Hope in the Stars

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Quick idea that I am viewing, I like it but please let me know what you think. This is nothing more than a quick draft so there might be a few grammatical errors. I will try and revise it soon but
for now please enjoy.

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018




It was the year 2145 when the Earth started going through tremendous changes. That was the year humanity had to face the consequences of the way it had treated the planet. After years of pollution and contamination the air became toxic to us, the summers grew hotter and the winters were shorter. Fields of farmland and fertile land became barren and dead. Large fields of grass became dry desserts were nothing could live. First small bodies of waters like lakes and rivers went dry and it wasn’t long before the oceans became nothing more than salt and piles of human waste.

Earth was now inhabitable, and humanity needed to find a way to survive, so we began to run. We started looking up towards the stars. Space travel had been a dream of the past but now it was our only chance of survival. The first few trips were meant to send teams of Recon Space Marines as they were called to find us a habitable planet to call home. All were a failure and none of the teams ever came back.

Next, they tried sending teams of scientists to nearby planets to try and see if they can become habitable but nothing all failures.

The year 2154 came and Earth was on its last legs. As a last resort the government began sending ships full of people under Cryogenic sleep and hoped for the best. I was put on this shuttle, a shuttle of 25 but I was put to sleep long before. I am the first test subject, the first person to be put in Cryogenic Slumber in the year 2018.

Chapter 1: Sea of Black

Cryogenic stasis concluded, vital signs normal, cognitive functions normal. Welcome to the year 2654, it is currently 2345. Hope you slept well Mr. Cruse, the few passengers who have woken are waiting for you in the ship’s common room.

The hatch to the pod opened slowly releasing a thin mist that sunk to the ground.

Cruse slowly opened his eyes, his muscles quickly tensed as he tried moving his legs.

Your muscles may be a bit tense, it has been over 600 years since you last walked. I would take it easy. The voice said to him.

He slowly made it out of his pod, he was wearing a light gray jumpsuit that hugged his body. He looked down at his forearm, a number had been tattooed, a one. He took a step forward and felt his legs cramp up quickly. He grunted in pain as he fell to the ground.

“Was I really asleep for more than 600 years?” he asked.

The voice came on, Correct, 636 years 127 days, almost 128.

He sat up and looked around. Trying to search for where the voice was coming from. The room was well lit by lights that ran across the ceiling and floor causing the white walls to seem brighter. There were 25 pods lined up against the walls, he noticed some of them had already been opened.

“Umm hello, where are you?” he asked.

I am inside your head Mr. Cruse. I am your personal AI who was installed into your cerebrum before you went to sleep.

There are others who have awoken, they are currently in the common room.

A map appeared in front of him.

You are currently in the Cryo Bay, I have marked the Common Room on your map.

“What is this.” He said trying to swipe at the map which seemed glued to his eyesight.

This is your reticle interface Mr. Cruse; each passenger had an AI installed into their lower cerebrum to aid in the cryogenic slumber and during Reawakening.

“Why am I learning about this now, why weren’t we told when we were being put to sleep?” he asked frantically.

Apologies Sir, I do not have that information. I am just here to aid you on your mission.

“My mission?”

Yes, to ensure the survival of the human race.

“What do you mean the survival of the human race?”

One second sir, downloading all files pertaining to events that occurred in the past 636 years.

Images, videos and articles popped up in front of Cruse, Earth Doomed, End of Days, Humanities Extinction were some of the headlines.

Videos showing volcanoes erupting, buildings crumpling as the earth swallowed them. Cruse fell to the ground, overwhelmed by all of it.

“This isn’t possible.” He said. The images disappeared.

Apologies sir, according to all files the Earth dies 136 years after you were put to sleep.

Everything he knew was all gone, and he was asleep during all of it. He needed to find out more.

“If Earth was destroyed, then where are we right now?”

We are currently aboard Shuttle 999213 these are the vessels that were used to evacuate Earth, we are in space now sir.


