Baby Blue

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- For a Fetus

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007



Baby Blue
Smile your innocence anew
Oh Baby, Baby Blue
You'll have blue skys soon
Baby, baby you'll become a great man
Baby, baby the world in the palm of your hands
Oh babe, they may never see, you never knew
But baby, oh baby, always my baby blue.

Shhh, cries subdued sleeping babe a cradle
Shhh babe, theres no such thing as needles
No arsenic in your mother's breast
No suffocating pillow cases, woven mesh
Heroin doesn't lie in our veins
It won't ever destroy your cerebral membrane
Birth control, and spermicide do not exist
Neither do accidents, mistakes, or drunkens kisses
Oh baby you won't be born like me
Strangled and half dead in mournful memory
No purple skin and drawing stares
Silent screams and small fingers grasping air..

Don't worry babe, life is always fair
Don't fear babe, someone will always care
No such things as dead pets and scraped knees
Or ten year old divorce and child support fees
She won't break your little heart, no confusion or distress
And you'll never smoke those first few cigarettes
Never suprise her in the dark in anger and unrest
And you'll never forcefully against will lift up her sunday dress.
Never scream forgiveness in her ear
and leave her broken face within the bedroom mirror.

Oh babe you will never go to war
And watch men die in such inhumane horrors
You won't murder innocents in the name of  "Democratic Order"
And your bones never shattered by shreaking mortar
You won't return broken with heart shades of black
And you'll never shake hands with the devil who'll send you back.

No such thing as a cheating wife
No such thing as a depressed teenage daughter, taking her own life
No such thing as a syringe in the arm, a bullet in the eye
And you won't stand over her grave wondering why.

No such thing as struggling to be free
No such things as AIDS, cancer, and HIV
Your never to feel lost and cold
Never abandoned by loved, to grow bitter and old
You'll never be the last living out of all you loved dead
The voices will never start screaming for liberty inside your head
Hopes and dreams never stolen depart
And theres no such thing as a failing heart.
Never close your lungs and whisper your last breath
Strangers will never sign your death certificates.

Oh babe, my baby blue.
You'll have blue skys soon.
My love can do nothing but cry
Oh baby, my baby blue~
You never opened your eyes

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