The Messed Up World

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story about children who have to run away from parents who begin to suddenly kill their children. Rachel and Kim being twins find themselves with two other people Eric, a boy who is really
handsome, and Adriana who is just as mysterious as the book she carries. Will they make it out and figure out what is going on? Or does someone already know what is going on?


In a small nameless town there lived four different teenagers all of them being connected by some strange kind of force. There was a boy, three girls, two of the girls being twins. Each of them had always thought that they had life figured out, but only three of them didn’t know their real fate in this world they live in.

Their worlds would be united as one soon after random events start to occur. Weird things like parents killing their children, taking the innocent lives that will never be able to live again.

All four of them had to run for their lives that day. Eric had to run from his father’s gun, he was petrified at the fact that his father just started to kill his children.

Rachel and Kim had hidden once they had heard of the event. Scared at the fact of all the parents killing all the kids. Rachel had refused to go home after hearing of it and Kim was unsure of how to feel, they both knew one thing though. They both felt the pit in their stomach their fear slowly building up.

Adriana just walked around with a big grin on her face looking into her book. Not fearing anything that was going on around her, she couldn’t care less. She didn’t have a home to go to, so she wasn’t all that afraid of parents killing her. She didn't have any, so the fear wasn't really there.

“Rachel? Do you think that we will die here?” Kim asked as she looked up at her sister lap where she had been laying.

“Hahaha!” Rachel laughed, “You think that I will let that happen to us, my little sister? NO! We will survive! And nobody, not even the adults will find us here.”

Kim nodded in agreement thinking to herself that Rachel was right and she shouldn’t doubt her older sister’s judgment it was all she had anyway.

“Hello? Anyone in here?” Adriana asked looking into a tiny hole seeing if anyone would answer.

“No,” Kim responded.

“No? Well someone must be really stupid enough to answer me.” Adriana said smiling walking in further the hole holding her book really close to her chest.

Rachel looked to where Adriana was and scowled, “Who are you? We have to know who you are first before you come closer.”

Adriana stopped and looked at the two twins trying to see if she knew them, smiling she said, “I am Adriana, but you guys can call me Adria for short, the meaning behind Adria is so fitting.”

Kim and Rachel looked at each other confused at first and as if reading each other's minds they had a feeling they could trust Adriana.

“I am Rachel and this is my sister Kim,” Rachel said pointing at her sister hoping that Adrianna can tell which one is which.

"So the short haired one is Kim and you are the long-haired one okay I think I can remember that," Adriana said smiling at the girls pointing at them.

“And I am Eric nice to meet ya!”

The two girls looked at Adriana, as Adriana turned herself around looking at a boy who had completely come out of nowhere. Eric had his hand up and smiled at the girls trying to be friendly towards them.

“Okay not gonna question why he came out of nowhere, but I guess you two could stay,” Rachel said holding her sister closer.

“Thank you, much appreciated.” Adriana and Eric said together.

They all stared at each other very awkwardly, unsure what to say to each other. Rachel and Kim were huddled together as Rachel tried to comfort her sister by petting the top of her head. Eric was looking at them awkwardly wondering why those two never let go or rather why Rachel never let go. Then Adriana was humming to herself trying to entertain herself as she read her book and started to write into it not thinking about the other’s too much.

Rachel looked outside of the hiding place looking to her left and right trying to see if she could see any figures, “I think we are clear for now.”

Kim looked at her sister, “I have something to say.”

Everyone began to look at Kim making her shiver, they all were awkwardly silent and all, but she didn’t want to separate from the bunch she much rather has the others survive with her and Rachel, quietly she said: “I think we should stay together.”

Rachel looked her shooting a glance that could turn Kim into stone, “Why would you say that? They don’t want to be with us. Just let them leave and hide somewhere else.”

Eric responded for Kim, “The little lady is right we should stay together, it seems that if we separate than the adults will find us. Being alone isn’t the best thing to do.”

Rachel looked at him in disgust twitching with frustration, “First off us staying together is a bigger risk! A group always goes down first. Second, did you just call my sister little lady?”

Adriana smiled, “I would agree with Eric on this one, Rachel if we separate then we would die quicker. It is better if we work together, so we can protect each other and get each other’s backs.”

“Fine,” Rachel said looking back out, “Then everyone needs to grab a weapon and let's move!”

They all nodded.

