The King of Heart's Desire

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A evil King of Heart's Desire falls from the sky amidst a rain of fire. His coming is the doom of the world, and the earth's inhabitants are powerless to stop him. As the world decays, only one man has the courage to stand against him.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008




Hold, ye merry gentlemen!

Where be ye traveling,

On this lonesome, moonless night?

Do ye seek a place to lay your head,

And fill your belly with ale?

If this be so, then turn and go,

You’ll find no sanctuary here,

You tread upon accursed ground,

Where the ghosts of ancient evil haunt,

Leave! Leave, I say!

This is no place for mortal man,

Where spirits of betrayal howl and wail,

And sprinkle poison amongst the soil.



What’s that ye say?

Why’s this land so haunted,

So cursed and so damned?

Come now, ye need not hear it,

For it is a despairing yarn,

Of a man long dead, and the rearing of evil’s ugly head,

And yet you stay,

Standing there, your eyes alight with wonder,

Very well, ye merry gentleman,

Since your curiosity has defeated your sense,

I will tell ye a woeful tale,

Of a wicked liar, the King of Heart’s Desire,

Whose malice knows no bounds.



He came to us amidst a storm of fire,

The Heavens above thundered and roared,

In an internal war of loyalty,

When suddenly, he burst through the churning clouds,

His entire body ablaze with white fire,

His coming was most dire, the King of Heart's Desire,

For he was not alone,

The waring clouds spat flaming rain,

As the King's followers plummeted towards the earth,

Their flames seared the stone and scarred the land,

Burning mountains to the ground,

And from amongst the fire, rose the King of Heart's Desire,

The harbinger of our world's damnation.



He stepped forth from the burning crater,

His body unscathed from his plunge to earth,

His skin as pale as marble, and his hair as black as opal,

Men regarded him with fear and reverence,

Women marveled at his otherworldly beauty,

His pestilence would devour our land, and we were clay in his hands,

He offered us hundreds of pounds of gold,

He offered us castles and land to build them on,

He offered us whatever our hearts desired,

And we devoured it like a starving wolf,

While the King watched with glee,

He was building a greedy empire, the King of Heart's Desire,

And we were clay in his hands.



His subjugation was swift and free of protest,

He stretched out his ashen hand,

And scooped up the hearts and minds of our people,

We threw ourselves at him like lustful young girls,

Looking for a touch, a word, anything he could give us,

And so, over the forests and the mires, ruled the King of Heart's Desire,

Oh, how foolish we were!

We threw our souls away, and let the King enslave our hearts,

We let our desires bind us to his will,

And turn us into nothing more than empty husks,

And the King howled with laughter,

While he burned our homes, and broke our bones,

As payment for our heart's desire.



There was only one man,

Who dared to challenge the wicked King,

A man of strong arm and noble heart,

A modest and valiant warrior,

Who stood his ground and fought,

That Emperor of Liars, the King of Heart's Desire

He traveled our diseased land,

Rallying our people,

Whilst he mended our bodies,

And pieced together,

Our shattered hearts,

His name was Otto Traugott, and his name shall never be forgot,

For time, and I, will not allow it.

© Copyright 2018 Aleksander Azrael. All rights reserved.

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