Silent Hill (Part III)

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Jake and John do battle against the strange carnivorous beast that inhabits the building they are staying in. Jake manages to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and finds out his true origins..and who, or what, he truly is. Now, he must make one final decision that can change the world as we know it.

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



Jake finally snapped out of his strange, psychopathic daydream. He had been the creature, and had felt and thought what it felt and thought.

“The creature’s on its way to the main hallway,” whispered Jake softly. “It’s going through this giant latticework of tunnels that it had created long ago. John managed to shoot it, but the creature just molded itself back together.”

“And what is it feeling?” asked Dr. Tennessee monotonously.

“Hunger, rage, desperation. But at the same time, it’s feeling great joy and pleasure watching the horrified John just wandering about. The fact that he’s so scared of it gives the monster a sense of superiority over him. It feels good.”

“But what does it want more than anything?

“Food, meat, human meat.”

“Does it love human meat? Does the creature see it as delicacy? Would it actually kill humans if it had an alternative food source?”

“I don’t know what you’re getting at.”

“Think about it. Does the creature really enjoy human meat.”

“No, but it prefers it over that of rats and insects. What it really wants though is….Oh, I get it! I know how to make it stop hunting John!”

“Good. You are the one that I seek. Take these and go save your friend. However, you must do so with great haste, for his time is running out.”

“Thanks,” yelled out Jake as he grabbed the pieces of paper that old man Tennessee had dropped onto the floor without even a glance as to what they might contain.

He rushed through the bookcase opening, then the clock opening, and swiftly began making his way to the hallway. His head began to ache again.

The creature had finally reached its destination, and waited with drooling lips for its pathetic prey to show its ugly hide. When John finally managed to make his way through the zig-zagging tunnel, he had his back facing the creature. This was a very pleasant turn of events.

Jake tried his best to block the horrifying images from his mind and concentrate on his present situation. Good thing his eyes had quickly adjusted to the darkness around him or John would’ve been completely doomed. A few more meters and he would have to turn left. If he failed to do this, he might have to say bye-bye to John forever.

The monstrosity moved with utter carefulness, making no sound whatsoever. This was the best way. It obviously took more patience, but it was much more rewarding. The creature wouldn’t have to waste essential energy in chasing him.

“Jesus Christ,” cried out Jake. He had made a right turn instead of a left one.

The horrible images in his mind were driving him nuts. However, he had to try as hard as he could to keep them in check. His friend’s life depended on it.

The human moved slowly and cautiously, as did the creature. Whenever he would slowly turn around, it would find a nice shadowy place to hide until John finally turned the other way.

“I lost it,” whispered John with a sigh of relief. “Dumb creature.”

The atrocious abomination began to slither quietly forward, as it came just inches from John’s delicious feet.

Jake pushed the frightening image out of his mind as a human-shaped form stepped out in front of him in the hallway.

“John,” cried out Jake, watching the deformed figure behind him. “John, look behind you!”

The monster pulled itself up as its pathetic prey turned around and froze, for a split-second, in tremendous fear. That split second was all the creature needed to grab him by the scruff of the neck and start inserting its many mouths into his neck.

Irritating yells boomed out from the other one, but the creature didn’t care. It wasn’t going to worry about Jake until it had finished with John.

However, this proved to be a very big mistake since, before it could finish even killing off its prey, a sharp thrust came out of nowhere and struck the monstrosity’s head, pushing it backwards several steps and making it lose its grip on the human.

Jake felt the searing pain of the bullet hitting the creature’s head as he fired off another shot. This shot was at the exact same point that he had hit before.

I hope this will buy me some time, thought Jake as he began squeezing off one shot after the other. Boom, boom, boom! The shots pierced the creepy silence of the hallway along with the creature’s low-pitched screams. They also gave off a very strong light that split-second when the shot was fired, which suddenly showed the creature’s body in very gruesome detail.