When heading outside it seemed like everything was normal. The sun shone brightly as the flowers showed its natural beauty in the sun. There were little droplets on the flowers making everything sparkle in beauty. All of them went out of the hiding spot one by one, each carrying something they had found on the ground, mostly useless stuff on the ground like a stick. Rachel and Kim had looked around checking the area, Eric was practicing whacking someone in the head, Adriana looked at all of them smiling keeping her guard up just in case someone had failed to do their part.

Rachel looked at the group, “I think we all should head for the school.”

Everyone agreed in silence and ran right behind Rachel, heading straight to the school. They all had their own thoughts each one thinking will everything be the same again or will they just die along with the rest of the children of the world.

They reached their destination unsure if it was safe to go in since adults usually work in schools. When going to the gate Rachel had noticed that it was locked from the inside but tried to open itanyway.

“Son of a-”

“It would seem that we can’t get into the front,” Adrianna interrupted, “I know a place that we can get in.”

“Okay, then where is it?” Rachel asked.

They all had a bad feeling about Adriana, she was different, she seemed as if she was up to no good whenever she spoke or even when she volunteered for something. They couldn't even feel her presence sometimes that's how scary she was. Eric had thought that it was just the fact that he didn’t know her and that she could be really cool. But Rachel and Kim both felt the same way about her she was weird and scary in her own way. Every time she started at them her dark eyes would scare them as if she was shooting lasers from her eyes that cause people to be paralyzed by just looking.

Adriana had led the group to the back of the school and showed them the way to get inside. The group had noticed two different entrances and looked at her in confusion. How could she possibly know a way to get inside?

“Which one Adria?” Rachel asked looking at the eerie entrances wondering what is beyond them.

“Go through the left one that should take you to the gym, the right one is a dead-end. It’s gross on the right side. All that dirt and water it’s way too muddy I wouldn't want you, girls, to ruin what you guys are wearing by going that way.”

Eric had a questionable look, “I mean I guess.”

The group when inside the left entrance Eric, Rachel, and Kim went on their hands and knees feeling the grimy ground with their hands, the consistency felt like someone had puked there and it was left there for days to dry up. Adriana looked at them all and then looked at her book reading it as they went in further.

“Uhhh I don’t know about all this Adria. Where is the entrance to get to the gym?” Rachel asked trying to wipe all the grossness from her hands.

Adriana sighed annoyed with Rachel’s stupid question, “It’s right below you just put all your weighton it and it should break just fine.”

“Are you calling me fat?!”

“No, I am not I am just saying all of you should use all of your weight in order to break the vent. That’s all.”

“Oh? Then why aren’t you here with us?” Rachel asked looking back.

Adriana smiled, “I don’t want to experience the fall you are all about to face.”

Hearing the creaking noise below them they realized that it wasn’t a good idea, it had taken a while for all three of them to process what Adriana just had said.

“What?!” The three yelled as they fell down to the hard gym floor. Adriana jumped from where she was and landed on her feet. She shivered as the rest of the group had groaned in pain from the fall.

“You could have told us sooner!!” Rachel yelled as she picked up Kim from the ground making sure she wasn’t hurt in any vital areas.

“Well if I would have told you then you wouldn’t have done it. Then we wouldn’t be able to get in.” Adriana said smiling at them all in a cute way.

Ignoring the fact that they were all in pain they looked around the gym to make sure there were no adults anywhere. Eric and Adriana had blocked the doors as best as they could with only some chairs and mats to block the windows and Kim had taken some mats and placed them on the floor so everyone can sit down.

“Okay first off we need to discuss what the heck is going on,” Rachel said sitting down next to Kim, massaging her arm from all the pain.

Eric replied, “Well all I know is that a bunch of parents is killing their kids. But I don’t know why it is happening.”

“Of course none of us really know,” Kim said crossing her arms.

“It could have something to do with aliens. Maybe.” Adriana said looking into her book smiling.

“Yeah cause that is so realistic…” Rachel said rolling her eyes.

“Well, what do you think is causing all of this Miss. Know it All?” Adriana said looking out of her book raising her eyebrow.

“Well I wouldn’t be asking if I knew would I?”

"Then why do you go and shoot down what I said like that if you don't know anything about it?"

"Oh shut up Adria."

Adriana put down her book and looked directly into Rachel's eyes, "Or what?"

Rachel got offended trying not to shake, "Oh I'll show you what!"

Eric stopped the girls before they started to fight each other, “Okay moving on from the fact that our lives are in danger. We all should assign roles to what each of us should do. It is best if we all know what we are doing.”

