Christmas Toy Love

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A tale of the true meaning of christmas

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012



It was Christmas Eve 2011 and I could contain my excitement no longer, I was going to burst if I did not go to sleep soon. We round to our neighbours house's like we do every year to give eveyone a mince pince and a carrot. It was while doing this annual event we cam across our new neighbours the Pattersions, we had not yet been properly I did not know what they were like. When we knocked on their door we found that there were no presents underneath their tiny tree. I politley asked why there was no presents under the tree and Mrs.Pattersion simply implied that there wasn't going to be a christmas this year because they had no money so they weren't able to enjoy the festive season. My mother then came up with an amazing idea that they should spend christmas day with us as there was far too much food for just me and my mum to eat in one day. Mrs.Pattersion glagly accepted this offer and her young daughter Joey came running down the stairs wanting her mum. She could have only been 7 or 8. We decided this would then be the best time to leave them and let Mrs.Pattersion tell her daughter the wonderful news.

Christmas was then fianlly here at last. I awoke at 7 precisley that morning and could hear  young Joey being awake since 6. I decided to then go and knock on their door and invite them round to open presents with us even though they did not have any. Finally the four of us were all sat down together to begin the festivties. My mum had obviously given away one prsent she got from a friend and clearly had no use for which was a voucher for any shop in the local shopping centre. Mrs.Pattersion could have not been more grateful and gave me and my mum the biggest hugs ever i had received. I could then see Joey without anything so i decided the only right thing to do was to giver some things of mine that i had received from family who thought i was 4 instead of 14 and had given me things such as dolls,colouring books and a giant teddy bear to sit at the end of my bed. I picked these items up and placed them in front of Joey and the excitement on her face was thanks enough for me. I couldn't very well say my family had got them because she stilled beleived in santa. When she finally stopped gasping she looked at me and asked

"Are these really for me?"

" Of course." I replied " Santa brought me everything I needed already which isn't very much but is enough for me."

" Thank you Santa."

That very sentence then made me feel even more festive and very happy to see someone with nothing get something that they deserve. All four of us then spent all of Christmas laughing,eating and drinking and playing with our new toys. The two mums spent some time cooking the christmas dinner while I played with Joey. We all danced to the festive tunes blaring through the TV, we played games and as always finished off the day by watching all the festive specails of our favoruite shows and howling with laughter.

I regard this as one of the best days of my life. 

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