The meat-eating monster was nothing like the others. It was much more deformed. Three mouths covered its distorted face: two on both sides of the bottom jaw and one in the centre. Its fangs were razor sharp but seemed to be somehow covered in a pink coating of what seemed to be skin. Its eye shone in the middle of its forehead like a black, diamond-shaped jewel, as disturbing as it was beautiful.

The monster’s body was red, as was its bumpy, skull-like head. It seemed as if this creature had been put together by many bits of epithelial string, which left many depressions and mountainous bulges in numerous places on its body. Its legs looked like a bunch of red blood vessels that had been knotted together on top of two hideous, intertwining bases that were supposed to be its feet.

The abomination’s body lurched with each hit it received from Jake’s pistol, the bumps and depressions on its body contracting and expanding respectively with every blow. Finally, the tenth time Jake hit the exact same point of the creature’s head, the atrocious skull-like face was wiped it clean off the creature’s deformed shoulders.

Jake had seemingly been viewing the battle from both sides. One eye he had used to aim at the creature while with the other he saw through the monster’s own eye. Now, his left eye had gone completely dark, which meant that the creature was obviously dead.

“John, over here,” cried out Jake. “Thank God you’re alright! Listen! I’ve received some interesting papers from old man Tennessee! Wanna come read’em with me?”

“Uhh…sure…” was all John could muster.

Well, that was strange, thought Jake to himself as they both walked out of sight of the vehement corpse. I wasn’t really expecting to kill it. I just wanted to draw it back from John so that he could escape. But when I saw its hideous face, I just couldn’t stop shooting at it. It’s like something from deep down within my mind came over me. A very strong hatred of some kind.

The creature felt the two human presences slowly vanish from the area. It did this with a sight no ordinary human could use. It was a combination of thermal vision and tactile senses. It could actually feel the humans’ body heat as if it were a violent gas pushing onto its body. The hotter it got, the closer its prey would be.

It had never used this blind heat sensing skill since before this the creature didn’t really need it. The sensation was very unpleasant and it lacked detail. Also, concrete and wood gave off no heat whatsoever, which caused them to easily blend in with the cold background, making it easy for the monster to hit its head on a nearby wall.

However, now it had to, for it was the only way that the creature wouldn’t get detected by the nosy other human. That horrible piece of meat seemed to have very strange powers that the others of its kind were unable to possess. The creature could sense the meddling human prying into its brain as it chased down his friend.

It had not taken this into account because, first of all, it was busy chasing the other human and second, many of the other creatures in this God-forsaken town used to read its thoughts all the time. But now the monster remembered that the force that was invading its privacy was much stronger and more intelligent than those horrible abominations could ever be.

The creature slowly stood up as its tissues began knitting together again, producing a new head for it to use. Foolish humans to think that they could actually defeat it!

“My Lord, how did you do that?” cried out John, excited, surprised, and at the same time relieved. “I shot it with my Betty and that didn’t do nothing! Then here you come in with your crappy-ass pistol and go boom-boom-BOOM-BOOM and knock its head clean off! How did you know? How did you know it was right behind me? How did you know exactly where I was? How did you know how to kill it?”

“That will all be explained in due time,” interrupted Jake. “First, let’s have a look at these diary pages from our good friend Dr. Tennessee.”

With that, John shut up and they both read in silence.

Their increasing heat felt very soothing to the creature as it crawled on all fours, moving as slowly as it could to avoid all the structures that might block its way. But then again, it knew this building better than anybody. It had spent years upon years memorizing every blueprint of its home down to the exact location of every wall and doorway.

The monstrosity veered right after it had gone twenty paces. It was now in the attached hallway of the first floor. The monster was getting warmer and warmer.

August 31st, Year of Rebirth

I have seen the light and shall use it to my advantage. My companion here has helped me become reborn. Since now there had been no purpose in my experiments, well no real one anyways. It was just a great scientific breakthrough that I was going to continue, over and over again. I never had that answer when I asked myself “Why?”

