as it was

as it was

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



zee, y, x


valetines day poem
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zee, y, x


valetines day poem


Submitted: January 24, 2016

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Submitted: January 24, 2016



As empires are lost

beneath the shifting sand

from Xanadu to Samarkand


As if she were sleeping still

an endless sea of wildflowers abound

all around the summer fields of her dreams


Or so it seems as an azure cloud of birds appears

resplendent in their rainbow colour choirs

subsiding and rising restless as the tide


As all of heaven sighed

the world below was smiling

because she is so beautiful


The night skies stars are on her dancing shoes

in pools of moonlight where her footprints fade

scattered like leaves swept along by the breeze


Drifting away across the universe

the eye of the sun now surely fused

along the curve of the cold steel wind


Nights velvet glove glides making no sound

all the echoes of eternity are unwinding

as she gathers and weaves them in her hands


Into grey silk strands the very fabric of time

her gaze sublime inclined as in prayer

before the wings of the mornings silver door


As tapestries of light ignite catch fire and coalesce

these opaque mirrored memories  less obscure

an empty sky and the faint song of the wind endure


Until curtains of clouds form the edge of the night

with the suns furnace flares halo

no more than to say the remains of the day


Bids its brief and indifferent adieu

since I have always been in such awe

of your nonchalant ease a regal poise


In the intense impulse of your magnetic presence

enchanted entirely by an elegant finesse

 and the most exquisite and indelible loveliness


A distant kissed caress a serene sweet bliss

blessed in the soft shadow of your smile

while your eyes are as perfect ponds of dew


This mystic wonderment and charmed allure

captive in your spell as there is no more

that I could either say or do


Inevitably as it was to be and yet so true

I am to be as ever I shall be

for I have been wounded in love for you

© Copyright 2017 alex kincaid ross. All rights reserved.

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