Gold Leaf

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''swallow all the haloes out of you''

Submitted: August 08, 2010

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Submitted: August 08, 2010



Gold leaf
Retaining these thoughts of your glory, fear lead eyes on your prose, I want the breath-knocked awe imbued mindlessness (and a sleety-clad sett in unknowing) as I war with a way to frame all my hurt in words I will say to you soon.  Outside bats break their hearts slamming chests against glass and mine starts its interleaved aching, seeing wings clapping nothing but night in their life edge-bound brawl for the light. And still I don’t know how they do it, so don’t ask me; because there are bats in my brain. And I’ve learnt you’re a flame, friend there’s bats in my brain.
Knuckles press, I obsess and my fawn sounds its sirens, calling for appraisal while I stutter my plea. I would say this to you in the huddling ash scolding drunkenness with you deaf wanting what you want. I need someone to care. After giving and defiling all I am I’m craving what I craved for you. I need someone to care for me now, care a little. Blush a smear of heart-adorned words round my souring void; tell me you care and you know someone will in the end, more than you. Tell me he’ll strike up awe once again, so much more and I’ll leave you behind.
Still tonight I place dumb heedless haloes atop my skull; pain smudged gold rings I’ve formed from your soul and I wear them in spite of my moth intuition and those bats shredding fast in full view. See me sing out your grace, swearing that’ll surrogate my self-annihilation. But I can’t shake the love or the blunt never-ending lug of your honour. I’ll unpick the truth here, as always and know why I hoard you in poorly hung corona. I am sewing gold leaf to my forehead for aversion and for the truth that you don’t need me no more.

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