However, now I do. It is to create a supreme being, a race of humans that is superior to all others. It will then supplant humanity and become the only race. It shall be my unbeatable army. No one would be able to destroy them. They shall be too strong, too clever, too PERFECT!

In this new world I imagine, there will be no racism, no disputes, no wars, no pain, no suffering, since everyone will be the same, think the same, and look the same. It will be a very successful utopia!

Well, I guess I have written for long enough. Back to my work.

October 29th,

What a fool my creator is. If there is no toil, no suffering, no struggles to overcome, what are we supposed to do with our lives? What will our purpose in life be?

There is no way to maintain true happiness without having to suffer and work hard for it. If you take away the suffering, life is just too easy. Too easy, in fact, to be natural.

December 12th, Year of Rebirth

Sorry that I haven’t been writing that much over the past few months but I have been working hard on teaching my newly-formed clone. I have actually been able to input information from books and Encyclopedias to fast-forward his understanding. However, since it’s very overwhelming to receive so much knowledge all at once, I’ve limited the information intake to just one book at a time. Also after every so-called “learning session”, I give him a few hours to recover and fully understand each book as a whole.

It’s been going along wonderfully, however there have been some drawbacks. It took me months to figure out how to properly insert information into the subject’s brain without hurting him or affecting any other part of his body in any direct or indirect way. Also, it still takes me about five hours to transfer the information of the book into the special encrypted code of electromagnetic impulses found in the brain. It takes me five more hours to insert it in the subject’s brain through the cerebral cortex.

Along with many useful points in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, the clone has also learned how to change the lettering on books into electromagnetic impulses. However he has used this knowledge to deceive me. After he had encrypted many useful non-fiction manuscripts which would help expand his mind and understanding, I began to trust him, being the naïve person that I was born to be.

Because of this darned trust, I stopped asking him the nature of the books that he had encoded, which was a grave mistake. Thanks to my horrible carelessness, my clone has had his mind poisoned with Aldous Huxley’s own atrocious novel Brave New World. That man was an ignorant fool! To think that an individual could be born in a world of clones! Obviously the greatest mistake the so-called Controllers made was to let the individuals and the savages survive. Blithering fools!

March 23rd,

Brave New World has helped expand my mind with fascinating new ideas, such as, “Is it better to suffer tremendously and be truly happy and free afterwards, or should you not suffer at all for your whole live but always be trapped in a cage, enslaved by some higher being, in a drug-induced and artificial happiness?”

Personally I would take the former. It is much more satisfying, after many months of toil and sweat, to see your goal finally accomplished. To know that you actually have a purpose in life, and that purpose is to be an individual and change the world with your own way!

That is why my creator’s views are wrong! This so-called “perfect world” of his shall soon crumble beneath his feet. It’s just like in our human mind, where there are many different selves always arguing and contradicting each other. By trying to take control over these different so-called “mini-you’s” you will soon become insane, because they’ll try their best to fight back. Therefore, sane people learn to accept these constant contradictions going on in their mind, knowing that that and that alone, makes them truly human. Therefore my creator’s plan for an insane world is destined for failure. I learned that from another amazing book: David Brin’s famous novel Earth.

June 14th,

Well, he up and left. I knew for some time that my clone was thinking about betraying me. However, I never thought he had the balls to actually do it. Well, at least I have managed to find some of his heretic journal writings and attach them to my diary. Just like the one about those horribly atrocious novels, Brave New World and Earth, which lies one page before this.

He has created his own clone as well. I’ve seen it. It looks just like him. That damn traitor! He used all that knowledge I gave him against me!

It’s all right, I guess. I won’t let it happen again. I guess the clone that I had created was after all too human. I will need to make something more like an animal. Something that will obey me no matter what.