Yes sir, before the Earth eliminated the human race the remaining survivors were put in Cryogenic Slumber and sent to space. That is all the information I have at the moment sir.

He got up. The map was still there in the corner of his vision with the blinking red dot that led to the common room. He slowly and carefully made his way to the common room.

“Umm what’s your name Ms. Umm AI?”

I currently do not have one in my data banks. You may call me whatever you desire Mr. Cruse.

Cruse gave it some thought, “Actually I like Connie, you know for like conscience since you’re like a voice inside my head giving me advice.”

Connie. Registering now. You may now call me Connie, how may I be of assistance Mr. Cruse.

Cruse smiled, “I don’t need anything right now, and you can call me Adle.” He made his way down a hallway, he stops suddenly and turns towards a large window. He looks out and sees nothing but black.

“Connie, where are we exactly?”

We’re at the edge of the Milky Way. The data I have on file says we’ve been aimlessly floating for the past 50 years.

“Sailing aimlessly in this sea of black.” He said quietly while admiring the darkness, he could see faint lights off in the distance. He looked away and continued forward. For as far he could tell the people waiting for him, the ones still sleeping and him were the last remaining humans and they were aimlessly floating throughout space.

He turned the corner and walked into the room his map was highlighting.

As the door opened all talking that was going on stopped and everyone in the room turned to look at Adle.

He looked at each of them. Two of them were sitting on a big brown couch that was sitting in the middle of the room. A man and a woman, the man had long curly brown hair and dark tanned skin. The woman had her long blond hair tied into a ponytail, she looked up towards Adle in curiosity.

Another pair were off at a table having a conversation, both of them were now staring. A young looking guy with bright red hair and green eyes, and a tall thin woman with shoulder length brown hair.

The man with the curls stood up, “Haha there you are! We’ve been waiting for you.” He said excitedly. Adle raised an eyebrow, the man walked up to him and extended his hand to him.

“Name’s Franco Wannma, Franco is good with me. I was the first one to wake up.” He shook Adle’s hand, he pointed over to the girl on the couch.

“That’s Pamela.” The girl smiled and waved at him, “and those two are Jonny and Lucy.”

“Adle Cruse.” He said. He looked around the room.

“So are we the only ones who are awake right now?” he asked Franco.

Lucy stood up, “As of right now yes, we were all told to come here by our AI’s. I’m assuming you have one too correct?”

He nodded.

I am not too sure why we’re here either Adle. We were programmed to bring you all here.

“We’ve just been waiting for the last one to come here apparently there’s something we’re supposed to do.” Franco said. Suddenly a faint beeping sound like an alarm could be heard.

“What’s that?” Adle asked. Adle look at the center of the room, the small console is blinking.

He walked over to it along with the rest. The console was pretty much a small circular pedestal with a small black orb in the center. Adle placed his hands on it and a keyboard lit up in front of the orb, a small compartment on the floor opened as well. Another white pedestal rose from it and there were five small rectangular prisms sitting on it. Each with a different set of numbers.

“Hey those numbers match the ones on our forearms.” Jonny said. Adle looked at the number on his forearm. He looked at the weird pieces and picked up the one that corresponded with his number. As soon as he touched it the number lit up red. The others grabbed their own and all of them lit up a different color.

“Ok now this is weird.” Franco said.

Adle look closely at the console there is a hole where it seems that piece would fit in. I would advise trying it out.

Adle looked at everyone else, they were all eyeing the hole that Connie was talking about. It seems all of their AI’s were saying the same thing. Maybe they’d finally get answers if they tried it. He walked towards the console again and looked at the hole, it seemed like the piece would fit perfectly. He brought it close to the hole and stopped.

“Adle I’d wait before we try that. We don’t know what it’ll do.” Lucy said to him.

“We need answers and I’m pretty sure this will be the only way we’re going to get them.” He said. He inserted the piece inside, it was sucked in all the way and the black orb began to light up.

