of him with a worried expression on her face. Derrick looked right at me a moment later and I saw the glow in his eyes, he was another demigod.

“Dionysus,” I whispered. His eyes widened and he stared at me with amazement.

“You are the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on,” He said with shock.

“Uh oh,” I sighed.

Derrick got up quickly and walked to me in an instant, and then he took my hands and looked me straight in the eyes.

“No, dammit,” Asia cried. I looked at her with a look of sheer annoyance.

The second damn boy this week, why me?

I looked to Kerrigan for help but she was too busy snickering at me. “Hehehe, another one Kaygen, you sure are popular,” She laughed.

I disentangled my hands from his grip and brushed myself off while feeling utterly humiliated.

“Demigod, please go to Poseidon’s after school today, and figure out how to make an anti-love potion In the meantime.” I grumbled.

“Sure, anything for someone as lovely as you,” He smiled, and then bowed to me.

Well, the bowing kind of made me feel all high and mighty, so I really didn’t mind, I just hope he doesn’t try to touch me again. I looked over at Asia and saw that her eyes were glowing as well.

“How many you got?” I asked Kerrigan. She looked at me with a huge grin on her face, she was still laughing about it.


“Asia is another one, “

“I know already I saw the dang eyes.” She glared. I chuckled then walked away.



Chapter six

When I got to work all the demigods were gathered at the shore and were conversing with each other. There were also a ton of tall guys there, it was an even amount of tall guys and kids.

“Okay, now we have everyone, each of you will train under the guiding hands of us Olympian gods, except for Kaygen because he already mastered his powers without me.” Perry announced. Everyone then looked at me with amazement.

“Cool, can he show us?” Hayden asked Perry. Perry then looked at me, so I sighed and nodded.

“Yes, now all of you watch carefully, not all of you have command over elements, just three of you to be exact.” He explained.

“Which three?” Kerrigan asked.

A tall man with bright long red hair, red eyes, and a cane walked out of the crowd then.

“There is Clifford Steele, my demigod, then there’s Victor Scry, he’s ghosts demigod, and this young man here.” Hephaestus said loudly while pointing at me. How rude.

“I can do something like that?” Clifford asked with amazement as he looked at his hands. Then he bravely stepped out into the open and punched the sky above him with a look of excitement. Suddenly a huge ball of fire emerged from his fist and plummeted up into the sky at a high speed.

“Looks like this whole demigod stuff really was real,” Draven said with shock. “It’s kind of scary,”

“Don’t be such a wimp brother,” Candice teased.

“Well, since what I can do doesn’t even begin to compare with what Clifford can do I’m going to go straight to work-“

“Today’s a day off Kaygen, in fact, we will be closed for the next month so that every day after school all you kids can come here and train so that when mother earth decides to show up and destroy us, we’ll be prepared.” Perry smiled happily. He actually looked like he enjoyed wars like this, maybe he does.


Well the rest of the day went like this, everyone went into different places and practiced fighting, but for some godly reason everyone was learning really quickly, it took me three whole years to get to a green belt in tae-kwon-do and yet it only took them hours. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get the powers earlier, but oh well, that’s just how things are right?

After all the training we ate supper, which was mashed potatoes, beans, and steak, it was really good and I ended up having seconds.

Then the training started again but this time they all practiced on their personal powers, I decided to go off and play in the water.

Finally when the day was over we all went off our separate ways. Victor actually floated up in the sky and flew home, I was slightly jealous because I could only play with water. Well, I could also breath under water, talk to fish, use the water to kill people with one punch, and swim really fast, I’m sure I went about 80km an hour under there just by kicking my legs really fast, and when I use the water around me to help me move I probably went 50km faster. I truly had fun, and I was secretly glad that I would be able to do it again tomorrow.

When I got home that night I had to carry my mom to her bed because she had passed out on the floor of the living room, then I cleaned up everything and went to the kitchen to grab myself something to drink.

All I found in the fridge was cans of cold beer, I didn’t take any though. Mom would have been pissed if I had taken one of her precious ‘friends’ away from her.

While I was sipping ice cold water on the table I thought about the day and the days ahead.