August 31st,

My God, they’re hideous! Something must’ve gone completely wrong! I think I added too much something or other into their biological make-up! Ugghh…he’s communicating with them! I know it!

I have changed much in the brain and have left it much more simplistic, but there are still certain telepathic communication highways which my old clone can use to talk to them.

They’re coming. I know it! They’re coming to get rid of me and establish their OWN government of sorts! I can’t let that happen. They’re too stupid and ignorant to come up with plans that are even HALF as ingenious as mine.

Jesus, I hate this shitty pen! However, this is all I have left after those damned creatures started ravaging everything in anger, including all the God-damned power lines! Well, I guess it’s a good thing this room has alternative wiring to a secret generator that I’ve stored underground. Otherwise I’d be in the dark just like everyone else.

One of these species has multiplied tremendously and has cast the rest of the city in a thick cloud of fog. The other has gone on an animal killing spree. It has eaten almost all the deer, wolves and livestock in the city. Soon, when its resources run out, it’ll start eating humans. I know it!

Most of the people in the village have called me a heretic! My wife has left me and is just about done signing the divorce papers. She says that she doesn’t want her future son to be raised by a madman. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she’s pregnant again.

This will be my last Salvation. The growing fetus in her womb shall become mine and I shall nurse it. It shall overpower all my other traitorous clones and bring the world back to order.

I shall start this new world order by killing the Lichen-Breed. Lichen-Breed… Lichen-Breed… Lichen-Breed

“Well, it stops there,” Jake said after John had also finished reading it. “There’s still a couple of pages missing between it and the few final writings. I can figure out most of the story so far. However, I still don’t know what happened to the other two clones: his original one and the one which that clone created.”

“Look, there’s another page,” cried out John in excitement.

“Yeah, it goes over here,” Jake replied, putting the empty page in between the beginning notes of the scientist and the frantic scribbling he had made near the end of the book. “I feel something on the back of this page. Hey, maybe it’s writing. This should finally solve the mystery of what happened to the clone…”

As Jake turned it, John gave out a horrified gasp. The whole entire page was covered in a giant, crimson-red blob.

“Blood,” whispered Jake comprehensively to himself. “I knew it! There must’ve been a dispute between Dr. Tennessee and the clone and the good doctor finally ended up killing his own creation.”

“Or his own creation killed him. You don’t know exactly which could be true. Also, none of them could’ve died. Maybe just one of them attacked the other, both got brutally hurt, but escaped alive.”

“You’re right. This stuff’s inconclusive. And why does he keep calling these creatures Lichen-Breed? Ok, think, Jake, think! Ahhh…my brain’s starting to hurt…”

“Ya, I know! Mine’s starting to hurt too…Ugghh!”

“Wow, nice sound effect. Real original! Ok, let’s see here…”

Unfortunately though, John hadn’t cried out the word “Ugghh!” as a joke. He did it because he had been struck from behind by an incredibly sharp finger that had gone directly through his heart.

The creature stealthily lowered the now-lifeless body of John Hedley so as to not make any noise. It had switched on its visual sensors to make its kill with more precision and less noise, but had also switched it to a very low frequency which would take Jake about a minute to detect if he was lucky. In a minute, though, this would all be over.

It began to slowly pace toward the figure of Jake.

“Hmmm…lichen-breed…is it ‘cause they breed lichens? No…um…it’s because they breed like lichens! I got it! That explains the whole fog thuhuhuhuh….”

Suddenly, Jake had felt himself grabbed from the back by a painfully familiar arm. The creature wasn’t dead after all.

But I know what it wants, thought Jake, trying his best to soothe himself. He began to dig deep into his pockets as one of the creature’s mouths began slowly chewing on his neck.

Jake finally found them. The sandwiches! He began unwrapping them as he lifted up his arm to hover the tasty morsels over the creature’s face. The pressure on his neck lessened and soon the mouth had moved away from his neck and had started motioning toward the sandwich.

