Resistance: Notes on a Screenplay (Thoughts Please)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Well...this is pretty much the summary. Check it out.

Submitted: October 07, 2009

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Submitted: October 07, 2009



What I Have Written So Far

Scene 1 +Scene 2

"I was never one to rebel." The cold words that left Bellatrix's mouth instantly caught her psychologists attention. She had been locked away in a mental institution after murdering a loved one. Yet at this point, nobody knows who she has killed, it's only referenced by the news article the psycholgoist has with him. Bellatrix starts to tell her story of how her life changed when Echo, no last name, came to the small town of Dawn. She comments on the fact that everything started with her. The pretty, pretty girl with crimson hair that she would wait a million years just to see her smile again. At least, that was until she learned her secret. Meeting Echo for the first time, everything about her seemed perfectly normal. The new girl. She just moved in with her uncles Ogden and Mason (a gay couple who write mystrey/thriller novels along with Star Trek fan fiction). The reason why she was located here was becuase her parents had to figure out a few things with a divorce and were unable to properly take care of her. From the first moment Bellatrix sees her--although then, she went by Trixie for short since it was cool beans--she feels inclined to spend time with this strange girl. Instead of sitting around Geoffrey Gott, she invited Echo to sit with her. Furious, Geoffrey tries to get back to her by showing Katie attention instead. But there is something chilling about Geoffrey. He has a thing for blondes and he goes around telling some of them that they remind him of his mother. Yet according to him, this is a compliment. His mother was a beauty queen. Defying Geoffrey's wishes, Trixie and Echo started to spend all their time together no matter how many times he flaunted his relationship with Katie. Slowly, Trixie was falling in love with Echo without realizing it. Instead, she explained it as a growing friendship. The scene flashes back to the present with the pscychologist. Bellatrix tells the psychologist that she's going to skip all the boring stuff.

Scene 3

There's a montage showing Echo and Trixie over time with a few continous scenes. While both Echo and Trixie are falling in love or 'strengthening their friendship' strange occurences around dawn start to happen. Newspapers flash across the screen explaining how crime is being stopped by a mysterious vigilante. All this happens while Echo stands in her room changing into a superhero costume and Geoffrey is playing with a knife, which he throws at a wall. The last few images are of Echo and Trixie finally holding hands. Geoffrey standing before a wall with pictures of all the blonde girls in school including Trixie, her sister (Vega) and Katie. Everything ends with Echo pulling a mask over her face in the middle of the night. She stands there staring at the mirror before running downstairs and opening the door to a bunch of trick-or-treaters. It's Halloween. Her uncles both love this time of year and are excited with handing out candy until a car of jocks pull up and they start to attack the house. Trixie just happens to come over to the house at this time unsure what to do when she sees what's going on until she realizes that Echo has it taken care of. Echo lunches forward beating two of the guys up before tearing the door off the car that way she can threten those who are too afraid to come out to say anything to her. When they try to escape, she grabs onto the bumper pulling them backwards. Suddenly, Trixie races forward stopping her registering how odd and how wrong this is. Here, how things span out in the screenplay, the reader starts to doubt Trixie's sanity. Is this or is this really happening? Does Echo have superpowers? Does Echo even exist to begin with? She returns home where she's sitting with her brother and sister when there's a knock on the door. Echo soon comes inside and is here to explain only one thing. Right before she is able to begin, Trixie's brother Beatelgeuse (B) has to run to help stop some sort of robbery since he's on the police force. Once he is gone, Echo explains everything to Trixie about how her dad worked for the government. He was always traveling. On his long trips, her mom became lonely and started to bring men home. One night, her father arrived home early as a surprise that way for once they can celebrate their aniversary. Without warning, he went upstairs to find another man in their bed. Furious, he killed the man before he killed his wife. Echo heard the blasts and thought something exciting was happening. She rushed upstairs only to find both people dead. Her father kidnapped her taking her away where he started to train her that way she is able to fend for herself in the streets. After she knows she'll be fine on her own, she turns her father into the police realizing he has escaped for far too long after murdering too people. Nobody knew where she was. By then she was pursumed dead until one night while she tried to help save the world. She was caught and sent away to Dawn where they wanted her to live with her uncles. From then on, even living there, she had to continue her life as a vigilante. There was too much hate in the world. If even the men who were supposed to be the best like her father killed in cold blood...something was going to have to change. She was that change. Trixie asks if she can help, Echo rejects her and leaves her on that note beucase it's about time she went to help with the robbery. Trixie decides to retire to her bed. On her way upstairs, she catches a glimpse of Geoffrey out in her yard taking pictures. Pictures that will most likely turn out like the ones hanging on his wall at home.

