A Funeral Serenade

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A dream I had nights past, lovers in a cemetary to appreciate the significance of life, through death.

Submitted: March 30, 2007

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Submitted: March 30, 2007



A dream of a woman's memory
To sleep in beds of lilys and wicker baskets
Sorrowful faces mourn under the willow trees
For the lovers in the open casket

A heart beat for every mote of sorrow
As they tossed their souls inside the six foot grave
My heart would break upon the 'morrow
If I were to never touch her lips again

A serenade for those passed into the abyss
With only our silhouettes to play the part
As she dreamed so sweet I sung such a promise
To die for things more beautiful of heart

Beyond the headstones an inevitable sunset
Falls beneath the ocean's waves
And as we sleep under the night's caress
It takes our sin to save for another day

The midnight moon now silently mourns
Our sleeping forms among the stones
The fire in her eyes so violently reborn
As I knelt to give her a ring of flesh and bone

A dream of our memories
The beauty of death and love in the womb
Sorrowful faces mourn under the willow trees
As we make love inside our tomb

- For Megan

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