The monster could smell it. It was like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. The intoxicating scent brought relief to its ever-gnawing stomach and also brought rivers of slobbering saliva from all three of its mouths. It was real food at last.

Jake took apart the sandwich and took out the loaf of meat. The best meal it’s had in decades. He held it up again as the creature began slowly gnawing on it.

“The flesh of humans tastes foul to you, but you eat it anyways,” murmured Jake as he began to escape from the creature’s grasp and started throwing more meat at it. “You just ate them to satisfy your massive hunger. The hunger that was created when the people of Silent Hill tried to take away all the animal meat you enjoyed so much. All the cows, sheep, pigs, deer…they were all gone. But now they’re back. Well, some of them anyways.”

The creature relaxed all of its tense muscles as it adjusted its sight to the most open frequency. This human was no enemy. It was a friend.

“I understand you and I think I know why,” muttered Jake as the creature was finishing up its most precious meal. “But there’s no time for explanations now and I don’t think you will even be able to understand me if I do explain everything, because it’ll be just too damn complex for you. Nevertheless, I need your help.”

With that, Jake closed his eyes and began to focus on certain images as he started piercing the creature’s mind. Random pictures began popping up into the monster’s brain: the mental image of a journal missing many pages; a well-cooked steak dinner; the word Tennessee, flashing in bold typing, with a giant question mark covering the background behind it; a juicy, deep-fried hamburger, grilled to perfection; an image of what Jake thought to be Dr. Tennessee’s laboratory, with a replica of himself standing naked in a giant, plastic, see-through tube; herds of delicious cattle wandering the countryside, just waiting to be eaten; the images of the horrid “Lichen-Breed” Jake had met on the way; images of one Dr. Tennessee killing the other; an old, withered page, stained with blood.

The creature’s face contorted in an even more gruesome and alarming sense of incomprehension. Its face turned completely blank, as its eyes began to shine with proud recognition. It knew where the last pages of the book were.

The monster beckoned him to follow. Jake tried his best to keep up with the agile monster, but no matter how close he came to the creature’s feet, there was still at least three meters between them. That sudden moment of comprehension had truly excited the creature heavily.

However, this made it very hard for Jake to follow the creature once they started going through the tunnel systems. Nevertheless, by some strange miracle, Jake still managed to keep himself on the right path.

Maybe it’s just excited about all the food that I showed to it as a bribe, Jake thought merrily.

Chapter VI: All Questions Answered, Decision Made

They soon entered a tunnel that dug deeper into the earth than Jake could ever have imagined. The two of them finally entered a massive, grime-walled room that was so long, it seemed to have no end in sight. It was very dark, but Jake had taken John’s flashlight, so he was okay.

There, lying on the floor, was the long-awaited piece of paper that would tell him everything. It read:

September 1st,

I have an ingenious plan and shall soon carry it out. I shall create the greatest clone of all, and it shall be made from the very fetus of my wife’s growing baby.

This is what I’m going to do. Tomorrow night, when she’s asleep, I will sneak over to her house, picklock the door, then drug and kidnap her. I shall bring her to my lab and take out the fetus very gently. I don’t want to kill her, just yet. I want her to be alive long enough to see my greatest creation. My true son.

Therefore, I shall just throw her into a cage in a drug-induced coma as I work on my special little boy. Oh, think of all the things I can do with him! I might actually make his brain similar to my other clones, so that he could be able to find them more easily. I shall also implant the regeneration organ and all the replacement organs as well, of course. Hmmm, but I’ll have to give him more…maybe I’ll give him the hide of an elephant…or the claws of a tiger…my Lord…the possibilities are ENDLESS!

However, breaking into her house is a very risky operation, since she’s had that new high-tech alarm installed. I just hope that I won’t get caught…that nothing ELSE will go wrong…

Jake was infuriated after he finished reading the last paragraph. There were obviously many more pages missing and this last page he had read was still pretty inconclusive.