Rachel breathed and nodded in agreement, “Yeah I think that I should be the leader, Eric on the lookout, and Kim as the resources finder.”

“I mean that only seems fair,” Adriana said looking back at her book writing something, not caring about what she was going to do.

Eric raised his eyebrow not sure if why Adriana was acting like this, “You are fine without a role in this group?”

“Oh yes, I have no business in getting into your survival group I can get by on my own. I mean I did just walk through the streets and nobody ever bothered me. Unlike you guys I know how to take care of myself.”

“Then why are you here? If you can do all that?”

Smiling she got closer to Eric and whispered in his ear softly, “Well for my entertainment of course.”

She moved back as Rachel and Kim blushed along with Eric. He held onto his ear and smiled goofily trying not to think of Ariana in that way, she was a really attractive girl but he wasn’t planning to be with her like that. In the situation, they were in right now he couldn't be thinking about that. But when she did that, he can only think about how attractive she suddenly was.

Rachel cleared her throat trying to conceal her yell, “Well anyways we should all focus on getting some rest.”

Adriana yawned, “Yeah I am getting a little sleepy.”

Eric looked at the girls, “So do we need to be on watch if anyone tries to get in?”

Adriana answered, “As long as everything is locked out and that nobody finds the secret spot then we should be okay. The adults have yet to even to look inside a gym they don’t think that kids would hide here.”

Eric nodded and laid down looking up at the ceiling trying not to think about the bad things that were going on as he closed his eyes. Rachel and Kim both looked at each other, Rachel trying to calm down her sister by mouthing out, “Everything is okay.” As for Adriana she laid down with a smile and looked at her group and laughed, a little amused that finally, after all her years in trying to make some friends, she was lucky enough to make some.

As they laid there in a deep sleep they hadn’t seen the one person that they missed on the ceiling. A woman with long black hair stared at them as they slept, she couldn't’ see clearly but her main target was Adriana. Before she left she stared at Adriana more trying to let her blood boil from the pain the excruciating pain that was inflicted on her.

By accident, she made a huge cracking noise and instantly Rachel and Eric woke up, startled by the sudden noise.

“Did you hear that?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah. Do you think that they found us?”

“Possibly not,” Adriana said out of nowhere.

“Jesus, you freak go on ahead and scare me!” Rachel yelled holding her hand where her heart is.

“Sorry. But I think that it is something else. The adults would’ve killed us by now if they were here. I think that we were being watched.”

Rachel shivered, “That’s creepy who would be watching us sleep? Why would a person want to watch us in the first place?”

“It could be a kid who wants to be in our group but is shy,” Adriana said picking up her book from the ground.

Rachel shook her head, “No I think it was just something that fell from the vent. I mean we did break it.”

Eric nodded in agreement, “Yeah that’s it. There is no other explanation for why we heard that weird noise or anything in that fact.”

Adriana had a frightened look on her face she knew that something wasn’t right and she wasn’t about to let anything happen to them.

Adriana looked up at her group, “I am gonna head out you guys.”

“Where to?” Eric asked.

“Nowhere important to you Eric my dear,” she said looking straight into his eyes, “Besides if you knew you wouldn’t like it.”

Rachel jumped in, “Well we still need to keep tabs on each other Adria you need to tell us where you are going.”

“I rather not Rachel.”

“Adriana please you need to tell us where you are going we don’t want to lose you.”

Adriana felt a pain in her heart she didn’t want to leave them, they were her only friends the only ones that she had liked. She was sure in her mind that they have always understood her.

“Well, then it’s too late for that isn’t it?” She smiled at them, then she looked down at Kim, “Promise me that you will live on without me if I do leave. I don’t want you all to disappear.”

“We won’t disappear and neither will you. Adria just tell us what is going on.”

Adriana only smiled at her friends, “No.”

Then like that she went back up into the ceiling and ran out the way they came in. Rachel and Eric were both shocked by what she said unable to say anything else.

Yelling for her name over and over the two tried to get her back over there with them. Adriana had been outside for two minutes when they had finally stopped calling out for her name. She knew she had to do this for them, for herself.

“Okay then.” She whispered to herself as she went into the right passageway.

As she crawled her way through she had so many thoughts in her head like how it was her fault she brought this upon them. Only she could help them, only she knew, rather her book knew what happened that night when they heard the noise. She went down the opening and looked around. She smiled a little at the place, but it wasn’t a sweet smile.

“Well, it seems that everything is in order.” She said looking at the blood on the floors of the place and the skeletons that were on the walls.

