Why does it all change?

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Tera lives in a world that confuses her. Ever since her parents divorce her life has changed. She is never sure whether she hates her life or likes it. This story is about Tera's life.

Authers note: I might have some spelling mistakes! Please enjoy.

Submitted: March 10, 2009

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Submitted: March 10, 2009



I jumped out of the bus talking to Erin and Alison. Let me tell you some stuff about me.

My name is Tera Ezzarie, I am 12 years old going on 13 in 7th grade. I attend ASP at the moment. My parents told me that they were separating at the end of my 4th grade when I lived in Jordan. I have one brother his name is Rami and he's 16. He's a junior. After Jordan we moved to Paris because my mom didn't want to separate me from my dad. I was happy because I could see my dad and sad because we moved even though I hated the country. I used to go to French schools, but now I attend American school. My first year here I attended the worst school alive, EAB. French, stupid, small. In 6th grade i moved to American school, and my best friends were Erin, Alison, Ana. Though Erin, Alison and me were a \"thing\" you could say. I was so happy...

We walked down the crowded hallways trying to get to the student board to find out our Advisory (advisory is like homeroom). I pushed throw the crowd and searched for my name. I nearly cursed out loud, I got Mr. Albright a.k.a the wackiest teacher I will have in academics this year. He's the Social Studies teacher. Erin got Madame. Bailly, which was the teacher I wanted apart from Ms. Forish, Madame. Bailly is the French teacher. Alison got into Mr. Arent, he's the science teacher, doesn't give a crap what you do.

I dragged my bag along the hallway to Mr. Albright's room. I walked in to see who is with me. The name of people in it:

Yoojin [my friend] Amaan [ cool midget basket ball player] Camilo [ I don't really know him] Peter [ annoying, agressive, book worm] Stephen [my friends, cool drum player] Kerim [One of my bestest guy friends, perv, cool guitar player] Silvana [ New, looks cool] Audrey [Annoying save the planet, be vegetarian] Lauren [new, she's nice and cool] Margaux [I was her buddy she seemed nice, obsessed with Jo Bros] Juan [ Puerto Rico, midget, nice, funny] Harrison [ New kid, on my bus, the most annoying ear dropper ever]

This should be fun.

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