“Did he succeed?” cried out Jake to the dark nothingness. “Did he??!!”

“You tell me,” came old man Tennessee’s hoarse voice as a gunshot pierced the back of Jake’s head and he fell onto the floor, the life slowly draining out of him.

Why did…he…kill…me…why…would…he…do thi…huh? Jake was pleasantly surprised as the blown-apart skin on the back of his head began knitting itself back together and also started extracting the bullet from deep inside.

“I am your final and greatest creation,” cried out Jake dramatically, standing up. “I am the clone made from my mother’s fetus…by you!

That last word was said with as much nastiness as possible, since Jake wanted his father to know how much he hated him.

“As much as I enjoy your flattering compliment toward me,” the surprisingly young face replied sarcastically. “I’m afraid that I am not your real father and am only one of his, shall we say, better creations. Therefore, I am only your, so-called, brother.”

“So you managed to kill my true father, the original Dr, Tennessee?”

“Oh, no. He wasn’t the original either; just another clone.”

“So let me get this straight. The original Tennessee guy made one clone, which made another clone. The clone the original made killed its creator. That clone then got drunk with power, until its creation finally betrayed it. That creation was you.”

“Good guess, but not quite. The first clone was actually destroyed by the original as a sort of ‘punishment’ for his creation’s ignorant overconfidence. This angered its clone tremendously, which was the spark it needed to fuel its murderous desires.”

“Ok, so as I was saying, after you left him, our creator was infuriated. However, he soon got over it and thought that this could be a lesson for him to create more obedient and less individualistic creatures.”

“The result was disastrous, as you can see here.” The clone waved his hand, showing him the heavily-grimed and blood-streaked walls.

“Yes, well, so those creations also betrayed him because of his constant, ignorant abuse toward them. They joined forces with you to try to overthrow your creator. And one of them spawned by releasing a cloud of spores, just like lichens do. That’s why they were called Lichen-Breed…”

“And that also explains the heavy fog that now surrounds the entire area of Silent Hill.”

“Correct! And it also explains why the fog got thicker right before my clone had appeared.”

“It was because you were giving birth to a new life form, just like the Lichen-Breed.”

“Wait a minute! I thought my father hated those damned creatures! Why did he give me the same reproductive system as them?”

“Well, it was because soon after he started experimenting on you, I hi-jacked his lab and began making my own changes, until your mom finally came in here and took you away.”

“But how?”

“Well, she sneaked into my laboratory when I wasn’t there and just took you away. She had found out the secret combination from some of your dad’s papers she got after the divorce. I told your father the news right before I killed him; or at least I thought I had killed him.”

“But he came back. He was the guy who was trying to break the door down.”

“Yup! I shot him in the leg! It’s amazing how many times I thought I’d finally killed him, but he just kept coming back after every single time. Talk about invincible! Ha! He must’ve done some extra experimenting on himself as well. Nevertheless, I finally managed to track him down and shoot him once you guys had entered his apartment. I managed to get into the lab just in time to give you the next clue!”

“That was the lab?”

“Yup! Sorry you couldn’t take a look around, but I needed to test if you truly were the one. Actually, I never stopped testing you since you came into this God-forsaken town! You forget, I can read the creatures’ minds too, and can also use their eyes. I was able to look into your mind as well and soon as I did that, I knew you were the one I was looking for.”

“Why all the tests? Wouldn’t they just prove what you already know?

“No, no, no. They would only prove what I was expecting them to prove. I already knew you were my creator’s son, but I didn’t know that you would be able to make the right decisions!”

“Huh? You lost me.”

“I wasn’t sure that you would be able to control your power, since you still seemed to be a slave to it. Whenever it called upon you, you had no choice but to answer it. Well, by forcing you to use your power, I helped you master it. Not only were you soon able to bend it to your will, but you were also able to use it for sending messages instead of just receiving them.”

