The Intruders (a story)

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A story that was written in 1998 about a real experience at my grandmothers house. I want to do more with this and take it into a fictional story.

Submitted: September 06, 2009

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Submitted: September 06, 2009



The Intruders

by Christopher Raines

It has been somewhere around 4 years now and I still chill at the thought of what I saw. It was neither horrifying nor dreadful. It was very different than what you might suspect when you hear a Ghost Story.

I had been enjoying myself over at my grandmothers during a thunderstorm that seemed it would never end. My grandfather and I drove to a nearby town and he bought me a soda and a candybar. After we arrived back home, we sat down to eat dinner, my grandmother not knowing we had just ate junk food. During dinner my grandmother told me that something has been turning the water faucet on and off. She said during dinner the night before, the faucet came on by itself! It kind of scared me, but I was all right. After dinner we said goodnight and went to bed.

While I was in bed that night, I heard a strange noise. I looked out the window above my bed to find a lady dressed in white. I covered my head with the sheets as soon as I saw her. I wouldn't sleep all night long.

Before I knew it, my grandfather had gotten up to fix his 4:30 coffee, so I got up and had a cup with him. Soon afterwards my mother woke up and she came into the living room to talk and enjoy a cup of coffee with us. While we were talking my mother and I saw my grandmother walk across the hallway, into the kitchen, and her nightgown touched my mothers arm. We heard the water faucet come on and what sounded like the refrigerator door opening.

After a pretty lengthy discussion, me and my mother got to wondering were my grandmother went. My grandfather said, she's in bed. I told him that she went in the kitchen and my mother said her nightgown touched her arm. He called for my grandmother by saying, "BABE!"

There was no reply.
Still no reply.

I then went into the kitchen to find the water on and no one there. I looked in the back bedroom on the other side of the kitchen and still found no one. So my mother and I went into the bedroom we thought we saw my grandmother come out of and go into the kitchen. She was fast asleep, so we woke her up and asked her, " Mawmaw, did you go into the kitchen and leave the water on?" She said, "No!"

My mother and I both at the same time had a chill run across our back into our throats that made us quiver. My grandmother told us it was probably that ghost that keeps turning on the water.

Later I remembered what I had saw outside the window and it seemed to be the same person, or thing. To this day the water still comes on by itself.

There has also been seen a man dressed in nice clothes, always in black slacks. The smells of cigars and alcohol fill the house and no one smokes or drinks in the house. There has also been seen a little girl in a red outfit knocking on the door. My aunt once said that while she was sleeping, in the same bed I slept in, a dark shadow went across the ceiling and came to the foot of her bed and started tickling her feet. The little girl in red has also been seen at my cousins house 100 miles away. My cousin claims he once dated her while he lived with my grandmother, and that she was killed in a car accident.

It's very possible that there are intruders in my grandparents house. Some who can't rest and some who can't be identified.

Since that night, I have never slept in that bed again. Always on the couch, the only place where a ghost hasn't been seen sitting.

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