Undying Revolution

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She said I couldn't fight the world alone, so she fought it with me.

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007



My mind exploding like the smoking barrel of a gun

And the bullets striking my heart, piercing my lungs

The hatred we keep bottled up inside

Will eventually destroy us all, children born to die

The devil has his hand around my throat

Waiting for me to choke on every sorrow's mote

My wounds are on the inside, internal bleeding within

Freedom through death, redemption for my deadly sins

The pen is still mightier than the sword

But bullets can rip through a man more effectively than words

Love those who love, our lips un-sealed with fate

Revolutionary anti heroes, hate those who hate

Burning flags bonfire to illuminate our twilight kiss

The shadows cast flicker around our raised fists

And the taste of gasoline is so sweet pursed in our lips

You're safe in my arms, so close your eyes and make a wish

Even when your alone, my love never to depart

My compassion, she's the one that I adore, with all my heart

Swallowed embrace within the dark, a soul on my chest

Bittersweet matrimony and a bloody rose for her breast

To swear in my name is not nearly enough

For through eternity lies everlasting love

Nothing more symbolic, than before the fall

Are our names painted, intertwined together on a hundred foot wall

But unlike bricks, which crumble to dust

And the iron that will succumb to rust

Our souls live on forever, silent on the stone –eternal memorial of-

How our hearts once beat and the seeds we've sewn

You ask me if I could do it again, I would have to say never

Because I would rather be swept away in your love forever

The history of men is a struggle, searching for answers

And my own questions eat away at me like a cancer

I can only hope my life is fulfilled

After fires have burned and blood has been spilled

See the look in her eyes, time for change draws nigh

Catching her tears as they fall, for her I would die

Take my hand, in this never to part

Believe in our CouRAGE, the rage of my heart

To stand together at the doors of fate

Forever I would stand, through eternity I'll wait –for-

Her deep blue eyes, dark red kiss

And our wounds to heal, the scars from our wrists

Humanity is the seven, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust

Dust to ashes, ashes to dust

In lover's embrace, lost within moonlit glare

Reflections of the twilight in her eyes, and the cobwebs in my hair

Take comfort in my black, see through each others sins

Misfits, outcasts, rebels, we are the true forsaken

The fires still burn, and to face death I must fight

Out of the darkness into the light

One person can change the world, Rebellion's favor

To rise up against oppression, strike down the false savior

Through life, through death, ever living

My love for you is eternal, everlasting

Remember the rage of our hearts, and the only solution

My love for you, an Undying Revolution

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