Blood, Skin and Bones

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Children who don't understand parental affection

The blood that flows through my veins is simply red. You could compare it to the hue of a rose, it could be named a scarlet river, but in truth it is just my  blood. It is simply, red.

The thick layer that covers my bones is called skin. One could compare it to the frail hue of porcelain, one could call it fair, but it shelters my blood and bones. It is just skin.

These things build a foundation for my body, consolidating my temporal existence. When I was created, I was placed inside my maternal parent's womb. I was created by two humans named Mother, and Father. How they look upon me with eyes that love, I know not how. How they can find beauty in Blood, Skin and Bones, is a concept that remains unclear.

I do not look upon them with eyes that love. I should love my creator. I should love Mother and Father, as I should love God. Mother called me Darling, Father called me Dear. I do not deserve these names. I am Blood. I am Skin. I am Bones.

When Blood was 1, she learns to walk. Fumbling steps, bumbling steps, steps that make Mother smile. "She can walk!" Mother cries. Blood stumbles, and falls. Blood cries too. Mother gives Blood one million kisses, so the tears will go away and never come back.

When Skin is 10, she learns to talk. Bad words, mad words, words that make Father angry. "Stop!" Father yells. Skin slams the door, and won't come out. Skin says she wants to go away, and never come back.

When Bones is 15, she learns to drink. Red juice, White juice, juice that makes Mother sad. "Please!" Mother begs. Bones wants to give Mother one million kisses, so Mother will go away and never come back.

"I love you" Mother says.
"I love you" Father says.

Walking turns to running. Blood is running away.

"I love you" Mother cries.
"I love you" Father cries.

Talking turns to screaming. Skin is hoarse.

"I love you" Mother pleads.
"I love you" Father pleads.

More and more drinking. Bones lives in a world that doesn't exist.

"I love you" Mother whispers.
"I love you" Father whispers.

Blood has to go. Skin wants adventure. Bones wants to get out. They're gone. The sun is shining somewhere far, far away.

"I love you" Mother scrawls.
"I love you" Father scrawls.

One million letters go unread.

It's a hazy, slanted world. One million nights that Bones can't remember. One million days that Skin spends alone. One million mornings that Blood throws away.

"I love you" Mother pleads.
"I love you" Father pleads.

The sun is shining somewhere far, far away.

Mother is sick, in the mind and in the heart. Mother calls for Blood. Mother calls for Skin. Mother calls for Bones.

"I love you" Mother murmurs.

Father takes Mother to the seaside. Mother watches from above. Father throws Mother in the sea. In a field, daisies dance, grass swings and Mother cries.

One million letters. One million letters that go unread. One million things that Blood, Skin and Bones will never know.

"I love you" Father promises.

Every day, Father waits outside the post-office. One day, Father can't wait anymore.

"I love you" Father promises.

In a field, daisies dance and grass swings. In a field, Mother and Father will hold hands Forever. Each glance, each movement is so pure that one could only discern it as Love. Mother looks up. The sun is shining.

Blood will run. Skin will scream. Bones will live in a world that does not exist. The sun still shines in a place far, far away.

Submitted: March 05, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Alex Kate . All rights reserved.

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