They all backed away as a hologram flickered to life above the orb. It was an elderly man, he had what seemed like a Space Marine uniform on.

“Welcome this is General Vannilun speaking to flight 999213, if you are watching this message that means that the five of you are currently in the same room and have just been woken. We do not know when, but we know that since you are awake the ship’s scanners have located a nearby habitable planet. There isn’t time for a complete explanation, all you need to know for the time being is that the five of you have been chosen to be this ship’s Recon team. Planet Earth is long gone and there is no going back, we destroyed our home and have been forced to find a new one. That is where your team comes in, you have all been chosen for a specific reason.” The hologram flickered.

“Lucy Setsel, despite the age you were born in. You have proven to be an astounding scientist who has dedicated her life to botany, environmental and atmospheric science, your knowledge is crucial to the survival of the human race and finding the 20 remaining survivors a new home.

Jonny Odman, at the young age of 15 you completed the training to become a Space Marine, you proved to have exceptional survival and marksman skills during the training. Your skills are necessary to keeping the team safe against any type of threat. Whether it be the environment or hostile alien races.

Franco Wannma, a former wasteland runner. According to your file you used to own your own Runner shop. A dangerous and illegal sport. In the criminal world you are the current holder of the Fastest Runner title, your ability with locomotive engines will be what keeps this ship from crash landing in an unwanted planet. We also know about your previous involvement with the Latin Republic as an innovative engineer and inventor. Trust me your skills will come in handy.

Pamela Fored, previous neurosurgeon, with more awards in the medical field than any of my most decorated war fighters. Without you the team would probably not be successful. You are responsible for the wellbeing of all 25 on the ship, and if the mission is a success, it will be on you to pass on your knowledge for future generations.

Finally, Adle Cruse our man from another time. Being frozen in 2018 just means you were fortunate enough to not witness the destruction of our former home. Your role in this is much greater, with your knowledge of the old world we are hoping you’d be able to lead humanity and avoid the errors we committed.

We are all counting on you, the faith of humanity is in your hands. The ship’s AI will help you further, find us a home and save humanity.” The hologram disappeared and the light on the orb died.

Adle looked around, every single pair of eyes were on him.

“You’re… from the 21st century?” Franco asked.

Adle looked at all of them and nodded, “How! Cryogenics was a modern science that was never used until the early 22nd century.”

“Wrong. Cryogenic slumber was a possibility in 2015, me and 9 others were part of a classified experimental group who was supposed to be put to sleep from 2018 to 3018. The government doesn’t always share their newest toys with the public.” He walked over to the couch and sat down.

He looked down at his hands, “What I can’t believe is… how? The Earth gone?” he raked his hands through his hair.

“How was it?”

He looked up at Lucy, “How was the Earth before? You never got to see it when it had gone to shit but I can imagine we all heard stories about how it use to be. Was there really ever such a thing as snow, and were you really able to play in the rain without being burned?”

All of them looked at him, expecting him to respond. He couldn’t think, he didn’t know what to think. After what he had just heard there was nothing left why did they have to wake him up, why didn’t they just leave him frozen.

Adle, not everything is lost. You are humanities final chance at survival, because as far we know this might be the last remaining shuttle. We need to do something to save your kind.

“Earth was very beautiful before I was frozen. There were pieces of land that were nothing but snow and ice, oceans so blue and beautiful.” He got up, looked at each of the with a determined look.

“We are going to bring that back, I will make sure that all of those people wake up to a new Earth. To a new home. For all of you” They smiled at him and nodded.

“Well I’m with you.” Franco said.

“I am too.” Jonny said.

“and me.” Lucy said.

“Don’t forget me. I want to see this new Earth, whatever it takes.” Pamela said.

The quest to find a new home had begun, it isn’t going to be easy, but humans have always shown to come on top of whatever challenge comes there way. This won’t be any different. Humanity will not die.

© Copyright 2019 Alex Cruz. All rights reserved.

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