Rotation of Soul

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A man learns how to use his new power wisely.

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012



It was another boring day at Grivendell Behavioral Institute. GBI. I was a voluntary patient--after a particularly bad day, my boyfriend dumped me, and sitting at home, I thought of cutting him to pieces.

So I checked myself in so that I could get some self-control. I’m not allowed to tell you, but I think the fact that I’m being allowed means something. Because if people didn’t want me to be allowed, I don’t think I would be.

I got into an argument with one of the nurses. It was about--well it was about my old, old boyfriend. He's great, but he says he has AIDS. For some reason he wasn’t calling me. I don’t know why and I may never know. But the argument was about him.

See, he was a patient at GBI too. That's where I met him.

The argument escalated and Maggie had a pencil. Number 2. Maggie was this hideously ugly 40 year old uh, woman, if you can call her that. She wanted me, but I was practicing abstinence for psychological and religious reasons (for my health, mental and physical--but mostly for mental health. It’s a long story). Also, Maggie was... well she had problems with men. And sometimes I was a little bit--confused when I was around girls--and boys.

So Maggie was getting all excited because of the loud argument between me and the nurse. And she stabbed me with the pencil, and I died.

I healed my wound. I have the power to heal any wounds I might have. But I was so frightened--the pain was terrible and quick--that I held my hand out and she died. I’m not really sure if I killed her on purpose, or if it was an accident, but the fact is she died.

And then everybody started running at me. A 15-year old boy, another patient, came at me with a colored pencil. It was pink.

So, to prevent more deaths, I grew armor. It was an extension of my flesh. It covered my whole body. Then I grew white wings. Glowing white wings. This I took from the matter in the floor. Wood panel.

Then I jumped and flew through the ceiling, which bent and contorted around me. The electrical wiring tickled me with inverse current electricity. I took one last look back, and immediately made my decision--I would exile myself to Antarctica, where I would practice my power until it was safe for me to be around people again. I would be free in Antarctica, and there would be no one around to kill, even if I was off my meds.

The flight took hours. I had and knew I had the power to make it faster, but I needed time to reflect. I cried for Maggie and for myself. I felt numb. I felt cold--literally.

Out of the snowy fog, a building appeared. It was maroon. And vast. But not very tall.

There was a tower, a clock tower, and as I approached the tower rang. Loud and clear. And immediately I fell. My armor melted off me. I fell and I died. For real this time.

Fortunately I came to. I had regenerated. And there was a group of people around me. An old woman was chanting. Later I would learn her name was Carlina. And she wasn’t really old, actually she was younger than me. She just had a cocaine problem.

I fell into a deep sleep. A coma really, but they brought me back. Their magic is powerful. (Well, between you and me, all things can be explained--so you can call it magic, call it ESP, or neither. I prefer just calling it communion.)

I was tied to a kitchen chair and somebody had pulled all my hair out. Carlina was there.

“I pulled your hair out for Maggie.” She said in a throaty voice. Then I realized that it wasn’t Carlina, it was... this mysterious and slightly creepy lady. Taunting me.

“I pulled your hair out for Maggie. Her spirit needed rest.” Then I remembered--Maggie, a girl I loved and hated, was dead. And it was kind of my fault.

My vision cleared, and I saw that it was Carlina. And my hair was not missing.

“Oh, it’s you.” She was another patient from the hospital.

“Yes it’s me.” I already knew she had power, I just didn’t know how much.

The mysterious lady and Carlina kept switching places. Almost like they wanted each other. Sometimes she was Carlina, sometimes she was the mysterious lady.

But anyway, that’s a story for another time.

Jay was there. He was the old, old boyfriend.

Deeper than sex. Our bond was beyond love, and beyond hate. We would meet in future lifetimes.

Alright, to be honest I don’t know what we are, but we are. I hope he lives, and lives, and lives, and lives, and dies happy.

Oh yeah, the ending. Well, I learned to use my power well, and so did Jay, and so did Carlina, and so did the mysterious woman, and so did the nurse, and the other nurse. The other nurse was actually guilty of real murder. Not even an accident.

But we all survived, we all got stronger, and none of us ever killed again. Well, maybe an ant or a mosquito or gnat sometimes, accidentally on purpose, but hey, we all make mistakes.

I almost forgot this other guy. He’s sort of like my dad, and he’s straight as an arrow.

He grew up too.

The end!

Wait... I forgot the dark man. He pretended to try to kill me. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I wish him well. And woe to him. Woe to all of us.

You have the dark man to thank for that dark ending. It wasn’t me.

The end. ;)

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