She touched all of the knives on a scratched up stand, she touched the wall and the dried blood stains.

"Oh that sucks the blood dried already, I was hoping that it would stay a little longer."

She kept looking around the tiny room, she breathed in, she knew she had everything in the places that she left them yesterday.

“Except for the new one, though,” she said looking at a place where someone had escaped from, “Where could have she gone?”

Adriana looked around a little, then turned smiling at the mirror that was sitting behind her, “I haven’t looked in a mirror in a while I forgot how scary I look. Surprised that they didn’t notice it. How naive.”

“Adriana…” A faint voice said softly.

“Hmm? What is it?” She said looking in the mirror.

“Adriana, I need my revenge.” The woman said softly.

“Ahh, Elizabeth. How did you get out?” Adriana said turning towards the woman.

“I have my ways,” Elizabeth said standing in an attack position.

“I knew that you were stubborn, but not this stubborn. I mean I did take out your eye and yet you still had the guts to tell me something. Aren't you even a little scared?”

Elizabeth walked into the light showing Adriana her left eye that she had taken out, “Why would I be afraid of a little girl like you? You need to just die.”

Adriana smiled, “Well I guess this is what I get right eventually I knew someone was gonna kill me. I have been waiting for someone to actually have the guts to try and kill me.”

Elizabeth had run and gone on top of Adriana with a huge knife in her hand and held it close to Adriana’s neck. Adriana didn't even fight it, she wanted this for such a long time. Since the day her mom killed her dad she wanted someone to try and kill her.

“Any final words Adriana?” Elizabeth asked shaking.

Adriana knew that she was scared, but she wanted to actually see if Elizabeth had the guts that it took for Adriana to kill her mom.

“Well not really I don’t feel like I need to say anything. It's not like you would really listen to what a person like me would have to say.”

“Not even about your crimes? About what you had done? All the sins you had made?!” Elizabeth shouted.

“What about it?” Adriana said innocently.

“Like why you did what you did to all those people! Why you killed them off like they were animals!”

Adriana chuckled a little, “Why would I need a reason why I killed all those people? You want a reason I will give you one, I killed them to entertain myself. Because when I was bored I had thought that their lives being taken from them wouldn’t be as boring. It ended up being that their lives were in my hands and I could take it away if I wanted to. Those kids were just so fun to mess with I helped them, I saved them, those poor children.”

“So you did it so you won’t be bored? Wait… what do you mean save?”

“Yes, I did. Turned out I loved it so much it became a hobby. Have you ever felt like you had real power in deciding when they live or die? Watching the life drain from their eyes, begging you not to kill them, and when I did that I saved them from living the lives they obviously hated. I saved those PITIFUL CHILDREN!!" Adriana said laughing evilly.

“Yes, a very sick hobby. I will never understand how you thought it was okay to do such a thing to people. People like you Adriana don't deserve to live. They all had lives they wanted to live. ”

“I am glad you are getting rid of me,” Adriana said smiling ignoring the last comment Elizabeth made.


"It's almost ironic for you to say that I have no right to take the lives of people, but yet here you are about to take my life away from me."

Elizabeth breathed harder, "Shut up what I am doing is justice for all the people you killed you sick little freak!"

Adriana laughed loudly, "Yes, yes!! Take my life from me take it watch me die! Enjoy yourself Elizabeth! Kill me to your heart's content!"

Elizabeth shook her head she didn’t want to hear any more. She wanted to hurry up and kill her. She didn't want to stab her repeatedly no, Adriana would yelp in happiness. She sliced through Adriana’s throat, decapitating her and a smile can be shown on Adriana’s dead face.

Adriana wanted this for herself she wanted someone to have some sort of power over her, she had been waiting for someone to kill her finally. Ever since she was forced to kill her mom and when she killed her first victims, she wanted to die, she knew what she was doing was wrong. But like a drug she was addicted to the feeling of power.  

Elizabeth had put the knife down and looked at Adriana with sadness in her eyes. She cried right there trying not to think of what she did, but Elizabeth had to kill Adriana she just had to, there was no other way. Elizabeth got up wiping her eyes knowing what she did was right.

At the gym, Eric, Rachel, and Kim were waiting on a response from their friend. Instead, a book fell from the ceiling. Eric picked it up and looked at it in fear noticing the front cover of the book being Adriana’s.

“It’s Adriana’s book the one she reads and writes in.” He said quivering as the book shook his hands.

Rachel looked, “Read it then man.”