“By the way, who was Dr. Tennessee really? What was his background?”

“Well, I’m afraid we’ll never know now that the few people that knew him have been slaughtered, by one thing or other. He could’ve been a freakin’ alien for all I know!”

“Great! That helps a lot! Anyways, why are you even here? I bet you didn’t come just to fill in the blanks.”

“Oh, no, no, no! I have one last test for you, my boy…the most important one of all!

A loud, high-pitched shriek pierced the darkness. It was just then that Jake had noticed the meat-eating creature’s absence. It had gone into the darkness to explore and had never come back.

“Where’s my companion…the creature?” mumbled Jake, confused.

“Oh, I’m afraid it won’t ever be coming back,” replied the clone solemnly. “My underlings are viciously mauling it down as we speak. That horrible scream you heard belonged to one of its mouths.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Well, my friend, I needed to make sure that that horrible monstrosity didn’t get in the way of your final, shall we say, ‘examination’.”

“You lead us here, didn’t you? It was you who sent the messages to the creature’s brain so that it would go here! You horrible traitor!”

With that, Jake pulled out his gun and pointed it at Dr. Tennessee’s young, handsome visage.

“Put that away or I’ll break your arm and take it,” replied the clone coldly. “Remember, you still don’t know my exact biological make-up, since my creator never managed to write it down and explain it very specifically. Therefore, you don’t know in which exact places to shoot me so as to cause all my bodily functions to cease.”

“No, but I have an idea.”

“Don’t be silly, my boy! Don’t you want to hear my last offer before you decide whether to shoot me or not? There’s a lot more to be told. Oh, yes! Much, much more!”

“Fine,” agreed Jake, slowly lowering his gun so that its butt pointed toward the ground. “Name your terms, and then I’ll blow your brains out.”

“We’ll see about that, my friend, we’ll see. Well, my proposition is kind of hard to explain clearly, so I think I’ll let my brothers help start me off! Boys!”

Right then and there the lights suddenly came on, illuminating the bodies and faces of hundreds upon hundreds of the brown, disfigured creatures, clinging onto the walls and ceiling, their mouths watering. In this light they looked like a whole colony of giant, brown-yellow insects.

“You know what they want, don’t you?” asked Dr. Tennessee coldly. “You’ve felt their great suffering, their great physical and emotional pain, that pain they go through every moment they live. Not only do their brains ache tremendously all twenty-four hours of the day because of their flawed organ distribution, but they also sense pains within their hearts, wherever they may be!

“The horrible abuse by their own father, by the townspeople, by basically everyone they ever met; it has given them the image that they are only useless pests. Some of them were so angry at the others for hating them that they went off on a mass killing spree. However this didn’t help fill the giant, icy hole inside of them. It only made it deeper. With their violent actions they soon drove everyone away and all they had left was each other. Their language was too simplistic to create any meaningful or social dialogue, so they felt very lonely…

“That was until you came along. They thought that you might be their last hope, although I highly doubt that. I mean, these creatures are too damn dumb to communicate properly with each other…”

“But I do understand them, and I feel their pain. I could teach them ways how to communicate and fit into contemporary society.”

“Ha! Fat chance of that! Even if, by some miracle, they do manage to learn English, do you think that humanity will actually welcome these hideous abominations of nature? Highly doubt that my friend!”

“I know humans have been very cruel and narrow-minded in the past, but that has all changed now. It might take some time, but they’ll soon be able to accept these creatures for who they are and what they have to offer…”

“HAHAHA! What they have to offer? You mean besides constant care by medical officials to try and ease their pain, besides hundreds upon hundreds of therapists having to treat them for free because they cannot gain money? Face it, buddy! These damned things are useless! They won’t be able to do a single useful thing for humanity! They are a burden on this earth and it would’ve been better if they had never been born!”