What's Not Written So Far

Scene 4

This is a continous scene that flashes back and forth between Echo/Trixie + Geoffrey/Katie. Here, Katie's and Geoffrey's relationship reaches a climax. Everything starts with her knocking on a haunting door. It looks as if she's sanding before an abandoned house. It's plausible that this house is just not taken care of. There are stories about Geoffrey's mom going insane that are commented on throughout before this scene happens. Despire what Echo said to Trixie, she stands in her room pulling on a costume that looks like a combination of Black Canary and Silk Spectre II. Echo sits alone in a room watching TV, there's nothing real important on. Katie walks into Geoffrey's house when nobody answers. She walks inside and is puzzled. There's hardly any furniture and pictures everywhere on this floor of his mother just in everyday life. Echo abruptly stands up looking around. Something is wrong but she can't quite figure it out. Even Trixie pauses while pulling her costume one. She stands there scanning the area, it looks as if she's afraid somebod is watching her. Katie starts walking toward main staircase looking up. Loud music plays while Geoffrey is taking a shower. Slowly, she walks up the steps toward the cracked door. Echo runs up to her room changing into her costume but she struggles to pull it on while Trixie continues puting her costume on, but she's more epic compared to her friend. Katie stands there looking at the bathroom door. It's cracked and almost broken yet it's painted blood red. She pushes open the door but nobody is inside. She stands there looking at pictures that litter the floor. Every single one of them is of her and it's obvious to tell even though the ends are curling from the heat. Trixie runs out of her room in full costume. Echo suddenly stops. She stands there staring at her reflection without pulling the mask over her face. Out of nowhere, Geoffrey appears behind Katie grabbing her from behind and throws her into a wall. She slips to the ground and he starts to laugh. For a little bit, he starts to play with her knocking her around until he thrusts her face first into the wall that is seen earlier of all the girls with blonde hair. He pulls the knife out of the wall, which he had thrown in there from the montage. Both Echo and Trixie run out of their rooms in full costume. They run through the pouring rain. Geoffrey slits Katie's throat, she falls onto the ground, which is covered with a tarp. Blood sputters out of the wound and all he does is stand there laughing. Echo runs up to a door moving too fast for it to be really seen. She kicks down the door. The wood splinters and she enters a building. Trixie runs up to a door throwing it open the normal way. Geoffrey starts to wrap Katie's body up in a tarp. Echo stands inside Trixie's living room looking around to see everything is left undisturbed. Geoffrey drags Katie's body outside a back door. Trixie stands inside Echo's living room looking around to see everything is left undisturbed. Geoffrey dumps Katie's body into a broken down, abandoned coal mine. He backs away smiling to himself before returning to his home. Echo tears through the house searching for Trixie and she does the same. When nothing is found, the two return home meeting each other half way this time around. They just stop, stand there and stare at each other. Eventually, they smile at each other before hugging agreeing to work together to fight crime.

Scenes ?-?