Wouldn’t it be hard fighting in a war against mother earth herself when we were all just kids ourselves, I mean I’m only seventeen, it’s still a little early to be risking my life for the whole world. Couldn’t that lady have waited another ten years?

Yet I really could find no anger towards this, I was happy to have become who I am today, and too be able to risk it all for the world I love so much. I just hope I win, or else all of humanity will be destroyed.

I sighed as I took the last gulp, then I set it down in the sink and went to bed.



Chapter seven

We trained nonstop every day for the last two weeks now, and I had to admit, I was feeling pretty hopeless. While everyone else had improved their powers substantially, I however stayed in the same place.

It seemed I couldn’t get any farther than how I am now, all I do is kick nothing and make a splash, it was weak compared to everyone else’s level of power.

“Oh don’t let it get you down, we’ll still win even without you,” Kerrigan said cheerily as we ate lunch in the forest. Now don’t go getting the wrong idea here, I accidentally bumped into her while taking a small stroll.

“You’re so good at making me feel better,” I said sarcastically. She laughed and took a bite of her super spicy burrito.

One more week until the end of the world, and damn I better get stronger by then! I glanced at Kerrigan and noticed her wave her hand up. Show off.

Suddenly there was a bark that echoed from everywhere around us, then a black hole opened up in front of us and out came a three headed puppy. His name was Cerberus apparently, I actually knew next to nothing about the deformed dog, and I really didn’t want to find out.

“How’s my cute little guard of the underworld doing?” Kerrigan cooed. The puppy barked from his middle head and jumped up onto her lap, and then Kerrigan began petting it. I shivered, Page

feeling disturbed and yet slightly… okay I will admit it, she looked really cute making a face like that.

“Disturbing,” I coughed. She glared at me then, just when the thing growled.

“You’re just jealous that you can’t summon your own familiar like I can, and jealous that you aren’t a really cool, awesome, gothic, necromancer like me.” She smirked. I rolled my eyes. I was actually glad that I wasn’t a necromancer, because the things she can do are really disturbing.

“As if,” I protested as I threw my sandwich as far as I could. Suddenly water came rushing out my hand with the sandwich and it went flying right through six huge trees.

“Jealous!” She sang. I glared at her. I didn’t mean to do that, honestly, it just happened, I didn’t even know I could summon water out of nowhere. She waved her hand quickly and the trees suddenly rose up and somehow ‘unbroke’ themselves. She also had the power to bring things back to life, and heal, which I never heard of before.

The demigod of death had the power to heal and revive anything, and it didn’t even take any energy out of her, instead whenever she used her powers she was always reenergized afterward.

“Shut up,” I sighed. See I know you’re not supposed to talk to girls like that, but this girl just seriously got on my nerves, and besides, she’s masochistic so it’s fine. I smiled slightly.

“What’s so amusing?” She asked with narrowed eyes. I looked at her and then grinned, and then very sneakily I pinched her under her arm. She flinched back then suddenly punched me in the face.

“That was rude,” I complained. She glared at me and tried to supress the obvious urge to hit me again.

Was I the masochistic one? I doubted it.

“Rude? Ha! You don’t pinch a daughter of hades and expect to get off the hook scot free do you?” She laughed evilly. And this is the girl I’m falling for? I don’t get what I see in her.

“You wanna go? Come on let’s test our strength in a friendly spar,” I challenged. Although the way I said it made it sound sarcastic, but that was because I was being sarcastic, there was no way this was going to be a spar between “friends” more like rivals.

“Bring it fishy lover!” She mocked. I grinned from ear to ear, then without thinking I moved my arms in a circle, suddenly a water cage appeared around me. Her eyes widened in surprise. Then she smirked as her eyes lit up with anticipation.

She lifted her arms up into the sky, and with her movement skeletons suddenly emerged from the ground and came running at me, some still had rotting flesh stunk to the bones and thin dirty grey strands of hair stuck the scalps. One popped up right below me, inside my cage.

“Dang,” Muttered. I quickly kicked it will all my force, and it shattered against the see through walls of water. As if my instincts I turned and punched the air behind me, and in that moment water emerged from my fist and shot out like sharp arrows, going in all sorts of direction, it hit every last one the skeletons and shattered them all into tiny pieces. I laughed out loud at the feeling of adrenaline that began to fill my body. Everything became sharper, louder, and I felt myself become more in tune with my sparring ‘partner’. It felt amazing, in every sense of the word.