“That’s not true! Every creature on God’s green earth has at least one use. We may not be able to recognize it right now, but if we work hard enough we can…”

“HAHAHA! Oh, man, stop it, you’re gonna make my stomach burst! Are you forgetting that these creatures were never made by God? That they were just a horrible experiment gone wrong? Fool! They don’t deserve to live and they know it! Go inside any of their minds and they will tell you that they can’t wait for you to kill them!”

“You’re lying! This isn’t true! It can’t be true!”

“Oh, I’m afraid it is, my friend, and now comes the time for you to hear my proposal. In this room, as you can see, there are two canisters of gasoline positioned at two different strategic locations. There’s one over there, where all the hideous monstrosities are, and the other one is directly behind us. Now you have three choices:

“You can shoot the one in front of us, which will immediately vaporize all those bloody creatures and give us enough time to escape; you can shoot the one behind us so we all die and the world is free of the horrible mutants which old man Tennessee created; or you can just shoot me and try your plan of pathetically attempting to fit these atrocious horrors into ordinary human society.

“Now, before you shoot me, first hear my plan. If you get rid of these horrible things, you and I can join forces and combine both our superior intelligences to create the supreme human being! We won’t use it for war, or for eliminating the human race, or for creating a flawed utopia, or any of that crap! We’ll let the others worry about it. We’ll just use it to win our guaranteed Nobel Prize.

“Just think about it. No one will ever think of you as a freak ever again. The ladies will be swarming in herds to get to your bedroom. They will look past all of your eccentricities since it’ll all be worth it. You’ll be a renowned genius my friend. Everyone will look up to you and you’ll never be lonely again.”

“Never?” asked Jake in a weak voice as tears began to roll down his cheeks.

“Never again,” whispered the clone as he softly began to brush Jake’s face to calm him down and provide him with comfort. “You’ve been looking for a purpose, Jake, haven’t you? Well, here is your purpose! You were looking for someone to finally understand you, right, Jake? Well, I do! I understand how you feel and what you think because I’m just like you. We’re two peas from the same pod.”

“Ugghh…now, I don’t know…well, those guys over there understand me, too…but obviously not as well as you…and even if they could…I mean…it would take years for me to be able to properly communicate with them…even if I can read their minds…they’re still awfully simplistic…can’t really understand much…plus I bet what I see is just what’s on the surface…I know they’re hiding much more…can they learn to trust me?

“But it would be much easier to just go with you…’cause…’cause…it’s a lot easier for you to know what I’m talking about…oh, geez, a Nobel Prize…imagine…here I thought I was just a useless mental patient with no real purpose in life, but now…now I figure out…I’m brilliant!

“Or am I? Maybe you’re just using me to fulfill your own selfish intentions…then you’ll just throw me out like some useless piece of garbage…how can I trust you…how can I trust them? Jesus, I think it’ll just be better to destroy you all, including me, so the world wouldn’t have to suffer this horrible…”

“What am I talking about? I mean, we could do great things for the world…or can we? Can we? We should still let the creatures live! Or should we? Maybe they’ll betray us…maybe you’ll betray me! Maybe I should just let you all live…no, no good! You’ll probably just try your best to destroy each other! No! I must let the creatures live! They are suffering and I just know I can help them! Or can I? I should let you live, too, ‘cause you also have a good point. But no! You’ll just all kill each other…ugghh…maybe we should just all die…no, we could benefit humanity…no, we couldn’t…yes, we…agghhh….I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DECIDE! I DON’T KNOW WHICH DECISION IS BETTER! I AM SO CONFUUUUUUUUSED!

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, choose one already!” cried out the Tennessee clone, was getting very impatient. “C’mon, we ain’t got all day!”

Suddenly, amid all torrents of thought, a cool breeze swept over Jake’s mind, calming him down and making him realize which path was right all along.

“I have made my decision,” he finally replied as he cocked his gun, aimed, and fired.

© Copyright 2019 Alex Badila. All rights reserved.

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