  • Echo + Trixie start to fight crime together. Eventually, Echo tells Trixie that it would be cooler if she just went by Bellatrix with her new idenity and all. Bellatrix means warrioress and is considered the Amazon Star. Also, she would look a lot better if she disgusied herself with a black wig. Of course, this is exactly what Trixie does. From here on out, she is known soley as Bellatrix.
  • Katie has gone missing and everybody starts to look for her but it seems impossible to find her. It's assumed that she has ran away. She's added to a list of other girls that have gone missing in the area. Bellatrix's sister, Vega, starts to observe this one day. Being the journalist that she is. She's always looking for a story. Alot of the girls on the board look similar to each other. Blonde hair. Brown eyes. They're all the same age and have gone missing in at least the past three years.
  • Everybody is too busy paying attention to Katie being MIA to notice what Echo and Bellatrixare up to. Their relationship really starts to develop these days.
  • Geoffrey moves onto another blonde girl trying to get her attention but he slowly stops noticing what is going on with Bellatrix. Both her and Echo are always holding hands, they are very affectionate with each other. Even though Bellatrix won't accept it, they are basically a couple.
  • Meanwhile, Vega is still tracing through lost files on all the missing girls. Each one of them probably escaped this small town life to be somebody. Just like Katie. But she doesn't accept this. One day, Geoffrey approaches her offering to help her with the search. Since he's a handsome guy and all also a senior. She's excited by him helping her out. Bellatrix grows upset about this but is distracted by Echo. Soon they start escaping off into a field, which is in the middle of the woods where they can be together at peace.
  • Geoffrey starts to woo Vega eventually asking her to prom, which she accepts.
  • Echo asks Bellatrix to prom but Bellatrix can't say yes. Their relationship is wrong in her eyes. Before she tries to run away, Echo protests making a big scene for nobody to see. They are in the field. She argues with Bellatrix and kisses her. All of this is caught on film for Geoffrey is hiding in the bushes watching them.
  • He uses this as blackmail asking Bellatrix to prom. He tells her that she needs to meet him there. Then he leaves to tell Vega that she must meet him at his house before prom that way they can arrive with each other.
  • Bellatrix distances herself from Echo until the night of prom
  • The two end up there together. They did not arrive with each other and the whole time Bellatrix is waiting for Geoffrey to come. Since he is gone, she and Echo have one dance with each other.
  • Similar to Katie, Vega enters the house going upstairs to the red door where she hears the shower. This time, Geoffrey grabs her from behind and steals her away downstairs where they wait for Bellatrix.
  • Near the end of the song, Bellatrix realizes that there's something wrong. Geoffrey is missing. Vega is missing. Her heart drops and she realzies what has happened. She does not explain to Echo what is going on instead, she just says she has to go to the bathroom. Echo grows upset knowing she has lied yet she thinks that Bellatrix is just trying to escape her. Instead of staying, she goes home where she breaks into her uncles' alchohol cabnit and starts to drink.
  • Bellatrix runs across empy land heading toward the building.
  • Vega sits in a twisted dining room that has fallen years ago. The table hardly stands along with the chair she is sitting in. Dim lights flicker and are covered in cob webs. All over the place are pictures of just Bellatrix covering the floor, walls and ceilings.
  • Bellatrix kicks the door down running inside seeing her sister there. She runs forward only for Geoffrey to appear behind her smiling at her with that knife in hand. He drags Vega to her feet out of the chair. The two have "witty banter" and Bellatrix goes to attack him even though she is in her prom dress. Geoffrey throws Vega to the side and starts to fight Bellatrix, even in her dress she is tough competition for him. Echo breaks in drunk as hell, but she still comes distracting Bellatrix. Geoffrey takes this time stabbing Vega in the stomach with the knife.
  • Both Echo + Bellatrix fight him only for Echo to get hurt too since she's not coherent. Again, Bellatrix is distracted. It really is the loved one that are her weakness. She turns to face Geoffrey but he is gone. Outside she hears police sirens. Somehow they snuck up on them. She tells Echo that she needs to get out of there as fast as she could that they would meet again soon. First, she has to take care of Vega. Bellatrix runs over to her sister as Echo escapes knowing that no matter what they'll be safe. This is Geoffrey's fault. Bellatrix embraces Vega realizing that she is dead and starts sobbing while she holds the hilt.
  • B, their brother, comes in and stops all he does is stare at Bellatrix ashamed by what she has done.

Final Scene

Bellatrix slowly finsihes up the story explaining that she was convicted of the murder of her sister. When she tried to explain herself they claimed that she was scitzophrenic. There was no sign of Echo ever being involved and there was nobody named Geoffrey enrolled at thier school. Nobody had lived in that house for years. All the pictures are gone. The psycholgist finishes their session for the day and sends her away. Bellatrix goes into the bathroom, a peaceful place since nobody really watches her there. She just stands there staring at a mirror that is able to open and close. She grabs it and all the light turn off. Emergency lights turn on. There's shouting in the hallway yet nobody comes in. Shrugging, Bellatrix starts to open the cabnit. The mirror at a certain angle catches sight of Echo standing there in her costume without the mask. Slowly, Bellatrix turns around smiling at her. Don't know how to end it yet after that...I want somethimng more but not sure exactly what. But I want the psychologist to watch tapes of Echo + Bellatrix escpaing to firmly prove that Echo exists fully as Bellatrix has her out to be.

---Sorry but the actual screenplay will probably not be posted. I just wanted to get people opinions on what they think of the idea. It's something Icertainly enjoy writing but it's for a scholarship project. So let me know what you think of the plot/characters. There are lots of kinks I need to work out soon. But as we all know, that comes later since the first draft is from the heart while the second is from the brain. (Thank you Finding Foresster) Hope it all works out. The entire screenplay comes from the new Muse song:Resistance.

"They'll keep us apart they wont stop breaking us down
Hold me
Our lips must always be sealed
The night has reached his end
We can't pretend
We must run
We must run
It's time to run
Take us away from here
Protect us from further harm
-Resistance by Muse

© Copyright 2020 Alessandra Fireheart. All rights reserved.

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