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A hero fights his nightmare

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



I stand back on my feet. 

My gaze to the ground. 

Sword in my hand.  

I tilt my shaky head up to look at the monster in front of me. 

I'm afraid.  

The beast had killed thousands before me.  

The beast big and evil. 

The beast was darker than any night 

The beasts eyes were the color of molten lava.  

The beast towered over me a good twenty feet. 

I'm afraid. 


How could I....a mere boy hope to stop this monster from hurting more people?  

I remember my mothers soulless eyes.  

Anger takes hold of my very being.

"You killed everyone I've ever held dear." 

The monster tilts its head in confusion. 

My hands, weary, grip the sword tighter.  

My legs, buckling, steps forward. 

My breath, staggering. 

How can I kill something like this? I thought.

" killed my family, my village."  

Anger replaced my fear.  

Anger fueled me.  

New found strength surged through me.  

The monster stared at me. It's face impassive.

"I will kill you"  

The ground beneath me rumbled as the monster growled. In a deep and ancient boom the monster replied:

"I do what I wish Youngblood. Your quest for revenge is for nothing." He raised his head high. A torrent of white hot flame jutted out of its gullet.

The very air around me seemed to burn.  

The ground beneath me began to crack and crumble form the sheer weight of the creature. The sky turned red and filled with ash. Soot rained down, covering me with in black powder.

The dragon took quick raspy breaths as it turned its head back to me.

"Now do you see that you are utterly hopeless in defeating me?"

I was afraid.

I raised my sword high over my head......and charged.....

My breath slowed adrenalin completely took me over.

The dragon rose its head preparing for another torrent of fire.

As I grew closer, my rage, my hate, my sadness and regret all gave me strength. I leaped high toward the dragons throat.

The dragon let forth its tremendous blast.....engulfing me......

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