Scott and Bailey: Dead to Me

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A review of the prequel to the amazing ITV series of Scott and Bailey. It shows the relationship between DC Janet Scott and new recruit DC Rachel Bailey from Sutton division.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



For many years I have stayed away from the classic crime and mystery novels such as Martina Cole also James Patterson and his series of crime thrillers. The reason I have stayed away from these for many different reasons A) I do not paticulary like the writing style because there are quite a few words and phrases that are used and do not make any sense to me so it makes it more difficult for me to understand and enjoy the book B) Also because the plot seems to be very diffiuclt for me to get to grips with because there seemed to be too many branches coming off of the tree of the main plot so it made it more difficult for me to understand who is being questioned for what and why some things happen when somebody has been supected or charged with an offense

However when I was in ASDA I walked towards the book section and came across this fantastic novel Dead to Me. The thing that intially intruged me was on the front cover there was an image of the two actresses who play the dectectives Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey. This made me want to look at the book even more because I wanted to read a little about it to get a sense of what the plot would be about. So I read the blurb and then I was instantly hooked and had to get the book there and then. As soon as I got home I started reading and did not want to leave the book for a second. Having seen the first series of Scott & Bailey I was able to picture the chapters and characters in my head and get a sense of how the characters would speak and how they would repsond by the description of their movements. However I was worried that it would too similar to the TV series and just become a script of the show in novel form. However this thought completley was out of my head as soon as I read the first few chapters. It delves into the personal and work life of each of the DC's and gave me more of an insight into the way the characters behave and how they react in certain situations. It is a much more understanding than the TV series as the series does not tend to focus on too much of the past of each of the womans lives but certain elemnts from the book are brought into the show but are seen to be prolonged into many episodes. There is also quite a lot of temonlogy used by the police but what I found is that its not too complicated to understand partly because I have seen the tv series I understod it a little bit more than a Scott and Bailey novice. I also find that sometimes that I lose track of the plot and forget who is who and what is what but I learnt to just enjoy the book and go with the flow and not have to go back and try to remeber every single little detail.

This book was highly thrilling, entertaining and enjoybale and so many other words to describe it. I would say this boook is definatly for anybody who likes a mystery to follow and to try and guess who has comitted the crime.

I would say to anyone either looking for a good who dunnit, intreaged more about the characters or just wants a good read while sitting round the pool on holiday or sitting indoors on a winters day then this is the book for you. It's constantly filled with twists and turns in every chapter and will have you hooked from the very first moment and will want to make you glued to the book until finished.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have and that you find it one of the best reads in your libiary.

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