Total Eclipse- 1st Story

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In the 31st century, a teenage girl by the name of Ellaina is struggling to keep her two social outcasts of sisters, Dylin and Christine, out of trouble. That all changes when Dylin brings home jocky Steven...

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Snap! I hear one of my younger sisters breaking a twig off of our neighbor's tree. Again. I turn my head and see Christine skipping along like nobody's business. \"Christine, where's your sister?\" I ask suspiciously. She shrugged and started humming an old song. \"Dylin said she was going to bring a friend over,\" Christine said. I frowned. Neither one of my siblings were normal, at least not for two ten-year-olds, which made it very unlikely for them to have so-called \"friends\". \"Who's this friend we're talking about here?\" I ask, stopping at our front porch. Christine glances backwards, as if expecting Dylin to appear out of thin air. She leaned in and whispers, \"There's a popular boy about your age, and Dylin met him on a field trip a few weeks ago.\" Then my sister pulled back and frowned. \"I can't remember his name, though,\"she sighed. \"But I do know that he's real tall, even for us!\" Christine exhaled loudly and sat on thenporch steps, staring at the apartment across from us. I sat next to her. It's funny how she's ten and I'm sixteen, but we're almost the same height already, must mean that whoever Dylin's friends with must be a huge kid. \"Well, he is a teenage boy,\" I say, shrugging. Before either of us could say anything else, I see a tall brown-haired girl with a red tshirt skipping our way, but she has her face turned backwards, as if she was being followed. Christine gives me a suddenly serious look. \"Here he comes,\" she says monotonously. I crane my neck for a better look, and when I do, I see a very tall, muscled boy with dark curly orange hair striding after Dylin. Instantly I lean back. For some reason, that boy looks awfully familiar. \"Hi, Christine! Hi Ellaina! I brought my friend, like I promised!\" Dylin yells, looking pleased. My heart skips a beat when the boy (well, maybe a man) comes around to stand in front of me. Christine looks just as uncomfortable as I feel, which kind of relieves me, actually. Dylin hops beside him and grins. \"Guys, I'd like you to meet Steven Niffed,\" She says. \"He's a very good friend of mine. Steven, that's my twin Christine, with the ponytail-\" Christine looks down when Dylin says this- \"- And this is my older sister Ellaina.\" Steven grins at me and I blush. \"Hello, Ellaina,\" Steven says in a friendly voice. \"You're really pretty, did you know that?\" My face becomes really hot and Dylin giggles, confirming my worst fear. \"Don't worry, Ellaina, he's just teasing you,\" she says. \"You know, 'cux you're the same age and stuff.\" Christine rolls her eyes at me. At least she was on my side. \"Well, let's save the teasing until we get inside, shall we?\" she says. \"You know, 'cuz it's getting chilly out here.\" Dylin scowls and I grin.

\"Hey, Ellaina,\" a recognizably cheery voice calls from behind me. I jump a couple inches, not expecting Steven to be here. Hesitantly, I turn around and find myself face-to-face with you-know-who. I'm unable to move and my breathing becomes very rapid. \"Umm, h-hi,\" I stutter. \"D-Did you kn-kn-know you ha-have very b-bright b-b-blue eyes?\" I laugh nervously, but I instantly regret saying anything at all. Steven smiles and pulls back. \"So I've heard,\" he chuckles. \"Everyone says that.\" I raise my eyebrows. \"Really? Wow, I never knew that,\" I remark, only half-sarcastic. Again, the boy (or man) grins and chuckles. Suddenly, the bell rings and I jump. \"Um, I-I gotta g-go,\" I say, backing away slowly. Steven waves and walks off flawlessly. I sigh in relief. That boy is very weird, I think. ~to be continued in the 2nd story~

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