“You think you won with that? You didn’t even put one scratch on me! Hehe, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve that even you don’t know about!” She laughed. She lifted her arms once more then made fists all while speaking in another language, the same language as when she buried that bird. I strange feeling grew in my gut, it was definitely fear, but I knew it was also appreciation for her skills, well that’s what I’m going to call that other feeling for now.

Her body suddenly got covered in armor, but this armor was a weird milky white color.

“Oh gross, more bones.” I shuddered. She snickered and summoned a scythe beside her that gleamed black and silver, she certainly fit her role well. It was magnificently horrendous and captivating, I was mesmerized. 

Suddenly she was at my cage, and then with one movement she hit the side of it hard with the sharp part of her weird grass cutter and crushed my shield into obliteration. I brought it down quickly with the wave of my hand then jumped up, letting a platform of water lift me is suspension above her.

“..the heck… you can fly!?” She exclaimed with a smile filled with sheer joy. It was a look I wasn’t expecting in that moment, it threw me off guard and made my platform falter. Suddenly it broke and I fell on top of her.

Her armor and scythe disappeared as she lost her concentration, if this were a real battle she would have been dead on the spot, and yet who am I to talk?

“You died,” I grinned. I pulled myself up away from this awkward position but just as I was about to get up her stupid three headed monster jumped on my back and forced me to fall back on top of her. My eyes widened when I found myself lip locked with her, it was so… cute somehow..

Until she broke away and slapped me upside the head, which was a very girly reaction in my perspective, usually she would have punched me really hard in the face for something like that.

“You jerk, that my first kiss!” She growled, but the way her voice sounded was off, plus her face was completely red so it took out any menace that was supposed to be there.

I touched my lips with my fingers distractedly then looked at the dog that was wagging his tail happily beside his master.

“Sweet,” I said softly. Whoa now the sound of my voice there was completely out of character. She looked at me then, and reddened, and then she waved her hand above her hand and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

I looked around myself and noticed that everything that we had broken in those last few minutes had gone back to the way they were before, then I looked at my watch and groaned.

I was thirty minutes late for class.





Chapter eight

When I saw Kerrigan after school that day at work she acted as if nothing had happened and mocked me in her usual way, as if she had made herself forget about it for her own sanity. It hurt my feeling but I really didn’t expect anything less of her.

“So, Kaygen, I hear you’ve been swapping spit with little miss Hades,” Asia yelled loudly from behind me. I turned just as a few other kids turned as well to listen in to the fresh gossip. My face reddened instantly without my permission, that’s when Asia smiled. “Haha, so it’s true!”

“Kaygen, is with.. Kerrigan?” Salem interrupted as he pushed through the small group of demigods. I looked at him and saw hurt in his eyes, and nearly gagged.

Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!

“I saw it with my own two eyes while eating lunch in the sky above the forest!” Victor announced. I looked at him and glared at him. Then I quickly turned to look at Kerrigan who was observing silently, while not taking part in it, even though it involved her, she still seemed to take satisfaction in my discomfort.

I sighed and pleaded with her with my eyes, she smiled and shrugged, then she made a gesture with her hands that suggested that this was pay back. So she’s the real mastermind behind all this, it sounds so much like her. I grinned evilly at her and shook my head. She was so not getting off the hook for this, it was partly her fault because she’s the one who summoned that freak of a creature.

“What you saw there Victor Scry was indeed a kiss, but it was actually her that kissed me, you see, she had it all planned out from the beginning, both her and her three headed puppy had the plan worked out so that it we would kiss ‘incidentally’,” I said truthfully. Well this iswhat I believed anyhow, it might not be true, but by the look of shock on Kerrigan’s face I had a feeling it was.

“He’s not lying,” One of the demigods confirmed. I didn’t know which one it was though, I always got this whole Olympian stuff mixed.

“Wow, Kerrigan the heartless, liked Kaygen enough to make a plan like that?” Someone else whispered. Kerrigan heard it and blushed. I grinned at her and mouthed the words ‘I win’. She rolled her eyes then went back to training with Hades, who had been laughing like crazy ever since things started turning against Kerrigan rather than towards me. They truly were like father and daughter.