“Why would I read something that isn’t mine?”

Kim grabbed the book, “I’ll read it then.”

Rachel and Eric looked at her as she read aloud the contents of the book:

“Everything that I did was for only me. People may call me selfish but I don’t care it’s just me anyway. I made up the world where everything went my way. I made friends that weren’t real as well. Rachel and Kim were twins. I remember the twins that every guy loved to death and then I killed them to death. It was fun to see Rachel crying out to her sister trying to protect her as I cut Kim open with a knife. It was the most delightful sight to see Kim's tears as she begged along with her sister."

“Then I cut Rachel’s hair and gouged out her beautiful eyes adding it to my collection. They both got what they deserved ignoring me...I knew they were mocking me."

“And Eric was just a random boy I picked up one time. I told him I had a football that I didn't need any more in my basement. He is still where I left him he is just is all bones by now the rats ate him up. Down there he was the only one who got to see my nature. He threatened to tell the police, but I wouldn’t let him I stabbed him repeatedly all over his muscled body. I never really had to tie him up, it was just like a cat and mouse game to me. I loved it he was so playful..."

“At one point I did really love him. I just didn’t want my cover to be blown by some guy who wanted to ruin something I liked so very much. It turned out that I loved killing people and feeling power more than I loved him."

“But I made them my friends the only ones that can understand me and what I do for a living. They are not real I mean they used to be who cares about who they were before? As long as I don’t die then they will remain here with me forever.”

Then like that Elizabeth jumped from the ceiling and looked down at the book it was open to a page in Adriana’s diary, “How did it open? I just dropped it must have been the way it fell.”

Moving on from the gym she went out in the front where the police were waiting at. She walked towards them with the book in her hand and the knife she used to kill Adriana. She tried to look ahead but her eyes remained focused on the book.

“So you did kill her I presume?” The policeman asked as he reaches for the knife.

“You all allowed me to. Plus I had to avenge my mother’s death at the hands of that psychopath. I would like to thank you for the backup, though.”

The policeman took the knife from Elizabeth and smiled, “Well I am sure that your mother would be glad that you killed the little girl who took out her eye and killed her.”

"I just don't understand why you had to send me to kill her off though? What couldn't arrest her or something?"

The policeman looked down covering his eyes with his cap, "That little girl was a menace to this quiet town. Everyone wanted her dead anyway..."

Elizabeth frowned, "Kind of cruel that you would want something like that to happen to this little girl."

The policeman looked up in surprise, "I wouldn't expect you of all people to say that after what Adriana did."

Elizabeth blinked trying not to think about how Adriana had thought that she was her mom who was trying to get back at her. Elizabeth had grabbed her lighter and lit the book on fire dropping it on the ground.

“Why would you do that we need that as evidence Elizabeth!” The policeman yelled.

“Well even though she was a sicko, she still deserves some sort of privacy. Anyways we all know that she is the killer, she made it pretty clear that she was.”


“Not another word. You wouldn’t want to know what was in there. It is only about her and her sick games.”

“What do you mean I don’t want to see what is in there? In that diary, it had some very vital information on that girl. We need it.”

“And I am telling you even when you think that you can handle her diary you really can’t once you realize all the sick stuff she’s done.”

“Okay? And?”

Elizabeth breathed out heavily, “Everything she did to her victims and how her victims reacted is in that book. Are you sure you want to see the contents of a deranged little girl who believed that parents were killing their kids when it was really her? The world she lived in wasn’t normal she made up friends she killed so she didn’t feel lonely. You couldn’t stomach the idea of any of what is in there. ”

The policeman looked at Elizabeth as she looked down. She read the contents of that horrible book everything was described very thoroughly. Elizabeth had even read the entry of how her mother died. She just wanted to save everyone the trouble of reading all the thorough details of everyone Adriana had killed.  

The book was on the ground as it burned and a rain started to settle in. Nothing in Adriana’s world was right she had thought that the world was like her a bunch of murderers. But she was wrong. Nobody was like her, she was crazy and had thought that everyone’s life was useless worth of being killed. She only created that world where parents killed their children so she wouldn’t feel like the bad guy. Adriana only did it for herself and nobody else, that was what made her crazy that was why she was so lonely. That is why she could walk around with the biggest smile on her face. She had lost to power before, she just didn't want that anymore.

The book then lost its flames around it and it was charred together so it was unreadable. And it just lay there on the floor wasting away just like Adriana was.


Submitted: December 14, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Alex Hernandez. All rights reserved.

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