The Girl

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A girl who makes it.....

Submitted: May 13, 2015

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Submitted: May 13, 2015



Once upon a time there is this girl and she had a good home life and her elementary life was good until she got to middle school which was very sad for he one point in life and I mean it was bad for her but one day she found in her heart that she meant the world to someone and that person loved her very much and they always would but one day that person left so the very sad girl came back.

The rest of high school she was called terrible things but she made it through high school. High school was so hard for her but she made it and she got an admission to a college just a small town college but she was so happy because it showed that she was smart and she was happy again. So she finishes college and is very happy so she applied for a university and Charlotte made it Charlotte was so happy for her first day of college this adorable guy finds her so beautiful and asks very shyly can I take you on a date and she says yes.

So they went on that date they had a great time and after that date they went on more dates and they finally decided to date and that made her so happy but she was so scared because she was worried he would leave like all the others did but he didn't he stayed even though they had some hards times they made it and they have dated  for a couple years know and she made it through college and she applied for a great job which pays so much money and shce gets the job which makes her so much more happy than she is.

Then one day her boyfriend asks to go on a nice dinner and they do and there walking down the street and she turns around he is on one knee and asking that very special question “Will you marry me”? to her surprise she thought he would leave as the others do because she knew she wasn't perfect but to her she was the most magnificent girl ever and she says yes and this makes her overfilled with joy and they end up getting married a year later and they both have fair paying jobs but one day they decide to have children and 9 months later they have two kids and there names are Jonathan and Charlotte.

Suddenly they watch them grow up so fast and one day they find that there kids are leaving for college and that makes her sad to know that her kids are growing up but that makes them happy because they know they are becoming adults and she wonders to herself from time to time if she went down a darker path what would have happened? would she even be alive?

would she have a perfect husband? or even kids? she doesn't know but she does know that she will be happy for the rest of her life no matter how bad it gets she has loving and caring kids and a perfect husband to live with for the rest of her days……

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