The rest of the day was everyone just leaving the rumors be and getting back to training, I guess we just weren’t as important as the end of the world. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I really didn’t like the attention.

After the day was finally over and we were all gathered beside the giant bonfire, we all set up tents that were donated temporarily by Poseidon, and then got ready to sleep.

During the night though I found that I couldn’t sleep no matter how comfortable I got, my mind was too awake and aware. I got up and sighed, and then I slipped out of my tent as quietly as possible and walked down to the lake.

When I got there I looked up at the sky and growled at the clouds blocking the way of the beautiful stars, if I could manipulate weather that would be pretty awesome, then I would clear the skies then go rest on the green grass. It looked like it was going to rain, heck I knew it was going to rain because I could smell it.

Suddenly lightning shot out from the sky and landed right beside me, in a moment I was covered in my own water shield instinctively. That Page didn’t help much though when the ground began to shake under my feet, I looked down and gasped.

A face appeared below me from the dirt and smiled at me, I quickly called up a platform and suspended myself a good 20 feet away from the ground.

“Awww, don’t escape, I’m only trying to kill you,” A soft voice echoed from below. Although it was a beautiful voice, it held menace and made me shiver in disgust.

The ground jumped up at me and broke through my platform easily, and without a problem on her part she grabbed my leg with roots and dragged me down until half my body was? It made me feel utterly helpless, I didn’t think mother earth would show up a week early, and be this powerful. I looked back toward the small camp we had set up and watched in horror as they all started emerging, to see me in such a humiliating state.

With one swift movement of my arms I summoned water and turned the hard packed dirt into gooey watery mud and put it beneath me and got myself into the sky again.

“Neat trick, but don’t think that’s going to work, I’m mother earth remember?” She laughed from the ground. She broke out from under the ground a second later, looking like she was made from rocks, mud and plants, it was really disturbing.

“Why are you doing this?” I demanded. Her response was just an echoing laugh that surrounded every single one of us demigods.

Mud soldiers came out of the ground after her then charged for the other demigods while I glared at mother earth.

 “Humans, they have no respect for me, even though I had been looking after them for the past few million years, and what do I get for thanks? They cut my precious forests, instead of living with it like I had hoped, then they ruin my waters, and take out resources that were never meant to be used! My earth is almost gone now, but I will save it, by killing all the humans and remaking it all by myself.” She promised. I didn’t miss that sad look in her eyes though, I think I understood her a bit myself, she was sad that the creatures she loved so much would betray her and try to hurt her. It broke her heart, but for her own survival she had to do this, at least that’s what she believed.

“I will fix this earth for you, with the help of all the other demigods, no matter how long it takes we will do it, so please let us handle it.” I pleaded. She looked at me and glared.

“No, I will not put this world’s fate in your hands, if I did you would just destroy it, and me along with it!” She growled.

“Then how about if we win this battle, you have to leave the world for us to look after, and if you win, you can go on and continue with your plan.” Kerrigan offered with a shrug as she walked towards us. I looked at her with shock and watched as mother earth considered it.

“Sure, there’s no way you’ll win against me anyhow.” She laughed. My heart lifted at that, because I knew we would win no matter what.

Everyone charged her and her minions at the same time, including me. I punched the air then turned and kicked the air in her direction. Water blades went flying straight at her, but she counted them with a wave of her hand, causing the ground to come up and block it, too easily. I thought about all the things that Perry was able to do with water, it was frustrating at how no matter what I had done, I wasn’t able to do any of it.

I ran in the air, while stepping on the rain that made a nice plat form for me, then I jumped and twirled in the air, letting drops of rain go flying like crazy in her direction, when they hit her, I put my hands in front of me then made two fists, with that I forced the water that had fallen onto to her to freeze. She was stuck still for only 2 seconds before she summoned her earth to cover her and melt the ice.

That move I did was completely on accident that was one of the things that Perry was capable of doing, but it did nothing. If only I was able to throw more water and freeze her in a giant block of ice, I’d like to see her try to get out of that!

