Silencing a white castle

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Leanerd, my friend wrote this, its about his day in kindergarden (he's eighteen)

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



The white blocks loom over her fluffy head

She's so small but so loud

So sweet but so frustratingly annoying

Well sometimes that is

Most of the time  she's cute and cuddly

She stands on wobbly legs and puts another block

On top of her loud white princess castle

My baby girl with the light brown hair

Looks silly when she falls

She looks at me with bright hazel eyes

Beautiful and perfect

So I pick her up and take her home

Too pretty to leave alone


I sigh when i step away

With her in my arms

And sadly realize that she's not mine

Then her real mother hits me and steals her away

I am wounded on my head and in my heart

Crying and wishing for the sweet angel

So I broke the castle and went back

To my box in the ally


Thanks for letting me post this on your profile aleisha!!! I just wanted show the world what my day was like, oh and by the way, that baby is actually my cousin and my aunt hit me because she didn't want me taking her baby outside to the park lol. And i dont really liv in a small box, my box is actually really pimped out and fancy (its painted pink) Im also to lazy to mke my own profile thingy on here,

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