I punched and kicked blades of icicles at her, but rocks just materialized and blocked every single one of them. Then she smiled at me and threw her hand in my direction, suddenly the ground broke underneath me and I fell down a huge crack in the ground.

I grumbled as I tried to sit up, but I had hit my head too hard and felt really dizzy. I opened my eyes and gasped when a bunch of dirt came flying at me, then I was hit with it all and buried 50 feet under the ground. Even I didn’t know how I survived that fall, but it looked like I wasn’t going to survive this.

And yet why was I not dead? I couldn’t feel my limbs, I could feel nothing, but I was still there, wait, where was I? I gathered up something around my consciousness, it felt slippery and out  of reach but I gathered it anyway, then with sheer will I forced myself up and out of the darkness.

When I emerged out from under the ground I saw all the other demigods lying on the ground, and mother earth looking down on everyone. I looked for Kerrigan and saw her knocked out beneath my..feet?

I wasn’t here, and I wasn’t looking through eyes, and yet I was still seeing and feeling? I looked at myself and noticed with shock that I was nothing but a giant cloud of mist. I gathered up the slippery thick air that was me and covered mother earth until she was completely covered by me. Then by willing it I turned my whole body into water and kept her inside, stuck still. She writhed and kicked but it was no use, nothing she threw at me hurt at all.

When a whole bunch of rock and earth surrounded me I just made myself thicker until I became ice, it was so much stronger than her earth, and I was stronger than her. But I wasn’t happy or exhilarated about it, in fact, I felt nothing but calm.

“Stop!” A voice screamed somewhere, but I didn’t hear it, it was as if the sound waves just bounced off my ice and went through it, but I listened to the order anyway, because I knew that voice anywhere.

I turned back into mist then, gathered myself up into a human body and changed back into the boy I use to be. But I wasn’t the same anymore, I could still feel every single cell in my body, and how I could transform it into mist at any time I wanted. My eyes felt different too, and I knew that there were no eyes in my eye socket anymore, just water orbs, that saw everything with better clarity than the eyes I use to have.

Wasn’t it my eyes that broke first when I was buried? The moment my eyes had been crushed I had somehow forced the rest of my body into mist before I got crushed myself.

I looked at Mother Earth and saw she was close to death and knocked out on the ground beneath me. “You won, now let’s go.” Kerrigan said calmly as she came to stand beside me, but when she looked into my eyes she faltered. Then with bravery she took my hand, but hers went through mine, easily..

I was still mist, but I had made myself take on a misty form of my previous body. Dang…

“His real body is crushed right now 50 feet below us, you can’t touch him.” Perry said from behind her. I looked at him. When I tried to talk though nothing came out, my mouth just formed the words, I had no way of actually speaking without a body.

“What..?”  Kerrigan said with a shaky voice. I looked at her and smiled faintly, it was odd this mist feeling, but I was getting used to it quickly. “But, if that happened, then why isn’t he dead?” I wondered that myself as well, but I guessed it was probably because of my gift over water, maybe the soul is made from mist, and I was just controlling it.

“He’s not dead, even though his body is crushed beyond recognition, because he made himself into mist and forced his own soul out of his own body subconsciously, before the human body died, I’m not quite sure about it myself because I’m not Skyler,” Perry informed us. Well my theory was wrong then, oh well.

I looked down at my hand and thickened it’s density as much as I could until it was almost ice, then I brought it forward and touched Kerrigan’s cheek, she looked up at me and tried to grab my hand herself but it turned into mist when she gripped it.

“Dang,” I gargled. Well, minor success, I was trying to make water inside my makeshift body splash around to make sound, and then when I forced that sound out of my mouth I tried to mouth the words I wanted to say but it had just sounded like I was gargling and talking at the same time. She laughed though, and that made me smile, maybe she understood what I was trying to say.

“I know, now I won’t be able to hit you when you piss me off,” She smiled sadly.

 “Well I could just open up the earth and get his body then reconstruct it, and then he could just go back into it,” Skyler said loudly above our voices. I looked at the tall pale man and glared at him.

“You should have said it before!” I gargled angrily.

“Sorry what?” He asked. He looked at me with confusion on his face.

“You should have said it before,” Kerrigan repeated.

He shrugged and lifted his han

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